The business of peacekeeping..if you think AMISOM is doing business in Somalia. Positive proof

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The UN refused to shut down its Darfur operations and hand over to Sudan since there was enough peace and order and both Chad and Ethiopia (imagine when poor Ethiopia says there is enough peace and order and can take back its 5 thousand and also helicopeter etc units from Darfur, but others do not agree) who have direct involvement had confirmed and agreed with the assessment.

This was the month in 2019 the hand over should have been done:but but but...

1. 3o year rule of Al Bashir is shaken with 4 months of demonstrations

2. The government is 'overthrown' yet no agreement what to replace it with

and lastly but most importantly olaaala

New violence in Darfur

Under reported violence in Darfur

No government to hand it to in Khartoum

UN is here to stay. What a coincidence.


Fears that under-reported violence in western Sudan region could spiral if UN enacts plans to withdraw peacekeepers


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Are you just figuring out that all NGOs cause the problems they pretend to solve. Of course the UN is the worst of them.

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