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intimitate journey for knowledge

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like many of us you and me we're all trying to get our education i wanted to first start off this journey for knowledge thread to share with ourselves "the dhalinyarada" of this generation

what we're planning to do or achieve in the next 5-10 years if allah wills(always)


i hope with allahs will to get a degree in medicine and continue practicing throughout my carreer and thats my goal in the next

five-ten years to come I'll prolly still be in school<<<<<<


how bout you guys please be honest and drop yo line< wherever you may be>


take it away fellaHnomadz:

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yeah man i' been thinking bout that


i'm hoping to go back to school start out a new year and give my self a chance to get a good education i'm still young na'mean

i'm only 21 working ain't getting me no where so hopefully i'm going to get my

engineering degree i have my AA so all i need is my my degree classes thats me


five years from now i'll be happily marrried i'm getting hitched and my heart is burning this summer ya'll hopefull yu guys will attend one luv keep up the good thangs peace and love

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