Cheeseman haven't paid salary to Soldiers for months

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So whatever happened to all that propaganda about Dr Bayleh as the Finance Minster of the Villa Somalia's pseudo-government, being allegedly the man who finally and will always pays these poor soldiers their monthly and no doubt measly meager salary?

Was that all an empty and bogus talk? Like much of the absurd "political acts" of these "Igu-Sawir-Crew".Given that absurdity is what we have come accustomed to get it from them ever since they have came to burst into the "political scene" of Somalia back in early 2017.

Lets hope the likes of Villa Somalia's breathless stooges and its teeming paid shills, who in turn populates on this SOL's forum will have one or two "seductively-soothing-explanations" as to why this is the case.

And in particularly what the deal is with those poor SNA's soldiers, who are in turn fighting and dying without end against some wretched murderous clique call Al-Shabaab misfits in that region of Shabeelaha-Hoose. 

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This is embarrassing. Cheeseman has a single thing on his table to do and that is strengthen security. Yet, the solders he wants to help strengthen security are without payment for months. 

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