“General Gabre” the most corrupt Ethiopian officer in Somalia

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The most Ethiopian corrupt military officer who is called Haile Gabre known by Somalis as “General Gabre” becoming extremely wealthy from the huge sums of money that he is getting from opportunistic Somali politicians who want to buy the sympathy of Addis Ababa, one of his juniors told Waagacusub anonymously.

“Atto Gabre was corrupted by Somali politicians and he also then corrupted Ethiopian senior officials so they will condone his wrong doing,” the officer who could not give his name afraid of reprisals said.

“There was several vehicles that were taken from somali individuals by intimidation or corruption which were later donated by Gabre to most senior military officials and their family members,” he said.

Gabre had a business interest in United Arab Emirates in which he is represented by one of cousins

The business is to give a better exchange rate of foreign currency for Ethiopians who want to import goods to landlocked and hugely populated Ethiopia.

“Recently large construction equipment owned by Gabre were sent to Ethiopia on a duty free from Dubai through port of Djibouti,” an Ethiopian business man based in Djibouti said.

“All the materials belonged to Gabre but his name can’t be seen on the manifest,” he said.

Gabre’s most income generation is from Somali politicians who want to use his country’s support in order to come to power.

He also gets money from the funds donated by the west for the regional East African body known as IGAD, he is suppose to be a facilitator for Somalia so called peace process.

The Ethiopian traitor started his murky business in very early 90 in Bay and Bakol region by selling small arms to rival warring factions in southern Somalia but he became principal corruption boss after 2002 when the major Somalia talks in Kenya started.

There is a famous Mogadishu saying “if you want the power in Somalia first corrupt Gabre and enjoy the military and political backing of Ethiopia.”

Gabre is from the Tigre tribe which is ruling the country since 1992.

Most of his dark business is well known by many Ethiopians but no one dare to say a word of that as most of national secret service agents are from his compatriots of Tigre Liberation Front (TPLF).

The continuation of violence in Somalia is us a surviving kit for Gabre and few other African corrupt officials, but he is the most ruthless money monger in that sector.

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Gabre is a multi-millionaire with Swiss banks.


So did he became such a filthy rich guy before or after he slapped the living-day-light out that late Octogenarian warlord uncle of yours by the name of Col. Yeyimage.png.ca15dfa37aa851703da07887cde43d8e.png 

Or perhaps he saw the number of times Col. Yey's wife was changing his "soiled diapers" due to the endless scare he was getting it out the daily bombardment of Villa Somalia by the likes the local Jihadists in Mogadishu when he was there with the help of the Ethiopians, that in the end, Gen. Gabre, realized how lucrative the old-folks-diapers can be.....image.png.ca15dfa37aa851703da07887cde43d8e.png  

Hence, he decided to went into business of manufacturing diapers for old folks in somewhere in the world, particularly after the TPLF were deposed from their seat of power in Ethiopia.

And now, he is, as you say, a multi-millionaire chap with a bulgingly-swish Swiss bank's account, to boot.

Is that what you were clearing your throat to say to us in here, mate?image.png.f91a24bb983c27ac3a10b6d15377fb19.png 

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