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'''''Utanga,Once a life Time Experience'''''

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Alot of you first, noticed your pubic hair in Utanga(don't say i was the only), or maybe have experienced the first husling life.Utanga to me was crazy experience, the two yrs i spent in Utanga,will remain in my scared memory for god

knows how long, Utanga was kinda like "Shock to most".Some of us never been in conditions such as that. I first lost all my ten toes nails to strange thing called "DUDI", damn thing ruined my nails so bad, i don't dare wear sandle hardly ever, i had squerells chase me when i sat on my porch last summer, go figure, lough all you want,but i know i'm not the only one.Some of you are parrallyzed from the damn thing.Utanga was only place where i learn on how to pick up girls,ya know late night dining even though there wasn't much to dine about,just go to the front of the camp and get something weir,yet tasty called"MUkati Muytaye" stop actin like yo azz wasn't carrying bags of charCoal"Dhuxul" to get some money for a theater or some mukati muyaye.I'm saying all this, cuz, man that was a memorable moments, and as funny as it seems I still see my way back Utanga freinds around every now and than and we reminisce about the good old ugly days.I got a freind who was injured in the somali Giryama fight,Now ya'll gotta remmember that.Shyt that was so bad, kenyan reporters said this was one of the bloodiest civil wars they ever



I wana hear what ya'll remmember, come on and

lets hear what you gotta say.....

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I dont remember much...except the dugsi that me and my sista use to go to...The sheik use to beat us up for nothing actually I didn't get the beats my sis did and the reason why cause he saw her outside of dugsi not wearing a hijab(lol). Now when I think about it I think how stupid of him it was plus she was only like 7. Oh and Dudi yeah that was the most disgusting thing, But we use to think that it came from the ground and it went inside us (lol). little did we know it was from the water we drank. But for some reason I don't have ugly looking feet.... I think they liked the little pinky ones on the feet. I don't remeber too much I was kind little.


In my neighbour in Canada there's this one family that use to live near us and we never knew each other and here we are in Canada and we found our selves as neighbours ( what a small world).

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I remember pple talking about Utange,not a bad place for PPLE runing away from bullets and RPg'S fired at them indiscriminately.

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lol.sunset..DUDI's got you heh,


Untanga, Horrible dreams i have of that place,

Is so bad, i wake up late night,open the refrigrator

and just thank god, I'm in a diffrent world..

No more hunger, and depending on U.N to provide.

My dad passed away in Utanga, May his soul rest peace,

damn Mosquito passed on the maleria to him.

One thing i never forget,is the maleria,

it was so common like headache is common today,

I didn't had relative or a freind who ain't had it,

Some folks made it through some didn't like my pops.

Maleria had funny sypmtoms, you start to shake, headache make thing look like,black and white,

I had I.V on my arm for about 3weeks,

There was even a time we had red cross guys come

over and record one of those commercials"Save the Children" on me.



Utango, i don't like to reminisce about it much,

If i wrote a book on it, it would be titled


"The Time When I Almost Died"


Thats my side of Utango,

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