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    This movie is the best movie i have seen this year. To those who found it overly complicated and confusing let me tell you that much of the point of the movie revolves around realizing that Prince Nasir would not only stabilize the region, but he would open up the energy to anyone, not just to America. With America cut out, their oil supplies would drop, and China would GET that energy. These, to the CIA, are both extremely dangerous things, and bad for America. They lie to Bob, because they know Bob won't kill him just for oil, so they build him up as a terrorist, as a cover story. When the cover story gets blown by Massowi, they distance themselves from Bob, hanging him out to dry. Bob realizes that the only way to redeem himself is to save Nasir. A lot of this is covered when Nasir talks to Damon privately in the boardroom. The whole focus of the movie is the way that people/governments/agencies/countries will do anything it takes to get to oil. The CIA is willing to kill for it, the attorney/government are willing to overlook crimes for it , Damon's character allows the death of his son to be paid off for it for the two young Muslims they're the movies way of showing that none of this happens in a vacuum, that there are effects beyond money. Good job Geroge Cloony. i recomment it to everyone.
  2. Siddii baasta ciir lagu daray oo faanta lagu qooyey, ama badar galey oo hadhuudh lagu madoobshey, ama habar yar oo 15 jir oo naasku dhagaxoobay, oo daasad wadato oo harago dhan isula tuureysa, quruxdeeda waa nal iyo booc tubaako eeh soo haddaa maad garan. Geesiyadna way tahay ileyn sharafta waa saase, ma cabsootaoo hooyadeedna way la dirirtaa, cay iyo dagaalna gabdhaha way kaga badisaa, ninkii la hadlaa way taqaan in ay dacwaysaa. Sida kaneecada oga baqaan derisyadooda, reeraha ashuunkooda way jabin taqaan, qofkii maaga iyo timaha jiidaa, gabadhaa intaa jeclaaday baan meeday leeyahay, ninkii jeclaadaan rabaa in aan bureeya, amaanteeda mana sheegi karo caawo oo qura Waa sida macaan iyo qaraar la isku daray, ama caano, khaat iyo basbaas ay isku kariyeen, deganaanta laafyaha marka ay jagac ka siiso, buskuleeti ninaan wadan gaari waayey. Gabaygeygu badda macaaneyn karaan, jeebkey ka buuxaan sidii googo lacageed, dadka kale uma sheega waan ka qariyaa, adigaa saaxiibkey oo kuu waramayaa bal i dhagayso, sidii laasqoray oo soo burqanaya oo geeraarka guuxiisa yuu dhagaxa kaa jeexine. Sidii habar surwaal qaadatey oo laad ku kicineysa gabay fiican oo fiican baan anigu sheegayaaye, reer magaal iyo reer baadiya isla jooga kolkuu shaararka kaa furto oo lacagna kaqaato maxaad dhaqatay buu ku yiraahdaa waayo dabadood. Haddey dumarku lacag leeyihiin maba gaboobaane, kol hadey qubeys iyo boodhar isku cadeyso, lixdankii sideed baanjiray kugu tiraahdaa. Jaceylka anigaa kala bartay oo wuu i daasadeeyey gabdhahay ka dibna ku boodayaan. Habar kol iyo boqol haysato baa la ogolaadaa sheekooyinkeedana waa laga dhageystaa, haddey tiraah shan baan diiday waa laga dhagaystaa, haddey tiraah cirkaan soo taabtay waa laga dhageystaa, haddey tiraah dhulkaan quusay waa laga dhageystaa, haddey tiraahdo baddaan jiiray waa laga dhageystaa, haddey tiraahdo anigaa kaa yar waa laga dhageystaa. Gaarinimo markey sheegato oo muranka dayn waydo, waxaa lagu yiraahdaa buulo shaah inoo kari— qaxwahay sameyso hadduu muufo noqo waayo kolkaa in ay been sheegeyso baa lagu ogaadaa.
  3. I dont think this is something only Reer Waqooi do, i've seen many southerners saying similar cusswords, if not worse.
  4. ^^^ lol @ Somalian by birth lol.. let me guess... u are Canadaian now? Wlcm to SOL and please please Please dont be like one of them bad chicks
  5. Stop undermining the Somali man... I'm sure right packages are out there... if your statement is true then how come a "hot catch" like yourself is still raoming around single? Credit, Call me overly-analytical or just plain old paranoid...but I cant help spotting a tint of self-advertisement in most of ur posts. Why would i advertise myself on SOL when i have a cute Xalimo madly inlove with me? MattafFact, she is sitting on my lap as i write these line
  6. Originally posted by ADNAAN: Isn't zool the sudani substitute for rajul "man". BINGO... **Waits for Amethyst to rear her behind back in this thread**
  7. As brother Qac said, good Somali men are all around you, just try to be a little less picky and you will find someone who decent enough to bring home to your parents. See what most girls are looking for is the perfect package, a man who embodies all of their dreams, a dude who is handsome, educated, tender but yet aggressive and ofcourse has some nice whips. Now in the real world that is as impossible as finding a Somali girl with all the qualities we want in a wife. therefore one must learn how to compromise and deal with their partners short comings. Now i am not saying you should put up with any bullshit thrown at ya, i am just saying that dude you saw at your school's library and thought is a nerd could be a nice guy who might treat you real well if you demolish that brick wall you built in your head between you him. or maybe that thug, hip-hoping, 50 cent looking boy you saw in your block is more intelligent than any other dude you know! just don't over simplify all the Somali guys you meet, and difinitly dont look at them through glasses colored by Somali men stereotypes...
  8. this is a vid for some white Southafricans prison guards training their dogs on black prisoners before assulting them. This is so f****ing SAD. Click here for the vid
  9. this is for my JAZZ heads in SOL, these are some tight albums ready for download, just copy the links and paste them on a fresh Explorer. Here they go, Starting with my favorite. Best combination of Jazz and R&B. ============================================= Ghetto Cyrano ============================================= Shakatak - Shinin' On ============================================= The David Blamire's Group =============================================
  10. someone in this thread reminds me with this *****
  11. that under the tree there sho look like Barwaaqo nice pics
  12. Originally posted by Amethyst: I do. And its racist term. Whats FAO? can you explain how Zool can be racist FA?
  13. Originally posted by Amethyst: LOL@ Zool . Racist! Do you know what Zool means before you laught your FAO ???
  14. the sudanese ppl's native language is Arabic, where as us somalis native language is Somali. and if you think Somali's are Arabs just because they look like the Arab Sudanese, then you might as well consider Eritrians and Etheopians to be Arabs since they have the same looks! btw.. are you a real Zool??
  15. ^^^ i believe your radical views will change once you find a loving husband
  16. Originally posted by Phantasma: Aha. :rolleyes: quote: I just dont know how you married ppl do it? Quite easily, I should think. Talk about making everything unnecessarily difficult. Next they'll be saying you cant take long baths if you're married, because you'll be neglecting your spouse. well if you are married and been a member of this esteemed board for lets say 1 year and have almost 3000 posts then yeah you got an addiction problem. As a married man, i'd see myself with more responsibilities than my average single farax, so i am sure i could use the time i chit chat with some frustrated Farax's and Xalimo's here on SOL to do something that will benefit my wife and kids in one way or another, such as taking my kids to the park, watch a movie with them, do the homework, take wifey out for shopping...etc, being married and having 3000 posts in under 12 months is straight up pathetic. no matter how you look at it.
  17. there is no way in hell you'd see me here on SOL, or any other message board for this matter, with posts exceeding 1000 in 1 year if i was married!! I just dont know how you married ppl do it?
  18. Originally posted by Hibo: ^^^ Could do with lesser aggression Amethyst: I hope I spelt your nick right... let me enlighten u a bit... Haya plays a huge role in the lives of Muslims because it is a very important part of our eeman (faith/belief). If we do not have any form of haya in us then it is most likely that our eeman is very weak. For as it states in the following hadith: Narrated by Abu Huraira (ra): The Prophet said, "Faith (Belief) consists of more than sixty branches (i.e. parts). And Haya (This term "Haya" covers a large number of concepts which are to be taken together; amongst them are self respect, modesty, bashfulness, and scruple, etc.) is a part of faith." (Bukhari) Sista as a Muslim.. u should have haya, and haya means... shyness in arabic. So we can't be abhoring the cultures and values of the feminists. Wat the western feminists are striving for .. is something that we take for granted coz we have been given as natural rights in our Quran. Therefore we should be shy. Women issues should remain within the females. And that is not retrogression rather it brings us respect and appreciation. I hope u now understand why we need our own forum. U dropped a gem right there Hibo, i see some of you ladies and fellaz taking this feminism to the extreme. i believe no one should be intimidated by being dominated by the opposite sex if they are secure enough with themselves. ppl who think are somewhat weak and fear being overpowered in a relationship are the only ones who whine about women or men not acting right. besides, it shouldnt matter what other girls thinks of men, what matters is what Yo wife thinks of you as a man and how she understands the different roles of men and women and how she is abiding by them. Originally posted by Legend of Zu: Goood-Credit The Pink meat in ur recipe is POrk Sxb..and the Illustrated Recipe you showed is a Fried Rice with Pork and Eggs..Also known as Nasi Grong.... What you could do is paste the pics of the Malaysian Version of Nasi Grong...It has beef or chicken dude, you are the only person who noticed that, but hey, you could replace my PIG with beef or chicken. or pretend you dont know and eat it since i know u would i like that shit dawg, i remember asking for the receipe everytime i go to them chinese takeouts and never understanding their messed up english.
  19. Now we know what u been doing when everybody was posting here Congrats man.... u all of you the best of luck. p.s. dont forget to make azaan on your daughters ears.
  20. Originally posted by Tamina: LOL...recently lent it to a friend, he didn't like it. I don't care what no body says...I thought it was gr8. So I'll take ur word for it I guess. he got no taste for Jazz then. i had few others that are better, but i am glad u liked it
  21. Originally posted by Tamina: Good credit: how is it compared to Vol.1? worth having? I'm listening to this Canadian artist...finally the world is catching on! Album Joyful Rebellion by K-OS I like Vol 2 better, why dont you download it and check it out. btw, if you liked vol 1 then you will love this
  22. i dont care what yall think, but this pic is more depressing than any pic i ever saw...
  23. Hi, this is my debute Thread here in SOL, so as mentioned in the thread title, this page will be home for anything attention worth that i stumble upon while surfing the net. Here is the first catch. these tow vides which were captured by a cell phone speak valumes of how things are in Gulf states (i think they were shot in Saudi) but anyways check it out First Vid Second Vid shit is funny and yet so real..
  24. for those who think Somalis are Arabs, did you ever think weather they consider you an arab or not?
  25. Originally posted by Krupt33: I got couple of hommies and they r Checkmate and Instnt-poet your avatar gives me an idea of who yo friends are