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  1. I think Anything by toni morrison or Maya Angelou is good to read. I must warn you that Toni is a bit complecated but her novels have such vivd stries that you feel like you are there. Warning to those who want to read Beloved. It is very graphic and i recommend that you watch the movie first. for nonfiction i would recommend Revolutionizing Motherhood: The Mothers of the Plaza De Mayo by Marguerite Guzman Bouvard. ITs about Argentina and how these mothers of their dissapeared children fought and defeated their dictorial government.
  2. I'm a girl and i'm gonna give other girls a benifite of a doubt. Sorry if that bothers people cause i am biased when it comes to somali girls. I don't know about you but we have a lot to live up for. the only somali girls i know are muslim and like everyother muslim girl i gotta give them the same benifite they give me. we are not whores and if one or two of us fall off the wagon we are not going to let them tarnish our good name. so onmangang i am going to say yes to your statement.
  3. onemangang i feel really sorry for you bro... you must have been in america all your life and never even seen somalia. What am i talking about? this is happening all over the world. Sorry i bored you with a topic i felt was a little bit more important than who is the cutest or whats under your bed? My bad... Thank you Ameenah for your words of wisdom. At least someone feels what i'm saying.
  4. Would anyone in this day and age have his or her daughter circumcised? Why? Does it also keep a girl from becoming sexually active before she is married or does it ruin her chance to ever enjoy the act of sex? Anyone is free to answer my question.
  5. Onemangang- where do you get your stats from? As a somali girl in america i can vouch for you that your stats are wrong! Even though we are in America we do have family and parents who at least try to raise us in the somali tradition. i don't know any somali girls that give it up like that but then i don'tlive in minnisota so i can't judge those girls there.
  6. Well VA is definately for the lovers!!!!!! I'm reppin it to the fullest!!!! We definately can hold it down with Chocolate City right around the corner. Who can do betta?? :eek:
  7. Welcome CHOPPA and thank you for those words. Kissing leads to other things and there should be no sampling without buying. i couldn't have said it better myself.
  8. A player does what he/she does for the title and for the fact that they can get away with the thing that they did. You gotta be confident to be a player cause he/she has to be able to play to the bone. much props to the players out there cuase they give us the spice in life and love. P.S. for anyone who got played and never got their revenge too bad for you. And the people who are still with their players... i'm gonna pray for you
  9. Is there no hope for our future?????The answer is simple muslims= no kissing. thank you
  10. This question trully shows us as a people we are slowly beginning to loose our culture and our religion. I think it is becuase of our progression towards the western culture. I some of us has forgotten that we are muslimsand kissingis not allowed. Please correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it when a boy and a girl is courting they are never to be alone. Always there is supposed to be somone sitting in between them at all times.
  11. I thought this discusion was for the ladies to take notes on the things that guys don't like about them so that they could change it? If that is true how can a girl change herself from ugly to pretty? Remember, god make you that way... I think that all the guys who said that they don't like ugly girls should atleast put up their picture and let us girls rate them... Cuase i think only guys who are off the hook should should ask for a pretty girl thats up to their level.
  12. Now when you talk about educated do you mean like degree wise? Cause you don't have to have a degree to be smart. In my opinion You can be educated in comman sense and be smarter than someone with a phd.All i need is a good man that has comman sense and is a hard worker. and if i have a degree and he doesn't well... i don't care if he doesn't. He can be the boss of our household as long as he takes the responsibilities.
  13. My my my... Two great players and only one choice... All i know is that Kobe gets those points on the board when it is needed the most. He is every coachs dream... But there is something about Vince that i just can't let go... maybe its his eyes... or his smile... or his body......... or could it be that allstar game where it was the rookie slam dunk contest and he killed steve frances with that whole arm in the hoop dunk :eek: :eek: :eek: ...........Come on... Vince... you the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. i used to hate my a$$ because of all the atention that it got. But after a while i got used to it and embraced it. Now its one of my favorite parts of my body, cause its so unique. I also like my hair on a good day
  15. Nomad- Do you know whats really funny? All that you say about the girls primping themselves up is true. The thing that you gotta understand is that all girls act like that when they go out. Somali or not we girls try to look good when we go out. And if it is once in a blue moon then we going to make sure that we look good. Anyways we all know that boys look different when they go out then they do everyday. We all go to these parties to impress. What i didn't appreciate was the fact that you said that we are unstable. WHY DO WE GOTTA BE ALL NERVES AND UNSTABLE??(Not that i am lol... :rolleyes: ) Anyways all i'm saying i don't see the point in paying to stand against the wall at a party