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  1. Corruption happens in every country around the globe. Somali inhabited lands are no different. Let's hope Bayle sets a good example for the next generations and tell us the truth about this unforgivable stealing from the public by previous government.
  2. Waryaa qar-iskatuur, HSM was born in Jalalaqsi, Hiiraan.
  3. The bad legacy of Failmaajo presidency explained.
  4. Kenyans and Ethiopians will not change their shared policy to neutralize Somalia once for all regardless of who is the president. This is the best opportunity given to them in decades.
  5. "Even if Xasan Sh. wanted to push Laftagareen, it wouldn't be possible. Unlike corrupt Shariif Xasan who was pushed out quickly, Laftagareen has thousands of loyal army, trained by Ingiriiska." Two faced CBB boneheads.
  6. Farmaajo tuuga ugu tunkaweyn tuugatha luuqada Soomaaliga kuhathasha.
  7. I think the Turks are really in a very bad predicament. They sincerely wanted to see a united strong Somalia but ended up being taken advantage by two con artists.