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  1. interesting!...i have 2 admit...i don't think i ever judged people on the basis of the name they happen 2 share with some cow i bumped into along the way!....but! yeah, i heard people syin stuff like...don't name ya kid this coz they'll turn out lazy...or name them this coz they'll turn out the other way! i dunno...i can't imagine me with a different name...but i think i wud definitly get a diffrent reaction! some names r just serious!..mohamed, yasin..etc some just crack u up! asia, n some r just odd! ayanle some sound good in somali..wen said out in english however...thats a another ubax n some sound pretty in evry language...yasmin anyway bck 2 the i don't think peoples names make a difference 2 how i perceive them
  2. charisma, great topic sis! xu, u said it all sis, i totally agree. there is this idea that society has built in us, which is basically the guy provides 4 the family. but, on the other hand...if the woman was more educated than the man, it could still work. I think it all depends on the individuals themselves. Certain people can handle such things quite well, some on the other hand might feel a little patronised...and use it against the woman. Anyway, i can't speak for everyone here, but personally, i think education is really important..and as a young woman i'm already finding out how much in common i have with my fellow educated brothers...i mean even with the level of conversations and sense of understanding! bck to your q charisma...wud i like my man to be more educated...Yes i would...!
  3. masha allaah had me almost cryin there (just kiddin) beautiful stuff!
  4. Layzie, sis now your going a little bit too far with the whole idea, not everyone is gonna have your opinion sis. ok so u see nothong wrong with the picture, fair enough. am i arguing with you about it no! so excuse you sis, what do u mean i am somali and that hardly surprises you? sis, i judge by facts and one thing i definetely don't do is generalise people, and their opinions. U have u'r opinion and i have mine. no need to call people ignorant just because they don't share your opinion. ------------------kaput--------------
  5. lool layzie...sis hating is hardly the word. its natural 2 have a reaction. +ve o -ve either way people will comment when u go out there and give a performance like that wearing subxanallaah what she was wearing. So thank God there is people out there that see something wrong with that picture, because i would b worried if everyone had your +ve perception. what if she made history or went to the olympics. we can't just dwell on that fact to excuse her performance. She put herself in that position am sure she doesn't need our pity. I gotta give it 2 her for having guts to do it though. hating is one thing sis, and stating the facts is another thing.Don't get the two things mixed.
  6. loooooooooooooooooool mojam that is a good ad. wallaahi, som1 should use it wen i 1st heard about the fartuun character...i couldn't stop laughing...i still don't understand y she did it...if she was thaat bad..(apparently her coach said she was good) but anyway...i guess its a good thing...afterall no one starts from number 1...mayb it will motivate other somali ppl 2 compete next time...insha allaah lets hope they don't blv their coaches this time and train like your supposed 2. another thing...i really think they shud have given the girl better outfit. damn! she looked like she was running with a shower cap on!!!! :eek:
  7. asalamu caleykum all well, motivation comes naturally 2 me. but umm, if something doesn't interest me i usually leave it 2 last the deadline gets closer...adrenalin kicks in and thats enough 2 make me write an A grade 3000word essay overnight. plus, the idea of no more insomnia as soon as i hand in the work is good enough 2 keep me going.