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  1. you're right no boasting needed .. except for listing all your contacts from every jabha/qabiila iyo garaadaha (military rank) aad ka leedahay :confused:
  2. good bye friend .. tell the rest .. web page staying 'ere would be self-abuse !
  3. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein marka la idin halaagahayo ha na galaafanin next time you want to fool around don't call it islamic ..
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    new style

    i tried .. what about the mutants? do i really need to watch movies about zombies and play video games just to survive? but as soon as you know you have to decide are you here with diplomatic immunity or political assylum? ....(yes also for native population) did you know that filing for political assylum protects you also from the government of the country you fled court order if you have political assylum no member of government/military has access to you.also no religious sects,weird science projects etc. you just have to express that wish somehow ... if you ask for diplomatic immunity...well you are out of police jurisdiction..need special medical care...etc. ------------ after many deleted posts .. for not fulfilling wikipedia criteria .. unjustified extreme reactions to posts (war ha igu soo karkabin ee qumaati u akhri) organized crime relations that i don't want to be join .. admins allowing everything against the list of rules .. like qabyaalad .. and diin cay ! the fact that after 4 major internet/web it-companies dropped support for forums like this one .. it is not healthy to be related to this .. the only apology received was a nomad-bro talking about religious/nationalistic loyalties .. i seriously doubt that there are any humans behind this .. and it's not a laughing issue .. unless you're crazy .. i want my country back .. i want my language back acuuthu biLLAAH
  5. breaking news : that "gov." money is no longer legitimate .. so no longer a valuta .. now also in europe ! if you follow u.n. news you would know that the i.m.f. since 2006 was taken over by the i.a.e.a in vienna , since in many "3rd world" countries the "gov." currencies were no longer legitimate/valid but still current because of e.u. support .. now also in europe , for a while the "gov." money was valid although not current (because of the technological progress) now it has lost its legitimacy thereby not valid/valuta (because of the e.u. environmental laws) kinda' like a mathematical equation where things eliminate eachother and at the end you get 1 or 0 (1001101)
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    useful facts

    did you know .. if you use internet on your web .. you don't need extra 3d glasses to watch 3d movies .. iihii but look .. in togo look exactly da sayme like moqdisho even witdout thi waa ..
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    welcome funky drimma .. we don't wanna not care 'boot u ..
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    My Tribe

    please allow an eskimo-bo'nbayo to comment on this excellent thread .. web page
  9. back in the days .. computers revolutionized banking and finances .. suddenly being a millionaire .. meant nothing special! did you know that there are no basic differences between a concorde-airoplane and a normal-airoplane? the concorde has nothing extra .. .. just like a millionaire had nothing more than other humans .. computer-banking proved that .. which means any ol' airoplane can fly from london to mogadishu in less than 2 hours ! .. the internet .. as soon as it starts will prove that !
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    cute things

    of all the things you would do in paradise .. what about love ? can you think of pictures of cute things or cute stories to post ?
  11. kenya tightning it's immigration against illegal saudi immigrants ... meanwhile the saudi government was struggling against its "chapatista-rebels" confiscated chapati :
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    new style

    conversation : - i don't believe "this" is .. * .. but i believe in that .. ! - oahh .. now i doubt your "existance" 'cause you believe in "that" .. ------------------------------------------------- In science, this term "Half-life" refers to the gradual breakdown of radioactive material over long periods of time which results in a complete change in the molecular make-up of the original substance. At some point, it loses its unique chemical characteristics all together from .. this ..
  13. this is an example of how u.n. troops solve a crisis-situation .. example 1 : the presence of new-zealndic troops in sweden ! news : radical swedish-nationalists have recruited pakistani help ;under the cover of e.u. help for pakistani women .. those swedish-nationalists are opressing unknowing swedish students .. now the new-zealandic(u.n.) troops know that on pakistani(indian-cultural) territory , u.s. troops take care of things .. also delegated to the u.n. for they are the finest of u.s. troops .. .. so the swedish population that is effected .. might notice a slight change in the maneuvers of the new-zealnd troops they are used to .. but it still feels nice .. example 2 : the presence of german troops in england ! don't panic .. it's just a sol-article if under the cover of "scientific accuracy" the british demand explanations and unkowing british officals go through somethng like this : ..guess they noticed ..that the german(u.n.)troops recognized what the brithish call a "portugese" situation and took appropriate measures .. calling russian(u.n.) troops .. who are situated in portugal .. how these troops move form place to place and how they operate is secret and closely related to the international space-program .. p.s. what type of article may be written about those developments is edited by and quote : we don't want to negate or verify : comments on,interpretations of ..or claims by individuals/groups to be a part of .. what was just described in this article
  14. .. well first , on the global warming .. etc. front .. al gore and sh. mohamed hassan : things are getting heated up and as far as i could understand .. - the relation between technology and geology - alpha-numeric mysticism anecdote : al gore picture yuri gagarin sh. mohamed hassan picture neil armstrong and the both said something like this : waa af somali .. reporter : xogogaalka banadir
  15. in order for a good economy to stay good .. one needs to make a part of one's wealth liquid .. by investing in the most current thing (currency) at your time a.d. 2010 ! and it has to be valid (valuta) nowadays there's lot's of technology everywhere .. so that's current .. and it has to be environmentally friendly techno. .. that makes it valid ! maalkaada qaarkiis u sarrif (time-fluxx) financial management dadka aanan Quran rabin sida loogu tarjumo anigu ma aqaano .. nkay .. (time-fluxx) is a currency/valuta that is encouraged by the u.n. dollar ,euro ,riyal ..etc. are not current .. so not a currency but still a valuta 'cause valid in itself .. but not for the user .. meaning irrelevant to the economy .. so not considered finances .. why isn't the president doing anything ? because we're now in the times of do it yourself internet democracy ..
  16. hello .. if unto a male is like that of 2 females .. does that mean every girl should have 2 hsubands ? 2+2=4 wives for the boy ?
  17. el balisaariyo كده opium poppy cake :
  18. calaa ayi xaal .. ninkii culimada ahaa waxaa loo guuriyay inan "raqaasad" ah .. waxaa la yiri "wadaad isdabbar .. waxaada qof saas ah lee u adkeysan karta" hadaad indhaha ka qabsanaysid iyo hadii kaleba(hadda iskala aqalgalaysid iyadoo raqaasad ah), waa qoftaada .. arintaas tafsirkeeduna waa aakhiro ! controversial : bollywood virtual environment .. so you can be together .. nordic house-music since 1466
  19. a while ago someone asked me : " how can i pay in (time-fluxx) in order to enjoy the vast variety of quality technology (environmentally friendly),also a good quality .. i don't have to know everything about it to use it .." answer : by not paying in dollars euro etc. , if in your area .. you are still being forced to pay in these outdated currencies .. it is not your fault and it will take the system a few minutes to adjust and continue providing services where everything is paid for in (time-fluxx) question : how does this "system" know that .. is it watching us ? answer : no .. it's watching them ! criminals give away special neural signals (brain-waves)that can be detected by google-earth .. .. so , unless you're asking people for passports or money .. you have nothing to worry about ..
  20. i agree .. i think .. maybe not .. i don't know ..
  21. fanu tajweed .. the art of reciting Quran ! did you know that every reciter (sheikh) leans on a certain book when reciting the Holy Book .. for example some use (Rahiq-Makhtum) and recite accordingly .. some use (ibn taymiyah) ..etc. some simply lean on folks-music : can you guess when you listen to a recitation ..