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  1. Didnt they already make up a story about a breakaway faction called millatu ibraheem. Now all of a sudden everything is back to normal and there is another leadership dispute. Listening to the media is like watching episodes of The Simpsons. No continuation from one episode to the next.
  2. The situation on the ground seems to be such that the TFG and Sharif only grow more and more unpopular each passing day. Every time their protectors shell the market to punish civilians for not fighting al shabaab. Every time they hear the president is touring foreign countries on his magic carpet, while his palace is used to slaughter his own kin. At the beginning many people really didn't see a difference, other than the fact that Sharif left the country when it was invaded. They were willing to look past that. But now they are understanding that a gov't is not about 1 man. The fact that Sharif surrounded himself with the worst of human beings said a lot about his gov't, although the people didn't understand that at the time. But now they see it every time they get robbed at a checkpoint. Or shelled indiscriminately without a word of condemnation. Imagine people in Moqdisho to this day resent America for their military actions in Moqdisho 15 years ago. So imagine what they think about Abdullahi Yusuf, Sharif, Uganda, Burundi. Many people judge whats going on in Somalia through the diaspora. The diaspora is filled with hypocritical, ignorant clan cheerleaders, who would never go live in their country even if their favourite tribal warlord took over.
  3. Subhanallah. This filthy Abdullahi Yusuf supporter is still ranting on this forum?
  4. Are they fighting or belly dancing. I couldn't tell with that music.
  5. I have confirmation that more than 90% (between 40-70 men) of the UWSLF army have handed over themselves to the Military in Godey. A group of 10 steadfast is better than a group of 100 potential deserters. It is more about hearts than numbers. If they didn't surrender then you would have 40-70 men in your ranks who dont have the heart to be there, which only brings down morale.
  6. Raamsade, Don't be a snake in the grass. Didn't you say South African apartheid would be a more accurate reflection of "Islamic Surahs and hadiiths". So what difference does it make to you, & why are you wasting your time and ours when you have your mind made up. Che-Guevara, Don't you think Somalis have been affected by Kenyas rendition program? Of course. Sheikh Faisal is only the latest casualty.
  7. It's not about Sheikh Abdullah Faisal per se. It is the principle that is the issue. The Kenyan gov't is being encouraged (by everybody knows who) to excersize more control over the curriculum in the kenyan muslim community. In other words, who is allowed to speak and what they are allowed to teach. ie. Certain Surahs, and ayahs are not to be taught w/ tafsiir. Of course certain ahadeeth and Islamic literature are not to be taught. Those Sheekhs who do not comply simply are not allowed to teach. Sheikh Abdullah Faisal is one of those. For example British authorities confronted him for giving a lesson on Suratul Bayyinaa, calling it racial hatred when Allah says "Sharrul Bariyya". They realize that if they are to control the Muslim community, they must control the curriculum. So what is at stake here is the principle, & not an issue of 1 man.
  8. It's an issue of tarbiya (upbringing). European colonialists didn't ask anybody permission when they seized Somali territory, raised an indegenous elite in it's schools and military academies, who learned to behave like them, dress like them, and later left to run a state in their image. 50-60 years later, everybodys heart is attached to a blue banner that didn't mean anything to anybody just a couple generations ago. It's fascinating. How do you make something up with your own two hands, then pledge absolute loyalty to it. The way it's saluted, honoured, revered with khushuu and humility alongside the national anthem. People don't really think about these things. Reminds me of the hadeeth of the entrance of shirk being as undetectable as a black ant creeping on a black rock, in the dark night.
  9. Originally posted by MoonLight1: Look at the white spot in th middle of the flag it says "Allah rasuulu muxammad" which means "Allah is the massenger of Muxammad" inaalilaahi waina ileyhi rajicuun, these guys are even distorting the greatest Kallimah on earth which is Lailah Ilalah, Muxammadun Rasululah. In alshabab's world everything is upside down. It's read from bottom to top. To avoid putting Allah swt at the bottom of the white emblem. Allah... above...get it...geeet it?
  10. The verses were not basically meant for rulers or leaders. They were meant for Jews and their scholars. They generally apply to all Muslims who do not apply Allah`s judgment, both the rulers and the ruled. The general point the author is making is that, Islamically there is really no difference in the responsibilities of the ruler of a land and the responsibilities of the ruled. But of course Quran differentiates between the two. The word yahkum (yaxkum) means to make a ruling/judgement. It is an action of authority and is only attributed to someone in a position of authority, ie. 1 of Allahs name is al-Hakim (the ruler). When Allah says "wa man lam yaxkum bi maa anzal Allah fa Uwlaa'ika hum al Kaafirun" (those who do not rule by what Allah has revealed, indeed they are the disbelievers) it obviously directed to those in the position of authority to rule. On top of that it mentions in the same ayah the authority figures among bani israel (the Rabi's). Secondly, Allah didn't say "jews who do not rule by what Allah revealed". It's speaking generally about any ruler. Time after time in the Quran we find that Allah mentions bani Israel simply as an example, but is talking to Muslims. So to say Allah is talking to the jews is just negligent. The verses are: “If any do fail to judge by what God hath revealed, they are (no better than) unbelievers" Allah didn't say "they are no better than disbelievers", Allah said, "they are indeed THE disbelievers" AWLAA'IKA HUM AL-KAAFIRUN. There is no basis for deflecting the title unless one has other intentions. Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Exclusively Publishes the latest book of the Egyptian Islamic Group.. When somebody comes out of prison with the opposite view of what they had when they went in, you have to ask yourself what happened inside the prison. Some sort of re-education. But we all know the only re-education program in egyptian jails is to stick things in your butt until you change your mind.
  11. Dhubad, The point is you can't see, so to assume the bomber was even in the room is based on politics, not evidence.
  12. Apart from TFG sources, none of the survivors saw any 'suicide bomber', just an explosion from a stationary source, which could have been planted by anybody with access to the hotel.
  13. Has anybody ever heard of Sheikh Abdifatah (no last name) make any statement before this day. Coincidentally his 1st statement is a statement which contradicts what the official spokesman (Sheikh Ali Dheere) has said. False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one's own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time; for example, during Italy's strategy of tension.
  14. Originally posted by General Duke: Kampala:"Waa in aad u sheegtaan Shabaab in aanay cirka ku nooleyn Hadday dayaxa degganaan lahaayeen xorriyad ayay haysan lahaayeen laakin xaabdeena ma huri doonaan"Yuweri Museveni 23. oktober 2009 Kampala(AllPuntland)Madaxweynaha Uganda Yuweiri Musaveni ayaa si kulul ugu hanjabay kooxda Al-Shabaab oo ku tilmaamay kuwa aan waxba u tareyn oo caada qaatayaal ah. "Hadday isku dayaan in ay weeraraan Uganda cawaaqib xumo ayay kala kulmi doonaan, sababta oo ah waan naqaan sida loo weeraro kuwii na weerara ee ayagoo kala ah" ayu yiri madaxweynaha Uganda. Waxa uu sheegay in ay muhim u tahay in ay ogaadaan in aanay cirka ku nooleyn. Hadday dayaxa degganaan lahaayeen xorriyad ayay haysan lahaayeen. Hadalka Musaveni ayaa jawaab u ah hanjabaad uu waaliga G/Banaadir u jeediyey dawladaha Uganda iyo Burundi oo uu sheegay in ay ku weerari doonaan caasiamadahooda. Xafiiska wararka Muqdisho AllPuntland It's the welfare talking. Insha allah he will be sold in suuqa bakaara for no more than 50 shilling.