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  1. Hallo MMA! Nice pics and info. Thanks. By the way where is the Nomad palace hotel located? Along Pumwani road ama? And is it owned by the same family that owns Nomad palace of Garissa?
  2. She once called for re-translation of the Quran. Verses regarding women rights, in particular. As today's translation ( read; Quran) is dated. I remember, after this, she sought police protection claiming her life was in danger after she was assaulted by some somali teenagers. She was taken to an unknown address where she still lives. It became clear, at later stage, that the attack took place in a night club and was all about shukaansi and the sort. My point being that; she's heading towards Ayaan Hirsi's cage. But the issues she raised in this article regarding welfare fraud are of genuine concern. And she's damn right! Benefit fraud is of huge concern in our community. Many children are literally *******s as they're born outside wedlock. I endorse her method of approach too. These people should be confronted in all possible ways or else our community is deemed doomed. Maistiri wadaad iskusheegaa ubadan arimahaan. One wife in scandanavia, one in the UK, one in Holland etc all "divorced" but still poppin out kids every now and then, while he's on holiday in Nairobi enjoyin his share of the welfare.
  3. Originally posted by BOB: We (Somalis) are born and raised in Islam as Muslims, some are lucky to learn and gain deep knowledge than others, some are just left with the basics they've learned in the madrassa and as soon as they finished the madrassa stopped seeking and above all acquiring knowledge and the third and the last category is the group who barely know the basics and don't even know what it's to be a muslim and yet when asked about the faith they seem to have millions of questions than answers but instead of admitting their short-comings they blame the faith. We need to ask ourselves What Are The Fundamentals That Every Muslim Must Learn True. Many who hardly study or have studied religion but were just born into it are caught in this precarious position of doubting and questioning the existence of God. And their queries and logic is based on some western athiests, who in the first place didn't believe in the existence of God. Some fall into this trap unknowingly after reading some philosophical theorist's work but whose educational foundation is not solid. We need to learn and get wisdom from our holy Quran before getting into these oceans. The Quran is the perfect book to gain wisdom and refute your doubts on the existence of Allah. May Allah guide to the right path.
  4. ^^The most contentious issues that the clergy are vehemently opposing are the Khadi courts and abortion. They've even resorted to spreading lies and propaganda on the internet. It's a really hot issue in many kenyan forums. They're claiming Islam gonna take over the country if they are allowed to retain the courts. Not mentioning one of their arguments is the recent ban on DSTV (world cup specifically) and video centres in Mandera by muslim clerics. The churches are funded by an extremist group in the US. US dollars funding the church campaign The campaign is getting ugly, I tell you.
  5. Mame Diouf deserved it. He's worth it. Have a lot of potential. He has speed, space, is very calculating, tactical, sympathetic and good in team work. He is the top scorer of Norway's premier league (09). It came as a shock to both him and Molde FK. They didn't expect United to put an offer. As a staunt supporter of Molde team and a friend of Mame I wish them the best in the future. It was a good sale for Molde btw.
  6. Lol. Was it just a wishful thinking ama? Eastern province is mainly inhibited by Kamba (from ukasi to beyond Matuu, Samburu/Turkana/Rend ille(Turkana district), Borana (Moyale area), swahili people and small pockets of somali minorities (incl. "wardey" [Garsen, Hola]). Save for Isiolo town whose population is mainly composed of ethnic somalis.
  7. Horrible. I saw it a while ago. That's the true colours of those bloody, pot-bellied arabs, sadly. Saudis are the worst.
  8. Originally posted by Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiy aar: Nayroobi has some good, pretty appealing coffee houses. I had been to all three in the tourist area of downtown, just besides the Hilton hotel, who all are isku wada dhow. One of three, Coffee Pub , is owned by Soomaalis. The other two being Java House iyo Dormans . They reminded me Williams Coffee Pub in Koronto. Dormans is a nice place. Infact one of my favourites. Used to be a dating/meeting corner for non-somali youngsters back in the days, although now populated mainly by bald-headed somalis. But hey now they've a new branch at Westgate shopping centre in Westlands. Way better than the one in kenyatta avenue. Savanna coffee house (I liked this place) is another one worth mentioning (specially the one in upper hill). Java house in no.too crowdy..if you really want to experience a peaceful nairobi, away from the noises of isli and tao, and with a lovely one, pay a visit to Java house at Adams junction (although I was never into java house coffee shops, but this one stands out, it's more of a restaurant though. My fav place, good memories) or drive further ahead to Nakumatt junction where u'll find both Java house and the famous italian Mediterrenean restaurant. Very cosy and relaxing. You'll get the fastest wireless internet connection for free at Java house (both at Adams and Nakumatt) Are you into Libanese/arab food then Cedars restaurant is the place for you. The food is amazing but too pricy. You may run into Ruto or Mudavadi here, not mentioning some somali qabqablayaal aka politicians. Next to it, still in Lenana road, is Habeesha, finest ethio restaurant in Nai with the best ethio dishes and it's ethio - swahili influenced sitting arrangement. Be served under the baobab/palm trees outside btw..The other ethio Red sea restaurant next to it has bad sitting arrangement and the food is crap. Don't waste your cents there. In isli, Andaluus restaurant is where to be. And the lodge has some standard. Lived there for a month right after it's opening. The staff are polite to be somalis. The only minus here is how the customers rudely mistreat the maids, who happen to "cabiids". Pascal or Thorn tree at Stanely are worth passing by too while in town.
  9. Originally posted by nuune: ^^^ Ma ka yaabtey suu Sharmake u taxay all da nice clubs in downtown Westlan There is actually about 3 cool night clubs at 12 street, just at the roundhabout there is one, and another one not far from boosteejada basaska waaween just leexadka 12 street, but they ain't as good as the one's in downtown nayrobi It was a commercial stunt for Nairoberry! But there is no one in Nai that doesn't know (or heard) about westy's junction. Used to hang around there during my heydays(markii aan dhalinyarada ahaa, laakiin never stepped inside). And don't be suprised if you run into your local imam there, offcourse with his khat, sitting inside a tinted corolla. This is wasonjo's (specially walendos) favourite junction. You never know whom you'll run into at that place. Aside from those smelly ethiopian joints, I've never heard or seen a nightclub in isli (maybe coz i lived far from that place n wasn't my fav place)..except for the casino in 9th street;does it have a nightclub inside?. You must have paid a visit to Solar since you were fond of going to 12th. We spent a night there enroute to Kisumu for a science congress event. Lots, lots of activities, I tell you. NB; It stood on where Baraka lodge stands now. Lol@number 9 as another nightclub..I remember I used to wait for my fav 9 for hours when going to isli n then go round tao/isli by it before I catch my other mat...they rocked. Had to experience the feeling during my recent trip to Kenya. No changes, still crazy n all da same. Although hewa zao hazibambi ka zamani nami nimekuwa mbuyu. No old school as we were used to.
  10. Originally posted by Sir-Qalbi-Adeyg: quote:Originally posted by Malika: Okay,the place smelled terribly! Endend up ruining a pair of good shoes,still trying to get rid of stains on my clothes...I mean is that dust on those roads or something else,it stained my clothes.I kept expecting the tires on the car to bust,the pot-holes on the road are filled with stones! I loved the food though in the restaurants,ciil baa hiliib uu hayee, waan kaa soo deergee! The Somali beggers aa raxadaa igaa qaadee,Somali children and old ladies begging on the streets was hard to see. The nightlife of Eastleigh is something to write home about! am still shocked. I might be heading there in a month or so, what are the good night clubs? There are no nightclubs in Eastleigh. But if you wanna explore Nairobi's nightlife then got to Westland(a neighbourhood in Nrbi, locally known as Westy). There you'll find the most popular and booming clubs in one junction. That place rocks at night. And you may meet Nairobi's finest in everything, from chicks to hammers. They've Red tape, Pavement, Rezorus, Black diamond all opposite to each other. You'll surely find many khat-chewing maryooley sitting in their cars. Mark that they only drive tainted Toyota corollas although it's a no no for other kenyans to drive such cars in a posh area like westy. Casablanca(in Hurlingam if am not wrong),with arabian taste, is worth visiting too. But you may pay a visit to Simba saloon in Canivore (Langata) to get a state of Africa's wildlife, from crocodile meat to ostrich oil. This is a serene and a quite restaurant suitable for a night out. Next to it is kenya's famous canivore night club, though outdated lately.
  11. Nice pics. That was a good view of Jamia mosque.
  12. But I doubt that's her real voice. The girl is using an oscillator. But still tight rythm! Kudos.
  13. She's good. But is she on vocoder? Sounds like that.
  14. Has some truth in it but lost them when the historian claimed Odinga has an "Odinga islamic alliance" to crush christians in east and central Africa. Utter rubbish! I doubt everything since they're lying on simple facts. For his info Odinga's son is called Fidel and not Raul as he claimed. Propaganda from the rightists/conservati ve extremists!
  15. ^^It's mandatory in Norway(or else u've to do 1 year community service, but majority go for the military service) and they're the least threatened. Although Hitler's impact is still ringing in their heads. Besides national interest, it's many an advantage for the individual as the above Sultan pointed.