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  1. What some of you may not realize is that if this forest dies or burns down, the trees can’t just grow back. There aren’t enough nutrients in the soil now to support that. So once they are gone, they are gone! Quite adorable of you to attempt to take part in an exchange path past your abilities. An incredible jump from the mascara and eyelashes banter you are familiar with I doubt there is a cure for jahilul qabiil cancer facts are facts saxiib see you can't comprehend, You, Mudug, N&N troll are all the same to me.
  2. Very sad! Look at aerial picture of Southern Somalia bordering Kenya. The Somalia side depicts massive deforestation while the Kenyan side is quite green. Who is responsible for this man made disaster?
  3. Maamulka Jubaland ayaa soo saaray go’aano amni oo lagu soo rogay magaalada Kismaayo laga billaabo caawa iyo illaa inta ay ka dhaceyso doorashada madaxweynaha Jubaland ee 22-ka bishan. Go’aannada ayaa waxaa ugu weyn in lagu dhowaaqay in laga bilaabo 6pm makhribnimo 20/08/2019 ilaa 23/08/2019 la xiray xudduudaha magaaladda Kismaayo ee cir, dhul iyo bad. Shir ay isugu yimaadeen guddiga amniga Dowlad Goboleedka Jubbaland ayaa sidoo kale lagu dhowaaqay in heegan la geliyey dhamaan qaybaha kala duwan ee ciidamadda Dowlad Goboleedka Jubbaland iyo kuwa xoogga dalka kuwooda ka howl gala magaaladda Kismaayo iyo nawaaxigeeda. Guddiga ayaa sidoo kale faray hay’adaha amniga Dowlad Goboleedka Jubbaland, ciidamadda AMISOM, maamuladda garoonka diyaaradaha Kismaayo, dekadda Kismaayo iyo baraha kantarooladda laga soo galo magaaladda Kismaayo inay xaqiijiyaan meel maridda go’aankaan My kikuyu brothers are ready to diffend there own"
  4. Dr_Osman;968930 wrote: Maxaa faroole laga nabsan, kuwaan wa low among the lowest somalis maxaa la mucaradaa oo mesha yala...
  5. ^^^*ANWAR* What is wrong with being happy for other somalis building there own states and what does that have to do with being frm puntland.
  6. Xaaji Xunjuf;968234 wrote: That just a cheap shot i doubt the US would be building an embassy that close to the city center I think this is some sort of restoration, here is the before and after pics
  7. GAROODI;968056 wrote: THe Dirac is actually Yemeni it was introduced into Somali culture via Aden and Djibouti. Became popular in Djibouti and SOMALILAND eventually reaching as we see Kenyan Somalis but its still Yemeni Stop this madness Real Talk ishhh here ishow they(Yemeni dress)
  8. Haatu;968135 wrote: Or when brain-dead, clan-infested morons lead your country. :)War kadaa dee dalka dhulka halagalin
  9. (*&(*^ Somalis should be really ashamed of themselves. there was protest for/not supporting the jubaland, where are those people and why aren't they protesting this ugly unnecessary war. Those so called (Diaspora) are the ones fueling the war in Kismayo, after 30years+ of supporting Tolka anarchy what have we gain beside bringing misery to your fellow somalis. how many more must die before its...... And where are the so called international criminal court and why aren't they involved
  10. Who ever pays the bills runs the house. If Somalis want to see a solution in Somalia, dig in your own pockets and pay your bills indiscriminately to your government. Then and only then could there be a lasting peace in Somalia. Lets stop whingeing about others and their interests in Somalia, lets face it we need to make a choice here - can we run our home or will they do it for us?
  11. I think every Tribe/clan/subclan/subsub clan should create there own war monument so that we can all play the victim card. We are all stuck in this boat because no one wants to give up an inch to move on. i say repent to Allah and quit victimizing your selfs you are all guilty because you belong to a QABIL we went from USX,SDX GGA AND SO'NSO TO AL THIS AND AL-THIS THAT and NOW ADD ANYTHING TO ---LAND AND IT BECOMES A COUNTY SUBHANNALLAH....
  12. Be warned Somali people, Kismayo disease is dangerous. I know a lot of folks who have caught it. Remember prevention is better than cure, keep your immune system rested do not argue and get angry about it. Keep the Somali unity at heart, we love you all Somalis here in SOL. Eat well, sleep well Somalia hanolato.
  13. This is typical of Somali politics and never ending game when will this f@&) learn.