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  1. Viking; you're so cool man! Teach me more Sir! By the way, are you the author? Just confused a bit. Do you think Somali people are indigenous to Africa or are immigrants from somewhere (Arabia)? To the dude called Lost Hope 4 Somalia: Get a're young so naturally you think you're right...well think again my lost friend...without History you won't know what path to take. Perhaps if more young people cared about their History (African history) Africa would/will have a bright future. Please rethink your scepticism.
  2. Speaking of Kenya...anyone heard of BrookHouse Prep School in Lagata? I went there from kindergarten to grade seven before we moved to Canada. Ahh the memories! If not, how'bout Nairobi Academy or GreenAcres? Anyone, anyone?
  3. Thanks for posting this story that brother X. wrote. I wish we could all have the strengh of brother X. If only we all could come to the same conclusions he can only wish.
  4. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar: Thanks for the're the man-my man. Sorry that's how we talk up in crazy Canada. Anyways, thanks man...looking at those pics, I have come to two conclusions. 1) I miss Xamaar(Mogadishu) and I can't wait to visit one day. Hell, I was born in Medina Hospital in 1977 - as I'm sure alot of you nomads were; so move back is the only answer...rebuild is the logical conclusion. I promise this to myself - that I will go back and rebuild my families house (all of Somalia.) 2) That Somalia is the most beautiful place I have ever seen...more beautiful than Canada, than Jamaica, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and etc etc. I mean come on, one would have to be blind not to appreciate the beauty of Nomad Country; Wide open flat lands and skies, the longest sea-shore in Africa (in most places in the world), grass lands, plateaus, mountain-ranges up-in-the Northeast. And finally, the ratio of animals to humans is so large (40 million compared to 7-8 million people.) Clearly, there is not a land in the world that loves it's animals more. -------------------------------------------------- "To know where one is headed, one must first know where she came from." Mr. Moe.
  5. Good Luck to you Zaylici...I hope you publish something new soon. I'm dying to use you as a reference instead of the famous "orientalists." If I had my choice buddy, I'd use you as a reference all the time...unfortuantly for me...I'm not as smart as you or the guy that used you. p.s. Moe not mao.
  6. To continue the answer, it's because it's the Amhara who are the immigrants and not us. I think also that we are not decendants, but an original peoples that have been around since well before the ancient Egyptians. Remember we have been around for 40,000 to 50,000 years of history. If there is a Somalian (an un patriotic one...) out there that does not believe this, or does not what to even consider this, then this discussion is not for you. There is one thing that disturbed me, and that is the story of the "GALLA" people or as they like to call themselves "OROMO." My father always used to tell me that we are decendants from the Oromo...I nver belived that. Not that I didn't believe my dad, is just that I knew (in my heart) that that kind of ingnomous history was definetly not for I. So imagine my surprise when I went to the site (the one recommmended by RAMPAGE); and discovered that we are according to the websites authors related...probably that we are both (the Somali and the Galla/Oromo) from the same Afro-Asiatic ancestor. First forward to modern times and what you have is two related groups that look alike, are in the same language group (Eastern Caushetic Language Group) but are definetly not progeniators/fathers to one another. The Somali is actually suspected of driving the Oromo/Galla out of all of Somalia because of the advent of Islam. Somalians have always been radical and extreme when it comes to Islam, so maybe we should move on to this topic after we have throughly exhausted this topic. Did you know that most Somalians had accepted Islam during the Holy Prophets' own lifetime. This is amazing...I didn't know this. One last thing, I found out yesterday that the person(S) who wrote this paper for the website are Mohammed Farah Aidid and some Indian intellectual/academic in New Delhi. At first I though no! that's not the same warlord guy. It is. He had this paper commisioned when he was Ambassador to India, and that he paid this Indian lady to do all the research and to write it. I actually like this paper and commend the person who had it commisioned. What do you guys think, was it a good idea or a bad one?
  7. Dear brother Zaylici: I'm a little confused...are you saying that you went to the said attached site recommended by RAMPAGE? If you did, did you aggree with the material on the site. I personally was impressed by the amount of information that was on it. The most intresting chapters however, were chapter 1: The physical characteristics of Somalia, 2: Origins of the Somali(s). Brother; the site says that Somali(s) are essentially aboriginal. Now what this really means, is that you're either literally from the land ie: sprung up from the ground like a flower from dirt or it can mean one(we) were the first and only ones from a particular area. Richard Burton (English explorer in Northern Somalia in the late 19 century says:) "thus the Somalis' can feel proud in knowing that they have been living in the region called Somalia for well over 40,000 to 50,000 years. This means that Somalis' or their ancestors have been living in Somalia form the start of "human history." I say this only to refute what I hear on a daily basis and that is we came over from Arabia or Yemen (apparently as recently as 800AD. This is complete horses_ _t. I refuse to belive that an ancient people such us ourselves are only a bunch of immigrants with no God given rights to the very land we are actually from. If anyone refutes this, then why don't we speak a "semetic" language like the Amhara of Ethopia and instead speak a "cushtic(sp)" language? The answer next>>>
  8. Thanks RAMPAGE: your suggestion for the first site was excellent. For anyone wishing to increase their knowledge of history...please visit this wonderful page and helpyourselves. For those of you who think this endevour is are out of touch my man. "To understand the future, you must first know your past."
  9. Mr. Zaylici you are doing your community and people and of-course Qabil (whatever that may be) a great service. Keep up the good job as there is not enough resources to teach our young their history and where they came from. If I may add something to this relevant topic...I was on visiting the Africa section when I saw a link to this wonderful site...of course I had to register. Anyways, I noticed on the site; a profile of our former country (Somalia's profile...) they state that Somalis' emigrated from Arabia (Yemen)about 800BC...what's up with this big lie. Anyone who has studied the history of African people knows that Somalis' are an aboriginal peoples. What this means is that we are from the land and have always been. Now to prove this, one need only read the "famous" book by Ciek Ante Diop(sp?). The most respected archeologist in modern African time. Professor Diop is also a respected radio-carbon dater (a technique used to identify *** far back something was made;) who has taught in the most respected and one of the oldest institutions of higher learning...the Sienne in Paris(sp?). My question is, have you heard or read something that would lead you to believe the former or the latter? Thanks very much, Mohammed.