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  1. not to be a party pooper or anything, but this is the most ilogical thing i have seen yet! how does one determine sexuality by the first letter in their name? how does one gather this information? :confused:

  2. Originally posted by Haddad:

    priority must be given to Somali issues and news. The picture in question is about Sudan.

    so ur saying that the only issues that face this world should be about somalis? how selfish and egotistical of u! this child was a human being who went through much suffereing and not to far away form Somalia as a matter of fact!

  3. this is probably the dumbest question ever! it is quite obvious we ARE FREAKIN B L A C K A F R I C A N S!! just cause our feautures r a little diff. doesn't mean we have to make our own race! take it or leave it folks!

  4. Originally posted by sky.african:

    juba, ive seen you get emotional really fast when ppl talk about jareers. are u somali bantu yourself, just asking.

    what does that matter? im not but im still standing up for whats right! Just because ur racially confused doesn't mean every somali is :rolleyes:

  5. Originally posted by bilan:

    i think you are making assumptions,how do you know if girls wear it because of their parents,we do not know what is in their hearts, .

    um it kind of obvious, because as soon as their not their it's ripped off! my point is i think hijab is supposed to be from the heart and parents shouldn't impose it because then it will be from their hearts! Parents should advice in this issue ofcourse and the girl should find her own way! or put it on them when they are very young like 8. When parents make u do something u usually try to find a way not to!

  6. Originally posted by Phantasmagoria:

    How can you date someone for 5 whole years without marrying them
    ? :confused:

    these things shouldn't be rushed! five years does sound a bit stretched but atleast u'll know he's definatly the right one :D

  7. Originally posted by xamar:

    [QB] be realistic,


    Uganda? Nigeria? who more? south africa`

    I want arab-troops and northern sudani troops. Not jareer.



    you make me sick man, what kind of african are u! don't try to cover the real issue wich is u wouldn't like "jareer" in ur country weather they had AIDS or not! But arabs and whites are ok rite? WOULDN'T U RATHER HAVE UR OWN RACE HELPING U OUT THAN THE REAL FOREIGNERS?

  8. i understand what ur saying about the hijab and how some girls where it w/o the heart. Which is worse, a girl who wears the hijab and hates everything it stands for and only wears it cause of her parents or a girl who doesn't wear it atall?

  9. Originally posted by The Rendezvous:

    do u guys still dispute that?

    im just simply wondering what brang all this irrelvant words into a topic that has nothing to do with it! Thats all! u can't go through this life with hate in ur heart. Just focus on being a good muslim and forget the yahud and christians because u seem to wrapped up in that.