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  1. I worn you people this is scery. A ryssen scientist have taped this sound in sibiria from the earth and for the sensetiv people i worn you this is scery sound you her cray and pain from below earth. The speakar in the tape he cal it sound from hell (they belief that hell is under the earth)bat they are ignorant about the panishmant in the grave befor the rel hell. Hawe meny time did the prophet tel as to sek refug from the panishmant of the grave? ANd did he not say that the animals her the terebal sound from the earth. O allah i sek refug from the panishmant of the grave and hell.

    From the Prophet (saw), that he used to make supplication in the prayer: "O Allaah! I seek refuge in You from the punishment of the Grave,...


  2. XM as you sed you have ben dabeting to mach no wonder you are as you are. And nomber 2 i dont have absesion with somaliland bat its semms you have that from what i se. I have sen to mach av that from pro cigal people they have beg hatret they olweys make koment lake i hope al somali in south kil ech athar or as wen bakarah in xamar born the person ho sed its the jastes of allah that the many in ther are stolen from hargeyso (lol). I only say to you good lak with your debats.

  3. XP dream on man 2 difrent contry? lol Meybe ther is people lake cigal ho want to make it difrent contry bat the realety is somaliland is independent region bat it is far from a contry. Dont begen with regionalism now maye people liv in somalind and they are alian to what you are cleyming that its difrent contry. Bat i agree somaliland have control over its regen so thas puntland. Ther is ned far more than saying that from now on we are an independent contry.

  4. Wallahi it is beag fitnah wen people do wat is haram in public. wat you do in privet is betwin you and allah bat wen you do public then the islamic low panish thows people to protect the communiti. Wen person do zinah and no people se it then it is no problem to comuniti bat wen it is made in public then ther have to be panishman or this fitnah will spred. Quran say that qomu lud made ther fitnah in public with no shame and allah punish them. So worst people in this dunya is people ho dont have shame. And people ho have shame and consil ther evel akt is sign that they stil have litl iman left.

  5. Evry nation love to brag(faan) about ther people. And somali are champions in this. It is good as long as they brag about ther people and haw good they lok, bat it is no longer fanny wen they begen to put dawn athar people and in this two they are the champions.

  6. websemtex the problem is not somalinet as website bat the broblem is ther forum they acccept all crap. they shuld make ruls lake in somalionlin and make the forum clen and respectfol. If you accept the mad people to post crap then all people will get mad and post crap two thats the natur of human.


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  7. Do you know way somalionlin forum is best? It is the admins they dont accept evel talk in ther forum lake somalinetforum It is hell in ther i tel you they insolt your clan they insol arabs africans and americans in short all the people in the world ( wa cunsuryaal) they swer att you cal you nams if you go ther you will be qabyaalist tolking qabiil 24 hours you learn hawe to swer(cay) and insolt difrent peoples,qabil and nationaletis. I hate that site. Allah kheeyr ha in kasiiyo somalionlin wasaqdaas kailaaliya meshan.