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  1. AA that saxaabi was caasim ibn thaabit.
  2. AA let's not blame all our problems on USA. because non-muslim did something that does not mean killing innocent people. since when did islam allowed killing anyone who is not my opinion it is wrong.
  3. AA muraad the author is sayid qutb, actually i do not where he wrote it, but since he was egyptian i think he wrote in egypt. w/salaam
  4. AA what is new about that, al-azhar, was always trying to please the gov, even if that meant to go against the religion, this one is not new, actually sheikhal azhar said the samething in 1993. anyway personally i do not trust al-azhar. and i would not advise anyone to take any of al azhar's fatwas before asking other scholars. w/salaam.
  5. AA in my opinion i do not see nothing wrong if both sides agree the dowry to be expensive, if he can afford it, why not.i have seen woman asking their mahr to be ice_tea, and few months later they get divorced, and thrown out, they have no skills to live on and can not even support themselves for few days, do not you think if they had asken something valuable,things would have been different, if Allah did not set a limit for the dowry, who has the right to do so. if your wife-to-be asks you more you can afford, you can negotiate with her and come up with something that you both agree on.and to those who say mother of the believers' dowry was so little, i think they were marrying a prophet, so they were sure, he would treat them well, unfortunately we can not say the same thing about all men.
  6. shaqsi, it does not happen only in somali culture, it happens almost every culture, and most of the time it is between daughter_in_law and the mother_in_law, not because parents do not want their children to be happy, but look this way now i understand better since i'm a mother myself, you raise your child, educate him and suddenly this lady comes and takes him away, i mean your daughter will always be yours, but your son forget him the day he gets married, most of the time it is in wife's hand to calm down things, i always say when your in-laws are at your home do not try to be too romantic towards your husband this is their time with him so stay away let them talk, and i'm sure his mother would not be jelous then.
  7. AA i have no problem following islamic punishment,if we have enough evidence, the condition for stonning is: 4 trusted adults should see the action clearly, so was that possible? next thing where is the man, after all it takes two to make a baby, so why are they punishing only her, what kind of justice is that?!, islam is fair religion it does not favor man over woman.. in the time of the prophet(PPUH) only two people were stoned, and both of them came to the prophet and asked him to stone them.islam does not care why you do in your private life,but if people become careless untill 4 people saw them, then they are poisining the society. i reccomend you to read:"islam:The misunderstood religion by Muhammad qutb" he talkes about punishment and its condition, believe it is not even close to what westerners think.