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  1. Luula Great topic sis I am meeting either this weekend or the next one some one from here, I can't tell you guys SORRY I think he is wonderful and he looks good, the only thing am concerned no to get nervous when I meet him. wish me luck Nabadeey
  2. Well, Well I have to agree with Naasir, let is be Honest almost every somalian women sits her ass home after she gets maried Unless she chooses not to have kids. what really ticked me is those who choose to go after their dreams end up not having kids at all Nabadeey my Nomad bro/sis
  3. ***PLEASE READ***VERY IMPORTANT*** God made clear of what we should do and not do. And if you doubt/question what God said it is (KUFRI= Meaning you are not a muslim and most of us don't know) you don't have to say ohh I am not a muslim any more to become KAAFIR. God said Men can mary up to 4 as long they can treat them the same and of course can provide a normal living stndard, Here comes my point Please don't say Ifs and Buts about what God said, cuz what some of you wrote seem to be common sense.. and common sense has no place what GOD said, it is how GOD said it. I see some of you are basing their judgment due to few bad apples amongest us. As a women I don't want my Man to mary another woman and I have a choice to accept it or not, but it is KUFRI if I doubt why God admitted. This may be a free speach place where you can say what ever you want but be careful what you say about God's Book IF you ARE a Muslim NOT IF you ARE claiming to be. Nabadeey
  4. Luula I think you are immature and you should rethink before u post a topic or respond to some one, because you seem to be jumping around and don't know what is what...That is my adive 2 u and I know u don't like it but it is the truth even though it hurts Athena... I agree with ya brother all her Topic seem to be irrelevant... Naasir... Couldn't agree wit ya any more, u seem to have broad views regarding life and dealing with peaple, I don't know what u do real life!!!! smart bro Nabadeey
  5. It is nice to get paid by looking good, but I have tried and I have to stop for just one simple reason, I can't sleep with almos every body and that is what they told me I had to face. They said sleep with all the big guys if you want to have a good future. I said NO, I can live with out y'll So just be who u r, don't sell you soul/body
  6. Well said Naasir, I couldn't agree more. I have had the same xperience ( waa leey xanuujiyay laakiin wax dhaawac ah la iima geesanin), ani xitaa waa lidkeey waa necbaa markeey i tumaan but it paid off now because I am a good person. Marka ha iska dhiginina Reer Galbeed ee ciyaalkiina edba idinka oo dhaawac u geeysaheenin. Nabadeey
  7. Lulla Sis in this part of the world (western) you are allowed to express your opinion and choose what ever you want. But God(the one who created us)said don't question what I said or who I am. In this case it is GOD's decision and to question it would be the last thing u wanna do.. IN OTHER WORD Let is not make fun/question what God said. Later Family
  8. lol@ Soul_lady Girl u watch too much CNN. The look is what attaracts u first but then it is how both of you can communicate and enjoy each others company no that is sexy. -As long he doesn't have 10lb CALOOL he is sexy -He must have good sence of Humor -He must be good Dancer(niiko, so he can dance late nights just for me cuz u know I like to listen Baaba Aweys/Naaji/Faay Qaasim.. Later
  9. Wraa Maskiin Macruu Haye dadkeeygiyaa u soo dhigatay haye Anna waxaan keenaa tii Heer Wakhooyiga.. Dat was funy though lol@ dabadeed maa laga dhacay..
  10. Great one sis.. Now I know how eazy it is to buy some body, not to mention when I work for $6 an Hour.
  11. Naasir@lol are you talking about me? Just kidding *But I will say A. It is sad we all say bad things about the Cab Drivers but in this case he is the good guy not the one who is gonna come home drunk.. Later Nomads
  12. Cadeey_Aba_Nur


    Cutie*** Irish is White but the rest aren't considered.... Tha is funy though
  13. I don't think there is a Virgin Men these days.. If I can find Great if not no need 4 experience there are all kind Tapes that teaches you and we will learn together so what is better than that...It is like starting from scratch... stay strong
  14. Traditionaly I am from a big Family. That is almost impossible since I can't be a house wife 4 life. but wouldn't mind at least a half Dozen to a Dozen Insha'allah and If I have a choice I want all Boys but I will be happy what God gives me(that is QADAR). Stay Strong
  15. Somalia is becoming like the most of Africa where Aids would be the main Killer. It starts you, If each one of us is careful we will be fine, Later