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  1. Many Somali's owe or work for small business, that range from selling calling cards and sending money abroad to selling food and garments. Many of these small businesses buy or rent some space to do their business while they can be conducted from home using the internet which will save them quite a lot of overheads such as electricity and rent cost. Also since the internets allows the small to appear big they can compete with bigger companies that still use bricks and mortar. However I am thinking the reason why these small business don't make the switch is because their clients are not that tech savvy to buy their products online. So to get to the point my question is how do you get these people to start using the internet and shopping online? I know the younger generation are very tech savvy and comfortable shopping online but most Somali businesses are aimed at the older less tech savvy generation. I've seen and heard various schemes aimed towards getting them online but I've never heard or seen an actual success story.
  2. Yeah this great, also check out webcast.berkeley.edu.They have alot of videos on CS.
  3. Thanks all for the greetings. Conspiracy I like your blog, I take it you're also a developer. Are you just a web developer or do you mix it up.
  4. Hi. After several attempts registering for this forum I finally succeeded with the help of shirwa_24. I am a second year Software Engineering undergraduate at a London university. I love programming, currently I'm in using C#. I hope to meet like minded people and give support where it is needed.