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  1. Originally posted by Protocol: I'm sure allah(swt) will be understanding. Intentions and doing good are more important than just 'staying away' from sin. protocol....noone is denying Allah's mercy but the simple fact of the matter is dat the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) "cursed the one who consumes interest, the one giving it, the one bearing scroll, and the two witnesses to it". He said (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), "they are all equal." (as reported by muslim)..... ignorance isn't an excuse for taking loan...... even then the whole idea of reprentance is dat u stop what ur doing..... you dont even noe if Allah is gona forgive you for taking the riba in the first place (let alone if he is going to except your prayers).....staying away from sins is as equal as a persons intention....yes actions are deemed by ones intention.....but if intend to pray to allah through something else.....will Allah be understanding or will it take me out of the fold of islam......anywhooo riba is a MAJOR up to you what action you take!! repent and keep repenting until you pay off the money- cuz obviously you have too....or repent and keep taking the money whilst taking a biggggg gamble onur akirah......choose one sister said it pretty 'easy' for some anyways to get through uni in the uk witout taking loans
  2. i got 30 within a mile :eek: !!!!!!! and da nearest is 1408 yards...... im going to say hi they live on a mainly 'ethinic' estate :rolleyes:
  3. lol....sugaa....r u lot joking or r u lot dead serious bout dis registration malakee?
  4. masha'Allah u girls r something else lol....somalis planning to jump out of a plane is something i have to SEE :eek: .....but i will not be participating lol....cuz i thik the shock of it will kill me.....i tired tree climbing and went up like 15 feet and that was enough of a heart attack! plus dont knoe how i'll do it wit a jilbab....kyr insha'Allah to the brave
  5. im just like plus im slient most of da tome!
  6. masha'Allah may Allah insha'Allah bless all those who help out.....its so nice to see sisters giving back to the community
  7. mashallah nice topic....i was born in london and i started to wear a headscarf wen i was four....cuz dats wen i started mum just made it sound nice and i didnt take it off until i was 7 wen the other girls in my class deared me to for a day (i was the onli one in da whole school to wear it)....but felt reali guilty wen my teacher asked me why i took it off which made me put it right back on.....but wen a parents evening came she asked my mum ifshe allowed me to take it off in class....i thought my mum was gona beat me but allahumduillah she just spoke to me....and i never took it off again....and at 14 i choose to stop wearing uniform and wear a half jilbab to school (this is before all this taking people to court stuff) and started my nikkab at 16..... the age that u teach a child to pray is 7 and u beat dem at 10..... the problem with most parents is that they dont tell their children what a hijab is for it more like u have to wear it ad if u dont u reap the consequences. its like most parents send their kids to school, duqsi and so forth and dont knoe wat they learn.....they think cuz its an islamic school there is gona b an islamic enviroment which is usually not the case, in school in the west anyways.....obviously for a parent to reinforce stuff they need to show a mixture of love and caringness and dat but also the kids need to fear da parent to some degree not that the parent needs to get fiilo lol.....i mean one way my mum brought us up was by having family discussion, games inoder to learn somali, plus islamic stuff.......but the funny thing is wen u see little girls who have bigger hijab den their mums.....the mum dont want thei kids to turn out like them but they arent clocking on to the fact that children are watching......its like my cousin daughther asked her ant who picks her up from school not to wear her jilaba and she should just wear a coat and small head scarf cuz all the other mums do.....
  8. we should love what.who Allah loves and hate that/who Allah hates....
  9. ^^my bad jsk kyrn for correcting me....sori 2 anyone if i may hav caused offence
  10. Afromantic GirL: thnks...wouldnt have thought it, since i didnt use it in a negative way....but understandable.... but i think they should have blocked 'midgan'or jireer since they are both really offensive.
  11. wow i didnt know that ra han wayn was not allowed!!
  12. i dont know too much about them....but from what i do know (and inshallah if im mistaken please do correct) is that the somali bantu's are also known as 'midgaan' or giireerka - which includes tribes such as ********* - to the majority somalis...... they do understand somali but most somalis dont understand them.....they speak af maay.... somalia is oviously not a homogenous country.....'main stream' somalis are unable to precisly pinpoint where their from.... even though orginaly most of the buntus were from countries like malawi...they are still somali....just like the ....baarwani people who again arent orginally somali...but still are they have a totally different culture and speak barawi- or something like that.....
  13. sorry folks......fatima get eliminated next week witney wins and anya is runner up
  14. seekknowledge: why is it that you always allow ur emotions to run roit... i mean firstly both hadeeths are authentic... the situation of the muslims during the caliphate of uthman are irralivant as this hadeeth is saheeh!
  15. seekknowledge: as for the four ahulu sunnah 'sects' they are not sects... they have the same aqeedah and manhaj its just a difference of opinion when it come to issues of fiqh amongst those four imams... that in its self is normal cuz there have always been differing of opinion but not in things like aqeedah and even then the differing is strong on both sides as they all have their daleels as the prophet said anyways what is halal is clear and what is haraam is clear and if in doubt leave it...i say u should not concern ur self with who refuted who and what not and concerntrate on learning the deen according to what allah has prescribed