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  1. I think some inlaws are great however I think problems arise with inlaws that put their children on unreachable pedestals. Unfortunately those are the ones that are hard to pls and in their opinion, no-one will ever be good for their child. However, in cases where one has such a parent, it is upto the husband/wife to ensure that there is a clear line between your relatives and your family (eg. Wife/husband, children). It is good to take an advice however one should reason on their own, think for themselves and do what will benefit his/her family the most.
  2. Libaax.....thanks for the info. I just wish more Somalis could read this and realize what they're doing to themselves.
  3. PPL CHILL!!!!!!!!! I'm not saying a guy has to do all of the above....just some. Ladies, don't even deny it, you'ld love some of this kind of treatment. Magnoona-grl: I agree w/you however, the guys need to give themselves a break and take a few of the above tips. Legend of Zu: Nothing should be too hard if you're in love and wanna pls your girl. Jamal: You got me cracking up for a min. Thunder: Honesty is good but w/out rudeness. Barwaaqo: Girl, you sure are a tough one for the guys. Keep it up! Tenacious-j: LOVE IS ALL MATERIAL THANGS :rolleyes: right......sorry, I don't agree w/that. Used to gold diggers? Lady-Vi: believe me, me is gonna take my dacas and run(and fast) at the first signs of psychotic bahaviour. Peace out till next time.
  4. Here are a few tips for some of the nomads. What A Real Man Would Do For His Girl! 1. Call her everyday. 2. Always laugh at her jokes. 3. Tell her (TRUTHFULLY) that you can`t wait to see her. 4. Offer her a back rub... without asking for one in return. 5. Call her just to say you were thinking of her. 6. Bring her a teddy bear and chicken soup when she is sick. 7.Write her a poem. 8. Slow dance with her (not only on a dance floor). 9. Bring her flowers for no reason. 10. Send her a (hand written) letter just to say hello. 11. Always remember your anniversaries and bring her something sweet. 12. Kiss her in the middle of a sentence. 13. Take her for a walk at sunset and stay to watch the stars. 14. Tell her something about you that no one else knows. 15. Remind her that you still think she is beautiful. 16. Take a bubble bath together (only if married). 17. Watch a sappy movie with her. 18. Surprise her with a candle light dinner. 19. Never stop trying to impress her. 20. Tell her you love her... don`t exspect her to know. 21. Never forget how much she means to you. 22. Give her a great big hughs for no reason. 23. Kiss her because she wants you to SOOO bad. Follow these and maybe the honnies won't complain as much. Good luck and hope it is useful. Take care.
  5. My baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddd, I guess I heard wrong about Dhagax tuur. Thanks for the knowledge Haruunn.
  6. How about Dhagax Tuur? And Cilmi Boodheri? They represent true courage and having faith in what you believe in!
  7. lol Rock Chic, I agree w/ you. I couldn't be happier for her and wish her luck!