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  1. lil boys all ways jump to conclutions, so plz dont be affended by what he said but build him so he woudnt say sh@# like that anymore, cause in the real world he may get heart by some ppl, but anyways everybody has balwad so if it is qat so be it, it our culture and i luv it..
  2. i just wanna say that this is very intersing topic, and my perspective evaluation on Midgaan ppl is nowaday were in another type of war and we dont need to worry about qabiil any more therefore STOP being IGNORENTS. we need to adapt to the new world as somalis.. we are way behind and the country is waiting for us ppl.. everybody is waiting for you and i so think wats really important and make use of your reasorces and also to my fellas really midgaan chicks are fine the ones i seen atleast..