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  1. Originally posted by GAAROODI: i new a saw it somewhere, noo loool ! they say the same thing about somaliland flag, alot of flags around the world look similar, this is no big deal. loool ! Finally, sense out of your mouth. It isn't a big deal.
  2. Originally posted by GAAROODI: the agreement is, you aint nothing so before i take bosaso and garowe stay away. looool. You can't take anything. You barely control Laascaanood. We both know that. You don't even control Awdal. Actually, what do you control? You were the ones who wanted the peace deal.
  3. Originally posted by FIDHIN: i dont think there is safty in puntland anyway, is nothing better than xamartaa la sheegaayo. It is more safe then Hargeisa, well at least soon it will be.
  4. Great news, someone needs to show idoors where they belong. Between Burco and Hargeisa.
  5. ***********this is your last warning. Please respect the rules of the website and stop insulting others. Please don't use clan names on the forum.******************** [ January 26, 2010, 10:29 AM: Message edited by: Admin ]
  6. Originally posted by Oodweyne: ^^^I am afraid that is not even closely true!! Dear lad ... For, first thing, Bosaso does not have the logistical ability to shift that much of a livestock on a single day. Since, that large tonnage requires large ships, and since Bosaso is not a "deep-water port" , like "Berbera" is, in-terms of kind of ship that can anchored into it, then, it can't be said that it can really accommodate that amount of "shifting export" in one single day, indeed; given that the large ships that can take that amount of "tonnage" can't really drop anchor in that port, in the first place. In other words, this is really, and I mean really, is getting silly in here; particularly for the sheer propoganda of it all. And, therefore, it's mind-boggling as to why others are chancing it in here, rather shamelessly. Since, it's very easy to know the "truth" of it all; particularly by way of ascetaining the "size of the port" , the "under-laying marine structure" of water itself (i.e., whether the port is in a "deep water territory" or not, so that it can be in a position to accept the "anchorage" of large ships that can take a large tonnage of livestock in one go) etc. Consequently, all of those "factors" are by definition, the "real facts" that determines as to how large of an "export commodity" that a given port can shift it, at least, in a one "trading day" ( as it were ). But, then, again, some people, are forever warming themselves up with a sheer propoganda; particularly when all else fails them, rather miserably, indeed. Hence, there is no surprise to me there, at all... Regards, Oodweyne. Haha hater. I love it when it burns you. No one bought your C R A P for years Read;
  7. Somaliland's flag is the Hungarian one upside down! Or the Italian one, on it's belly. No mercy there
  8. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^^lool. Cowke you made me laugh wallahi, how desperate you have become. Galkacyu communities need to work things out, because at the end of the day its their city. The second largest in Puntland and the economic and educational hub of Central Somalia..Galkacyu's importance can not be underestimated. This deal if it is implemented will bring order on the basis of the 1993 SSDF-USC accord, and as more competent leadership enters the political life of the city the more it will develop. Insha Allah Khair, there is no need for ego trips here. Desperate? More like safe. In the 90s a militia from the south came in to the north side and massacred 400 civilians.
  9. We had 1 election in 2008. The international community applauded. Our president got invited to Congress in the US. He gave a speech and he went to a hearing. You DIDN'T have any elections you were suppose to. 5 is the number.
  10. Originally posted by Sikaawe: quote:Originally posted by Canjeelo: We have 32000 in our army. They won't come anywhere near us. They have 25000 and some will be fighting in the South, well most will because the TFG has 10000. See, it's all about the numbers True, it all about the numbers including women and children We do have women in the army, it's called equality.
  11. Originally posted by GAAROODI: 32,000 in the puntland army, come on. loooooooool ! were does this guy get his stats from, saxib you have a rag tag militia of an army who has not been paid in 4-5 years, the begger army. Alshabab is well funded, although they cant engage in large scale military action just hit and run and small campaigns if they hold on to the south they will slowly build up that capability, its the people of puntland that dont want alshabab and its they you have to use to protect against alshabab, because one common tactic used by alshabab is go to villages were there is not authority and then say we are the authority they cant do that in puntland because the people already have a government as bad as it is, so use your people. I get my figures from the TFG and Puntland authorities. I unlike you have inside prospectus on the matter.
  12. Since when did "Somaliland" have a naval force? A few speedboats don't count...
  13. Originally posted by General Duke: ^^Inflation is the issue, it caused havoc all over Somalia in 2008, right now everything is stable. I agree with General Duke, inflation is the problem. No one should even be thinking of creating a new currency. I wonder who is behind the idea?
  14. We have 32000 in our army. They won't come anywhere near us. They have 25000 and some will be fighting in the South, well most will because the TFG has 10000. See, it's all about the numbers
  15. Originally posted by FIDHIN: most puntland regions dont have much livestock anyway, as the pple down there are mostly depending on fishing and somaliland is closer to the zone5 than puntland does, but bosaso is famous for exporting cole, humans and piracy which are all illegal business in somaliland..., i hope puntland learns from its sister somaliland though. ******* *****. Listen up. Bosaso's budget is larger than the WHOLE OF "Somaliland". And it's port is the busiest in the whole of Somalia. Zone5 use Bosaso port because the taxes are cheaper and it's a free zone too. Even Burco uses it. You should learn about Business not some lame *** propaganda story your mom told you!