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    let me tell u guys who should be the quarterback for the vikings, not daunte calpepper, he ain't shyt, the white dude got us up to 6-0 while daute was on the injury list. and he satisfied moss good. moss rather go for farrere instead. oh well, am guessing who won't even be back next yr, dice got lucky he got three streight coachin.
  2. i have seen last night..it was good. agent william was acting good.."mr. anderson..nice to see u again; we missed you" ha that was good acting...
  3. let's go with VIKINGS, MINNESOTA...HA? wat do yo think about that?
  4. Eminem..is the one.. i sure tellin u...he gon beat the hell out of each one of 'em....seriously toug..with little influence from pac...i tell u tha.....
  5. Eminem..is the one.. i sure tellin u...he gon beat the hell out of each one of 'em....seriously toug..with little influence from pac...i tell u tha.....
  6. Eminem..is the one.. i sure tellin u...he gon beat the hell out of each one of 'em....seriously toug..with little influence from pac...i tell u tha.....
  7. Eminem..is the one.. i sure tellin u...he gon beat the hell out of each one of 'em....seriously toug..with little influence from pac...i tell u tha.....
  8. Ramadan in a Muslim Country, by Altaf Bhimji A new night of the sacred month the thin slice of the moon; the crescent visible only a few minutes to the naked eye A sight beautiful signaling new, fresh Greetings one to the other: Ramadan Mubarakh And a few hours later sounds of drums Wake up! Wake up! have a meal, a simple glass of water! Before the first light, before you begin the fast, make the intention Wake up! Wake up! And the day progresses, a slowing down; restaurants closed, coffee houses empty. And workers begin their trek home early Late afternoon, the speciality stores open selling the special once a year snacks, crowds flocking and moving hurriedly collecting their Iftar (break fast) And mothers prepare the traditional meals taking extra time for the fasting family Only an hour before the sun sets city streets empty, as in a curfew, And now only a few minutes, family and friends gather around the table making small talk awaiting the moment...silence... Allah-hu Akbar Allah-hu Akbar Allah-hu Akbar Allah-hu Akbar (God is great) Ash-hadu an la illaha illal-lah Ash-hadu an la illaha illal-lah (I witness that there is no God except Allah) Ash-hadu anna Mohammadan rasoolol lah Ash-hadu anna Mohammadan rasoolol lah (I witness that Mohammad is the Prophet of Allah) Hay-ye alas-slat Hay-ye alas-slat (Hurry up for prayer) Hay-ye alal falah Hay-ye alal falah (Hurry up for prosperity) Allah-hu Akbar Allah-hu Akbar La illaha illal-lah La illaha illal-lah (There is no God except Allah) And the siren, signalling the sun dipping below the horizon And together, some with dates, some with a pinch of salt "We take this food in the name of Allah, most gracious, ever merciful" Prayers given and later friends and family mill around, some content others tired, but all happy on this day of Ramadan... Peace
  10. fellaz, hea is a site that very convinse ppl with their needs of islam, the link is www.it-is-truth.org It's Contents: Science. Creation of man Effect of lewdness. About human body. Origin of the earth and Geology Seas and Oceans Astronomy Scientific Facts The light of truth Truth seekers and more.....
  11. let me go on with this also,
  12. yo prolly comparing two neggaz that don't go together. vince got tha hopz but he ain't fanatic balla na miin..he is better not been jordan or som like bryant does..takin his tong out..is disg...na min..further more info about vince is, for more convincing if vince is better, u should seen how the negge tha playz for detroits wallace got dunked on, u know..by vince, and wallace black shag..so u think he would take a minute for brain,,, it's different story.u c, bryant has it's own game and so is vince. so do's and don't ain't matter, makin the game goin is tha point he.. buyaah..am confused ma self..help ..bounce tha boez
  13. one more.... Hokey..ain't that enouf of cedar.whoeva wanet to know more bou it..
  15. wanna know here somalis live in mpls, hea u goo now...click on it..lol..all buildinz...sorry no xalaal showed on tha pic . CEDAR...RIVERSIDE PLAZA..
  16. do i have time for all that? no romantic moviez..bla blah blah......
  17. not only somalis, i would say, u c..am at this coll, we are almost 150. it's all depend on who u can get alone, not with everyone ofcourse, but then, when i want to chat wit the person. first, i study the person, after than, my analyzation may provide me with aption, ideas i get from my research. u c, easy way to figure wat the person is like. i usually do that, well, i think it's a habit. donno also, i have got that from my friend. thinin down the point, i think ppl do have their own reasonz of not getin alone wit another. pull out the trigger, wat cause te fire, well, the gun. think, the gun won't fire it's self. who is it?? ok..maybe somaliz do have the "virus". called "qabiil". still in them. but i don't how to cure that..only one think ....must read the QURAN MORE and por some "SALID MACSARO" on their head...lol
  18. this brotha is talking about how he converted to islam..which is interesting story. if any want more stories about it. i can post it or go this link. www.islam-online.net
  19. My Journey to Islam By Abu Abdur-Rahman It is ironic that Allah (S.W.T.) has guided me to Islam (the Truth) in United States, where Kufr ideology dominates the society. Especially more so, when I have spent 5 years of my childhood in Muslim dominated societies (countries). My parents are from Korea, they were raised atheist but in their youth they found Christianity to be the Truth. They hold positions/titles in their church (they were Deacons, but now they have been raised to higher ranking). They had me baptized when I was born, and raised my brothers and I as Christians. My father was in charge of the construction division of Hyundai Corporation. He lived in many countries overseeing the building and construction projects for Hyundai Corporation. When my father was stationed in Indonesia, our family moved there for Two and a half years. Being an infant at the time, I do not remember much of Indonesia. However, I remember my two and a half year stay in Saudi Arabia very clearly. My father had stayed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for nine years building and constructing for the Saudi Royal family, we (our family) joined him on his last two and a half years in the Kingdom. My experience in Saudi had been a memorable one, I got to experience and see many things. We had a very luxurious life in Saudi, however our experience with the people there in general had been a bad one. My father, to this day, hates Arabs (Saudis, but to my father they are all the same) for his ill treatment by the Saudis during his stay. I remember him complaining how arrogant the Saudis were, and how they looked down upon him with bad manners, how backward they were, how risky it was doing business with them, etc…As for me, I had my own problems. I remember getting into fights with the Saudi kids every other day, my brothers and I could not play in the playground because the kids will start throwing rocks at us if we got close to the playground. With these memorable experiences, we (our family) moved to United States. I was 10 years old when we came to the Unites States, my brothers and I pretty much grew up in the States. I was Americanized as can be, and even though I befriended many ethnic groups, I did not get along with the Asians, Koreans especially. Needless to say, I did not care much for the Arab kids; I tried to pick on them every chance I got. I had a very close friend in High School (we will call him A.C. for anonymity), we played football together, and we tried to pull as many pranks as possible when the opportunities presented themselves. A pair of knuckleheads who could not avoid trouble to save their own lives. But through this friendship, Allah (S.W.T) guided a lost soul to Islam (the Truth). After High School, I moved out of town and went to college. My parents had gone back to Korea when I was in High School, so I was used to being independent (except financially). I reached my peak in terms of misguidance (being lost) while I was in college. The environment I was in was such that it only led me deeper and deeper into misguidance and self-destruction. But I was oblivious to this fact, and even if I did know I probably would not have cared. I was in this state when I received a phone call from A.C., my close friend from High School. He had called to tell me that he had become a Muslim. I did not take it seriously at first, because I knew that he was going through some personal problems at the time. I thought that he was going trough a phase, and he would snap out of it once he cleared his problems. But as time passed, it became obvious that my friend had become a fanatic (so I thought at the time). I started to avoid talking to him, all he would talk about was Islam and we would end up having a religious argument, him for Islam and I for Christianity. It came to a point that whenever he called, I would find an excuse not to talk to him. Because my parents were in Korea, I did not have a place to stay when I came back to my hometown. I used to stay with A.C. whenever I was in town; his family treated me like a second son (May Allah guide them, Ameen). But after A.C. had become a Muslim, I started to avoid staying with him. It happened so that I came back in town for a break from college. I stayed with another friend of mine from high school instead of A.C. One night, my friends and I went out to a party hosted by another friend from high school, but somehow A.C. found out. A.C. called the place where the party was going on and had asked to speak with me. When I picked up the phone, A.C. told me to stand and wait for him outside. I felt a little guilty because I had been trying to avoid him all break, so I decided to wait for him outside. Some of the people at the party asked me where I was going, so I told them that I was going outside to meet A.C. They decided to come outside with me they were also friends with A.C. when we were in High School. When A.C. pulled up in his car, he did not even get out of the car he rolled down his window and told me to get in the car. I could sense a bit of urgency in his voice, so I got into the car. A.C. and I spent rest of the night talking about religion. A.C. pulled out a book by Ahmed Didat, and started to ask me things that I could not answer. It was still very early in the morning and we were still discussing religion, when A.C. asked me if I would like to accompany him to the Mosque for Morning Prayer. I consented and we went to the Mosque. There, in the Mosque, as I stood in the back and watched, I saw something which I never saw in any church. As people came in, I saw people of different ethnicity and social and financial status, they lined up next to each other filling the line. I remember saying to myself “that’s something you don’t see everyday”. After the prayer, a Muslim came up to me and asked me if I was a Muslim. I said “No”, and he started to give me Da’wah. He was a very nice person, but unfortunately his Da’wah did not reach me at that time (but eventually I would benefit from his Da’wah). By this time, A.C. and two other Muslims had approached me, and one of them invited us for breakfast. So we ended up at a house eating breakfast, and the brothers started give me Da’wah. We watched a film about three youths who converted (reverted, I should say) to Islam, the host and another brother who was with us were two of the three youths in the film. It was all very convincing, but something was holding me back. I was not ready to accept the Truth yet. A.C. and I thanked the host for the breakfast, and were getting ready to leave when the host gave me a copy of the Holy Qur’an (English translation) as a gift. I thanked him and we parted. A.C. had made me promise him that I would read the Qur’an (English translation), and with that we parted and I went back to my college. It was not long before I settled back into my usual college life again. A.C. called every now and then to see what was going on with me. He would ask me if I had read the Qur’an (English Translation), and my answer would be “Not yet, but I am going to”. And the Qur’an (English Translation) was sitting on my bookshelf, collecting dust all the while. One night, when all my friends have gone out, I decided to stay in and do some school work. I finished studying early and was left to ponder what to do next. Then I saw the Qur’an (English Translation) sitting on my bookshelf, and I said to myself “Why not, what could it hurt”. So I picked up the Qur’an (English Translation) and started to read. Allahu Akbar, never in my life have I heard a truer speech than the Qur’an. “This is the Book; in it is guidance sure, without doubt; to those who fear Allah.” (Surah Al-Baqarah, ayah #2) What a bold statement! I said to myself, “Either this book is a lie or it is the Truth”. But as I read, it became very clear to me that there is no falsehood in it. I was not able to put it down, I read and read through the whole night. I was shocked and amazed, I said to myself “This is simply the Truth”. A whole lot of things started to swirl in my head, my parents, my family, my friends, the worldly life that I was so indulged in. But everything became insignificant before the Truth, except for my family, thoughts were coming into my head: “What are my parents going to say? What are my brothers going to say? What if my family disowns me? What if they cut me off (both kinship and financially)? But Allah is the best of planners! Around 6 a.m., I was still reading the Qur’an (English Translation) when the phone rang. I picked up the phone and it was brother A.C., he started with the usual “How are you doing? How is your school? How is your …”. The whole time, I kept quite and said little, brother A.C. sensing something unusual asked me: “What is Wrong?” How can I deny myself the Truth after finding out about it? “What is wrong?” asked brother A.C., “How do you become a Muslim?” I asked. Brother A.C. was surprised (in a good way I am sure). A.C. told me to repeat after him: “I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, and Muhammed (S.A.W.) is His messenger … Ashadu ala ilaha ilallah, wa ashadu anna Muhammadan Rasululah.” May Allah reward (better than the worldly life and all that is in it) brother A.C. for his patience and efforts, and guide him to the straight path, Ameen. May Allah reward (better than the worldly life and all that is in it) all the brothers who helped me find the Truth, and guide them to the straight path, Ameen. May Allah guide us all to the straight path and save us from the Hell fire, Ameen. May Allah grant peace and blessings upon our prophet Muhammed (S.A.W.), Ameen. All praise and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of all the Worlds.
  20. asalaamu aleykum... some did happened and some haven't so..let me see. wat is goin on in this world now. Wine (intoxicants, alcohol) will be drunk in great quantities. 16. Illegal sexual intercourse will become widespread. 17. Earthquakes will increase. 18. Time will pass more quickly. 19. Tribulations (fitan) will prevail. 20. Bloodshed will increase. and also more..