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  1. LOOOL Thanks for the 411 Aaliyah
  2. LOOOL damn i did feel special for a min still Ibtisam where are u at?
  3. Ibtisam, is not in good habbit to assume things of ppl u don't know plus ur just maddd cuz Aaliya is showin love to me and not u LOL....busted Fiddy fiddy= Fifty Fifty
  4. LOOOOL Typical Xalimo, girl we gon fiddy fiddy that bad boy!!
  5. LOOOOL Haye i'm ur homegirl then, when are we having our dinner date then saxib?
  6. I'm just wondering where everyone on SOL is from.... I'm in Toronto, where are u?
  7. So far so good, it's kind of on the slow side. Not so used to that. But aside from that, im not all that sure yet really lol
  8. Ur profile doesn't say if ur male or female....or im blind and just can't see it. It's nice when ur pleasently surprised innit? What made u choose OZ?
  9. Oz sharing is caring, why don't u tell me something about u? Female or male?
  10. No fave's as of yet....but ur getting there
  11. Boost no one is staring dear..... Just funny that ur nick is Afro girl, and u got a white chick smiling n shid loool
  12. Afro girl, who is ur fave person on SOL?
  13. Ummmm okay. Few fave's are. Funny boy;Shyam Selvadurai Twilight series;Stephenie Meyer What is the What; Dave Eggers Time Travelers Wife;Audrey Niffenegger Servivor ;Chuck Palahniuk p.s. LOL at ur avitar
  14. Not really into sci-fi but i did read a few like brave new world, it's was good! i recommend it.