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  1. Originally posted by Didi Kong: I mean seriously who cares if you are Viking or not, I don't! Like someone before me said Farah's are interchangeable. I know some of God's names are allowed to be used with the definite article "al" in front of them but ar-rasheed is not one of them. You are just being defensive. Bring your proofs. You are wrong, some scholars say all with "al", can't be used, whereas some say some names are OK and some are forbidden. Example of that is as in the tafseer atTabari "arRaheem can be taken as a name/nick by humans but not arRahman" You bring your proof that arRasheed is not one of them, as for me I will not use this name anymore to avoide any shubhah. Wallaahu aclam
  2. Originally posted by Socod_badne: Well, its not because they're stoopidh as some have said. The reason why africa is prone to famines is two folds: 1. geography 2. technology . The lack of these contributing elements is what sets Africa apart from other continents in terms of famines suffered. I wish you had explained more! No one is denying the fact that famine can happen everywhere in the world because it has many causes. But at the same time we must not deny the fact that famine happens in Africa in a larger scale and people DIE because of it. If you conduct a quick random survey anytime any place in the world and ask where in the world people die of hunger, I am 110% sure what would be the answer. Emphasising on that many other places share the calamity and the horror of famine with Africa is an excuse for our terrible failure to manage a decent human life and to achieve self-sufficiency in food provision. Originally posted by Didi Kong: Anyway Huuno Viking you make some valid points but I have to remind you that you are sporting a dangerously non passive attitude by referring to yourself by one of God's attribute and name. Ar-Rasheed The Guide to the Right Path, The One who guides. What the hell happened to people? Why everyone is Viking? There are some names and attributes of the creator that can be taken by his creations. Names such as alHaleem, alHakeem, arRaheem and arRasheed are in that category.
  3. This conflict will continue until Israel is defeated and until a jew hides behind a tree and the tree says:Oh Muslim, This is a jew,Kill him!
  4. Originally posted by Caano Geel: The United Nations is calling for the milk, which is rich in vitamins B and C and has 10 times more iron than cow's milk, to be sold to the West. Camel's milk, which is slightly saltier than traditional milk, is drunk widely across the Arab world and is well suited to cheese production. That is very interesting. War ragu waa caana geel
  5. I think it is time to drop the passive attitude and hiding behind conspiracy theories. People in our part of the world are dying of hunger and this happens frequently whether there is a government or not. In fact, that famous drought which caused large scale of starvation known as Abaartii Dabadheer happened when Somali government and the economy were very strong. The reality is that drought happens in everywhere but death of hunger does not. As I said, my humble opinion is that the problem is due to the nomad life style and the lack of very important survival skills. No less than 65% of Somali population are nomads and about 20% depend on merely what they can get out of the harvest season. That means if people couldn’t get grazing green land for their livestock, the livestock will start dying and consequently they will be next. Likewise, if those farmers can’t have good harvest season by any reason whether it is human caused such as civil wars or natural caused such as floods or other natural disasters, they will face starvation and death. We have to teach our people the skills needed to survive in the harshest times. They must know how to save for such times, how to manage their products, how to invent or exploit many more food products (In Somalia, essential crops like sun flower and mushroom were neglected and no one cares and sees them as usable crops), how to get many different markets for their products. The nomad life style must come to an end. Moving from place to place every couple of months must stop. Having four wives and dozens of children when you can’t get two regular meals per day must seize to exist. More important, having the lowest rate of literacy must become history.
  6. Socod badne Thanks for the information and the link, but I am afraid that that doesn’t answer my question. I have already said that in the last 50 years, it was rare to see famine outside Africa. The famine in Bangladesh is just an example of that rarity and I think North Korea didn’t suffer as much as some parts of Africa or didn’t get enough media coverage. But in Africa, there must be drought, famine and starvation in at least every decade. In 1974 there was the famous drought in Somalia. In the early eighties there was the famine in Ethiopia. In the early 90s, the city of Baidabo earned the name of the city of death due to starvation. Last year, we witnessed the famine in Niger and now it is again happening in the horn of Africa. There must be something that makes Africans very susceptible to famine and very weak against drought. I think that the nomad life style and the ignorance among a vast population in Africa are to blame. As long as people are on the move seeking water and grazing land for their sheep and cattle and as long as they are ignorant of the effective ways to store food and water, we will unfortunately continue to see African human beings that are dying of hunger. However, I believe there must be studies and research with the utmost seriousness to address the causes and then the cures.
  7. I think we didn't hear all the answers of the 2nd question.
  8. Rahima, yes, that is simplistic….we can’t say they are dying for just being ****** . Originally posted by Jawahiir: I have grown tired of these topics, please check yourself and stop falling prey to the image created by the western media of Africa... Rahima, yes, that is simplistic….we can’t say they are dying for just being ****** . Famines and Natural diasters happen all over the world, Africa is neither immune or the exception to the rule. Give me one example of any country outside Africa that suffered famine and hunger in the last 50 years? Even if there is, it is very rare. Every year or couple of years we see on the TV African people (our own Somalis in the forefront) in a miserable situation and can’t get what they eat. Let us be fair and frank for a moment and face this serious and humiliating issue. P.S: I am not Viking
  9. The name of the one of the greatest Muslim Caliphs.
  10. I was recently watching one of the TV Channels that was reporting about the famine in east Africa when the reporter said in the end of the report: That is the situation of people in some parts of the planet when people in other parts of the same planet asking themselves how someone can die of hunger? Why every time we hear about famine, starvation and hunger, they are happening in Africa? What is the cause do you think? Is it lack of resources? But Africa is rich in many natural resources. Is it the civil wars? We have civil wars in many other countries in the other continents? Is it corrupted governments? There are corrupted governments everywhere. Why famine only happens in Africa?
  11. I have heard that somewhere in the UN building there is a statement of Omar AlFaroq, the 2nd caliph "When were you enslaved people when their mothers bore them as free people" Islam teachings are really the basics of human rights which westerns today making their child and its sole advocates.
  12. The General Assembly of UN is an evil tool used to deprive Muslim nations of their rights. In 1947, it is used to divide the holy land of Palestine giving large part of it to jews. One year later, it is used to rob the homeland of Somalia giving many parts of it to christians . One day, these Muslim nations will defeat the jungle law of the UN.
  13. Allow yaa darwiishkii fariin dabacsan gaarsiiya, Allow yaa damaashaad farxad leh kala dul eedaama, Allow yaa dalkaagii ku dhaha dowlad nimo qaaday, Dhaaxuu ku daakirey xaqii naga dahsoonaayeh, In dariiqadii toosan tahoo dihini soo gaarin, oo uu dabkuu shidey rag kale dogobyo sii saarey, Allow yaa af lama daaliyeeh daacad ugu sheega. Nacam...maantana Allow yaa dareensiin in dadkii dugaagoobey Allow yaa yiraa dalkii waa daryeel beeley Allow yaa mar kale dariiqii darwiish doona
  14. First, define successful woman? If you mean educated, it depends what. If you mean one who has a career, it depends what, when and where. In my opinion, successful woman is one who has family (husband and kids) and performs her duties as a mother/wife perfectly. Such woman is liked, respected and appreciated by everyone and in every culture and I don’t understand why someone can be intimidated by her.