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  1. Who let dogs out, why the Muslims in america looking to build an islamic site on that site, giving an opporunity to the haters, skin heads and twisted politicans from neo-nazi camp.the muslims should look another site for the saftey of their community.
  2. Ramadan Karim folks - Ya elhel Khair, !!! wa sabaqa al ajru inshaAllah.!!!
  3. Am not a TV/ Football punter, am guessing it’s likely the Argies will beat Germany and go all the way. Will be a fantastic feat for Mardona, a world cup winner as a player, and a winner as a coach. he got the feeling, and knows how its works. but alittle mistake can overturn everthing. Bloody English was inept and dismal, glad they are out, Blame their monster media, who make them stars when they really are C-class players, there is no natural raw talent out there what so ever. Could be Spain this time, but am routing for Ghana. Let fun begins.
  4. Rayyan

    Duca Please

    Illahay ha caafiyo - Amin Alaahuma Rabal Alnas - Idhabil bas - Ashfi Anta Shaafi la shifaa'un ila shifaa'uk, Shifaaun la yuqaadiru al saqam. the prophet's supplication interms of sickness. It works wonders Walaahi. ku cel celi dhe, as much as you can.
  5. "Doesn't sound like the the AL Saud line, does it? " Don't mention AL Saud, so you'll have AlA-Shiekhs, then Kibaar Alculumia - Assembly of Grand shiekhs, Hierarchy is there. Laakin Sheekha Allah,haw nariisto, |Idont like to talk about dead, Cafa Allahu cama Salaf. am out.
  6. With all such lates weapons and advance technologies, the violence goes both ways, they are still complaining they dont have enough protection gear, and the redfaced, red-neck from Kentucky or Wilshire(UK) asking himself what am I doing in Helmud. the Mujahidiin are fighting with a heart and belive,and a hacksaw,and winning though little. "Sa Yahsumul jamcu wa yawaluuna al dubur. Bal a saactu mawhidahum. wa saacatu adha wa amar." Alqmar,Quraan Alkarim.
  7. Lol, you take us to his website and his reply to his old fatwa, where is the original, dont go in circles.(Alrad calal qadiim, where is the old fatwa adunnyada oo dhami la yaabtay. Now com'on what u trying to the defend, the issue of Shia and Sunni(Nacaraat al Qadiimah) wasn't the issue here, to discuss, the issue was he was trying to support, and legalise the Isreali aggression against all in the vicinity of lebanon - MuslimSuni,shia,or christain, cos his goverment was in line to the american order, and basically in that direction against the Muqawa(Hamas &Hizbullah).
  8. Originally posted by Maaddeey: The animosity between the two countries is a known fact, they'd do any thing to destroy each other, lakin Rayan inaad Sh. Ibn Jibreen afkaaga ku taagto maaheyn, fatwada xaqiiqdeedana iska hubi, ta kale Raafidada waa sharrul bariyyah, Culimo badan ayaana Islaamka ka saartaye ogoow. Kulaha Animosity, what Animosity, you dont talk about when they the Saudis bankrolling, and pickbacking the zionists, shiekh worshipping is not in islam adeer, La Samcna wa la Wacayna - if what u saying is against the CAQAl Wa Naqal, or not in daraya or Riwayah. Bin jibrin's utter was on all newsnetworks, adeer go and find, dont blind follow the Culima al Saladah. Read in the Name of Allah, think and ponder.
  9. Saudis done before in Iraq's nuclear facilities in 1981, and it has done again in destruction of Iraq in 90s and last war. its gives Usa/Isreal a blank cheque for any eventuality. Its was one of its grand sheikh named Bin Jibrin who stand up and said in his home-made fatwa that dont help the Shia of Lebnan when its the isreali rockets raining on women and children and the isreali jet fighters change beriut into a rubbles. Nasty saudis will meet their fate a day, and taste their medicine. ***-lickers
  10. Originally posted by --: This i consider beauty, perfectly shaped with harmonious delicate features: God blessed Somali men. ^^ What is that mean, could be perhaps they produce such a pretty young thing, miyaa tolow?
  11. Rayyan

    War Debate

    War must be the last resort, when every other solutions fails, but there must be a after-war- postive outcome. the way South-Somalia is killing for the sake of killing is a cardinal mistake. No peace no war is hell in its own right, self-inflicting and shooting your own foot.
  12. Originally posted by nuune: 3 hours is fine with me, and that is what I have always, if I get 4 it is ok, it doesn't matter how many hours you had, you can have the best sleep in less hours, I trained myself not to have more than 4 hours of sleep. Sleeping this much, is there any Irrationally in your thought process? just Curious to know!
  13. Originally posted by Showqi: Aaah, the Somali famous Quraac. Canjeero iyo Shaah. Of course for Jacaylbaro it's Laxoox its a national identity, it can make you lazy for a while ... hard to grind. Canjeero nin cunay ma ciidamiyo! ha ka eegin hard work, kol hadaad ka dheragto.
  14. Originally posted by chocolate & honey: WTF? FFS! indeed