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  1. On another note, I am just listening how Prof.Ahmed Ismail Samater is being undermined in Hargeisa for being anti-Somaliland. Siyasiinta fiican ee xaga Hargeisa jooga marada ayee ka turaan, kuwa Muqdisho joogana wexe isku dayaan inay fashiliyaan, with sheeko yar oo Qabiil oo Makhayad lagaga sheekeeyo. Wether it’s aun Galeyr, Cigaal, Bayle, Samater, or other reer waqooyi politicians are always undermined with sheeko yar oo meel Hoose wax ka eegisa oo Makhayadaha lagaga sheekeeyo.  

    Hadhoowna waxa leedihiin reer waqooyi waxba kama aha ama waxba lagama dhageysto in Xamar. Well blame it on your little ‘maangaab’ politics from ‘makhayada’ that can’t look at the higher level common political interest and is only intended to taking jabs and undermine one another because of low-level sub-clan ‘ficil’. 

  2. Galbeedi and Xunjuf, labadiinan maangaab ee isku jawaabiya, issue kastana qabiil uun kusoo koobiya maca marka aaney waxba ka jirin. 

    The issue here isn’t about Fowziya’s clan, but about 1)Fowziya’s credential, capabilities and impact she has had on the Somali people, and 2) Somalia’s government regional and int politics and whatever calculations they have made. 

    1) Fowziya Yusuf Haji Adam, is the daughter of the father of education, thanks to whom thousands of first generation Somali’s got an education. She was the founder of the University of Hargeisa, established the first Somali cable TV, became the first Somali women to establish a political party, and the first to break through to the highest position a women has reached in Somalia become the first Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy PM. She is a diamond for the Somali people whose credentials can’t be reduced to narrow clan politics and thinking, something she never adhered too.

    2) And I am sure many officials in the Somali government are aware of the heavy weight diamond Fowziya is and surely it’s also why they supported her in the first place, but for some reason changed their position and made other calculations, that we can only guess about. But it seems that Somalia has prioritised membership of the UNSC over AU Chair position. Does this have to do with the interest of Somalia and agenda of the UNSC in the coming years, or perhaps they thought other candidates had more likelyhood of getting elected for AU position, or perhaps because of personal interest and influence from neighbouring countries. We simply don’t know and have to guess, but whatever the reasoning this does certainly not devalue Fowziya’s credentials, capabilities and track record. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    Inï»żï»żï»ż ï»żï»ż1960 Somaliland united with Somalia why because of fï»żï»żear of Haile sellasie back then yes the atmosphere was different Ethiopia conquest wasï»żï»żï»ż ï»żreal aï»żï»żï»żï»żnd tangible fast move forward. ï»żï»ż

    4 hours ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    ThĂ© only people that want to destroy somaliland and capture somaliland are the koonfurians in the bunker do not tell me about the Ethiopian boogeyman Arafat. Surely Ethiopians have had their eyes on the Red Sea but it isn’t just Somaliland abiye Ahmed didnt say that he is after sl sea he could be after Eritreans or jabuutis or even Somalia. 

    By your own words you admit that not much has changed in the political behavior of the leaders, and just as they were led in 1960’s by the emotions of fears, animosity (Ethiopia) and brethren love (Italian Somalia) without making rationele and objective political calculations, they are today behaving in the same manner and making calculations based on sentiments rather then objective calculations but then with the roles turned around. 

    What has also not changed, is that in the run-up to the unification of 1960’s, anyone who questioned the political narrative based on sentiments of those days, and dared to suggest to consider a less hastened unification would be scolded (La ya Garaad) or even thrown bottles at them (Cigaal). Today not much has changed, anyone dare to suggest for a sensible approach and reconsider approach based on populous sentiments is scolded as being anti-Somaliland. 


  4. 59 minutes ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    ï»żIsraï»żelï»ż and Egypt and Israel and Jordan. Israel and uae all have relations doesn’t mean they have to like each otï»żher butï»ż because they have common interest it is fiï»żne now.

    Nobody doubts this, but you won’t see countries allowing (by choice) or leasing military bases from much bigger or more power neighbouring countries on their soil. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:


    Let Xaaji be it.  He first would have to settle his internal and often contradictory feelings before he can embark on any meaningful discussion on Ethiopia's intentions.

    True, but I really do not understand why feelings and such can’t be set aside, specially when it comes to foreign affairs, given the daily lessons we can observe of the constant changing relationships and dynamics between countries. And why we can’t simply come to a basic and common understanding  ‘that foreign politics isn’t about love and hate, friends and enemies, but about short and long interest, opportunities, risks and relationship dynamics and factors under constant change’.

    The Palestinians in the 19th century and begin of 20th century never ever would have thought that Jews would ever become a player in the Middle East or let alone take over their country and push them out. 

    The Ukranians in the 1990’s never ever doubted giving up their Nukes to Russia, or leasing Crimea Port to Russia’s Navy and that considered that ur would ever be used against them, let alone Crimea being annexed together with a third of their country by their brotherly Neighbor. 



  6. Xunjufoow, wax bari dhacday, gabar ayee so wada koreen wiil ee qaraabo ahayeen oo wexe markasta u wada dhaqmi jireen si walaaltinimo ah. Intaaso Sano kadib wiilki oo weynaaday oo xoog batay, ayee gabadhii xafada yda oo masaxisa oo foorarta diracii kor u qaaday, wiilkii walaalalaha ahayeen ayaa marku arkay alaabtii oo soo eegisaa ayuu isla markii dalaq siiyay. Gabadhii ayaa cabaaday alla hoogayeey ba’yeey, maxaa saa u sameysay walaalkay ayaa tahay, ayuu ku yidhi walaalkaa waan ahay laakin alaabtada ayaa isoo eegtay oo bahalkan iskugu yeedhay.

    Marka Xunjufoow, Cushitigu wa walaaleheen iyo dariskeen laakin ha iskugu yeedhin waxa heysidna ha usoo bandhigin, wa intaase dalaq siiyane. đŸ€ŁÂ 


    Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed claims his landlocked country has a right to demand maritime access to a Red Sea port from its...

    “Abiy invoked a 19th-century Abyssinian warrior, Ras Alula Aba Nega, who had proclaimed the Red Sea as Ethiopia’s “natural boundary.”


  8. On 6/10/2024 at 1:27 AM, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    biixi doesnt want to give  land  to abiye he wants to lease land to them the palestenians sold land for money there is a difference not a single inch of SL is going to be sold to the Ethiopians, but  a possible lease  same as as jabuuti leases land to china japan america france etc 

    Well those countries don't put historical claims or have narratives clamining historical rigths on the land. And they are not neighbours to you with a population of +100 mln people. If that was the case, Jabuuti would have become known only as an appetiser. 


  9. Initially the Palestinians sold only a fraction of the land to Jews in the 19th century, less then 5% but this was sufficient to create foothold, justification for ownership of the total land and declare the state of Israel in 1948, to later on take the rest of the land by force and expel the majority population and majority owners of the land. The Palestianians declared a fatwa on selling land to Zionist, but it was already to late to turn things around. 

  10. On 6/4/2024 at 3:43 AM, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    The Somaliland Government was elected by its People  untill new elections are held they are the legitimate  leaders of the country they were given  legitimacy    by the guurti as our constitution states  that the guurti can extend the term of the Executive branche of the Goverment president and vice president and cabinet.  its the same qaran i dont care if Siilaanyi ina rayaale and ina cigaal and tuur are at the helm or ina biixi.  I support and protect the interest of the Republic From Yoocade to Lowyacade, thats the qaran i am talking about party politiics dont interest me So ina bixii is not more or less evil then ina rayaale who extended his term also two years  or like ina cigaal or Siilaanyo this became part of the SL political culture. There are no second class citizens in SL who are these second class citizens u are refering to ?

    Xunjuf, you have been warned. Wa digniin to doorasho diidka. đŸ€ŁÂ 

  11. Xaaji, your definition of Qaran is like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall. One day, it's all about a Qaran owned by its citizens, with a constitution and democracy, and the next day it's a Qaran that's morphed into an authoritarian family regime that has suspended democratic elections, divided its  citizens in to in-groups, second class and another as enemies to wage war against and . Make up your mind!

  12. Politically this is to his advantage. 

    For his supporters and those in doubt, these 34 felony charges will only proof to the nature of the political prosecution against Trump. 

    Cause they will think contemplate on what has he exactly done wrong, paid hush money to a prostitute? Who has he hurt, and who cares about a women of the streets getting few extra bucks to keep her mouth shut? 

    They will compare with how Bill Clinton was treated when he deflowered an office intern in the Oval Office and lied under oath about it, not a single conviction, prosecution or even talk of felony.

    Clearly to many Americans, this case proves Trump is being politically prosecuted. 

  13. On 5/30/2024 at 2:36 AM, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    what is far more important then leaders and elected leaders and politics and party politics and domestic politics is , Somaliland national interests recognition defending the nation , fighting our enemies. Aniga igu ma mashquulin kartid sheekooyinka mafriska iyo qaadka iyo xisbi hebel iyo siyaasi hebel.  Qaran number one always put the nation first



    Somali’s really need to have a dialogue on what is understood by ‘Qaran’, clearly people having a completely different understanding of this term, what it means and what it’s fundaments are. 

    We have been so loosely using and abusing the term for so long, justifying waging war against own civilians, bombing cities, calling every critical thinker ‘qaran dumis’, refusing any sort of reflection, dialogue and thinking on the political discourse, silencing political opponents, all in the name of ‘difaaca Qaranka’. 

    What is even more funnier is that one feels urgently the need to defend the nation against enemies (‘Difaaca Qaranka’ ), comes at times that rulers are holding on to power far beyond expiration dates.