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  1. These destructive peoples hatred isnt just towards one man, but the entire clan he hails from, they have a deep unfounded hatred for us in spite of all the sacrifices we have made for them. They actually think the ouster of Duaacle is of benefit to them. We should not have welcomed them in Garissa or anywhere near it, they should have been kicked out to Mandera after they destroyed their own country and fled to us. They are incredibly an ungrateful bunch. I hope his ouster is a karma for them. They destroyed Somalia due to qabiil, sold Somalias sea, still cant find a solution for the problems they created yet have the time to celebrate a man who has done more for them than his own tol. Acudubilah, they are a cancer the world hates.
  2. They havent forgotten, munafaqiinta, look at that hypocrite galbeedi who is praising the terrorist and yet is against madoobe who allowed land thieves and murderers who never lived in Waamo before to live peacefully. Ayusuf, the devil, murdered, children, women and men not just in Xamar but Waamo as well and he praises him. His ilk, is the very reason Somalia will continue to burn and will never regain its respect in the world.
  3. Madoobe did not take part in somalias civil war and murdered, raped, and looted. You are desperately comparing apples and oranges. And Madoobe will leave WHEN Og says.
  4. Cagjar is a traitor and deserves to be shot for giving refugees positions they do not deserve. I hope the Og of Dollo shoot the new governor dead. Ogadenia belongs to Og. Go back to your dusty tuuloyin in Somalia.
  5. Qalbi Dhagax let alone the entire og clan baa idinka qiimo badan. Secondly, just bc we welcomed your ungrateful refugees when your big mouthed leader was bombing you doesnt mean the land is yours. Ogadenia ( all nine states ) will always be lead by Ogaden because it is OUR land and that is a reality you destructive, treacherous land looters who destroyed your country are gonna have to accept. As for jaajusin it is you destructive savages who are the jaajuusiin, you betrayed your country and its inhabitants, sold your sea and soon your land and you have the fingers to accuse us of being jaajusiin. You non og were the first to sell a somali land(NFD). You are all evil, traitors who do not deserve the kindness we have given you, I wish my tol exterminated you all when you fled to our lands. Wax kale ood taqanaan oon xabad ka ahayn majirto. Go back to your country and fix it, you have imported enough of your moryaanimo into our lands.
  6. Glad the OG of NFD are realizing these munafaqiins munafaqnimo. There is not a single non og that are decent, be it the ones in the North or south, or West or their refugees in Ognia. They are all TRAITORS, liars, clannists and thieves. I hope ogka Ogadenia realise there is no such a thing as somalinimo, kick out every single one of their refugee traitors out of ogadenia, close their boarders and focus on their interest. Waa lug'gooyo cawaantan wada imaanka la ee xaasidiinta ah. Waa cadow wada maleegan dadkan baas.
  7. doqomo iyo fuleyiinba idinkaa ah. If you traitors are so intelligent go and use your intellect and strength you brag about and keep us out of the issues youve created yourselves. You non og destroyed your country and brought kuffar then expect og to safe you as usual. It was non Og who sold Somalias seas so go fix it yourselves.