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  1. Wa caleeykumu salaam wr wb,


    Taqwa I think i could relate to this "silent mode" thing that you talking about, i think am actually going through this right now. This "silent mode" thing is been happening to me for the past month or so, and its very strange that it happen to someone like me coz i am known as a very talkative, outgoing, in general qof oo bashaashlee ha whose always got something to say or talk about, whether it is about diin or life in general. And my friends seem to take this silent mode thing that i am going through as xumaan, coz they think inaa wax xumaan ah ineey iku sameeyeen, they always coming up to me and saying "abaayo what's wrong, why you all of the sudden quiet"?, "what did we do to you"? & staff.


    Also, everything around you and the people bore you to death

    That's exactly how i feel at the moment. Nothing that people say interests me lately, not even the slightest bit. Strange! :confused:


    I think what brought this silence thing upon me is the near death experience i had few short month ago. Ever since than, I’ve been in my own little world, don't communicate as much with people, and i just keep mostly to myself. And also my final year of school which is driving me insane and stressing the living hell out of me :mad: , has partly something to do with it all.


    Its just amazing how a near death experience or something got to do with death can have a huge impact/effect on person's life and cause's them to change because of that experience alone.


    Oh man am about to fall a sleep on the keyboard, so am just going to stop writing right now.....


    Salaamz All

  2. Inaa lilaahi wainaa ileyhii raajicuun...


    OMG this is a sad news wallahi :( ... I pray to Allah inuu u naxariisto this brother and grand him janatul fardowsa. Amiin yaa rab


    Walee wa run markaa la dhaho aduunyo waa laba bari... :( . May Allah guide us all to the right path and grand us jannah. Amiin yaa rab

  3. My favorite color is creamy why coz it’s really an attractive color to me...somehow kalarkaas waa i soojitaa, there is something about. And oh yeah anything that is creamy looks stunning on me :D

  4. Originally posted by Baaniyal:

    i don't think anyone would want to see pics of my fat girlfriend, so no point in getting the cell.

    Baaniyal that's a bit too harsh don't you think?


    Call me old fashioned or whatever, but i don't see that point in having a phone and a camera coming all in one. It just all seems pointless to me. I prefer to have them both separate.


    Darman thanx for the warning walaal, good to see we have a borther out there who cares smile.gif

  5. Sista Tamina may Allah (swt) reward you for posting these helpful tips. I remember once i memorized nearly 2 juz and half and now i can't hardly remember the majority of what i memorized. Subxanallah :( . Inshallah i am hoping by the end of this year i finish the whole Quran and at least memorized 5 juz.

  6. Nasra girl you are not the only on a quest to be his second wife...so step aside icon_razz.gif . Na am only kidding girl you can have him all to yourself, good luck on your mission though smile.gif .


    Anyways back to the topic, Rageh Omaar is just absolutely a fabulous reporter, he is the only reason i watch the BBC news because he tells the story like it is and doesn't twist and turn the story around.

  7. Originally posted by NoVa_2003:

    I cant' stand the NEWS. I cant' stand ANYTHING the new's say's about ISLAM...I can't stand of how they Potrate Islam as if it's this Religion that mulibates ppl's mind. I cant' stand those Muslims Governments where their countries being used to kill Other innocents. I can't stand Bush. I can't stand his whole Administrations. I cant' stand the PENtagons. I Can't stand CNN"s cuz it's the Pentagon's Biatchz.

    Nova you said everything that i was going to say...i could not have said it better smile.gif .


    Bush that monkey face and his crew i can't stand them wallahi :mad: .

  8. Originally posted by SomaliaOnline-President:

    .... *I love Animals, they are delicious*. That was freakin hilarious.

    LOL :D sure is...Mind u they are not all delicious...I actually have this friend who one day told me to try eating octopus she said it was delicious...and i was like what the hell...I think i will pass. She is too outgoing for me

  9. LoL @ Og-Moti doing a little bit of observations lately are we?


    Anyways i too have noticed the juniors and their loads of topics which aren't something to make an issue and raise a topic about, but nevertheless i guess they are entitled to express whatever there is on their minds and cast their opinions as our oldies are ...oh well i guess they are trying to make their mark on the site as well so u qaleey nooh :D let them have their time, its not long before they disappear as well smile.gif .

  10. OMG is this really true?...DamN am shocked :eek: Don't you worry, am gonna make sure from now on that my blinds are shut for good. In advance am gonna sticky tape the sides of my daah just incase :D


    I think blinds will be better off opened.....makes our job easier.faster decision making too!!

    LOL wouldn't u love to ladiif :D ... Besides no girl in her right mind would expose her self to the world... We ain't no product on a shelf you know...