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  1. A sincere, and competent (Somali studies) anthropologist tells us his story and how he ended up being the scapegoat target of a marketing scheme. @ 5:30
  2. @Holac "Namrood is trolling senselessly now" I'm not trolling. "All he keeps telling us is that social sciences are useless" I didn't say they were useless. "He has not made a single substantive counter argument" My counterargument (for empiricism) in response to her silly and selfish proclamation was very clear. And also, for you slow ones out there, she threw "theory" in with "subjective and postcolonial critiques" and said let's move away from "rigid methodological empiricism". What does this most likely mean? "I want to make theories, tell stories, and not have them tested" Deepak Chopra in the house. And to add insult to injury, the social sciences "that has dominated Somali Studies from its colonial beginnings" as she claims has barely any real attempts at "rigid methodological empiricism" aside from the anthropological sciences. "but he needs to quote paragraphs, point out inconsistencies, make counter claims, etc. That is the tradition of a smart debate on this forum. He has not done that." I did all of that. Do you have vision or reading comprehension issues? Obviously not.
  3. @Che-Guevara, I guess that's a pretty funny set of jokes for a 1996 audience of average intelligence. @Safferz, can we please get back to the subject matter I first addressed?
  4. @Safferz, For the love of all that is holy, stop playing softball with @DoctorKenney, and get back to the subject matter I addressed.
  5. <cite> @somalee said:</cite> Safferz don't be disheartened by these unsupportive brothers. This campaign is much bigger than that German academic and the journal, and it sends a clear message to those cadaans who believe we can't think for ourselves and study our own people. "Unsupportive brothers" I'm not here for @Safferz, I'm here for the intellectual wellness of Somalis. That means no koolaid drinking, regardless of who made the punch bowl.
  6. <cite> @Safferz said:</cite> Overinflating your own importance Perhaps when you present material, ideas, points, etc - if you can - we can engage in a discussion. But you haven't said anything here. Bye! I'll address this above comment as if it were directed to me. "Material, ideas, points, etc" were obviously presented. You chose to dismiss them and instead resorted to trying to goad me into an insult fest thread. I'm not one of your sheep and I'm certainly not drinking your koolaid. Stop running away.
  7. <cite> @Safferz said:</cite> Neither of you make points, let alone valid ones. I'm involved in things much bigger than debating undereducated trolls on SOL who have nothing important to contribute to the topic. No, you are just running away. Please stick to the subject material at hand.
  8. #CadaanStudies marks a departure from the older and more rigid methodological empiricism of the social sciences that has dominated Somali Studies from its colonial beginnings, and a long overdue move towards theory, subjectivity and postcolonial critique. Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad @Safferz, are you after the truth or sheeko? There's barely any "rigid methodological empiricism" in the social sciences of Somali studies. Anthropology, and its subfields, are the closest. Subjectivity, and postcolonial critiques are luxuries. Empiricism is not. It is in fact, more sorely needed today by an audience that is vulnerable to tribal, black or arab solidarity biases etc. And please, stop writing in anarchist magazines. You can do much better.
  9. <cite> @ElPunto said:</cite> ^Next time - stick to your betters from the get go. Well written Safferz. @ElPunto, people should think for themselves. You ran away from me when I thought for myself in that last thread. There are no betters. Question everything.
  10. <cite> @Tallaabo said:</cite> Safiyaay your arguments in this article are very well articulated and convincing, therefore I am officially withdrawing my opposition to your campaign :-D There is no campaign. I'm the pro bono online coach. These are better lines of reasoning than before and Safferz should have written something like this in the beginning minus the CNN sensationalist white guilt hashtag and victimhood bs. This stuff gets you affirmative action hand-outs not achievements in merit-based arenas. Maybe there's something wrong with me? Anyhow, I'm not in the social "sciences" and I have very little patience for bs. Even with my contempt for "African Studies" and other social "science" disciplines, I can easily admit that I'm just an online armchair Somali historian and real Somali historians/academics need to get to work here to shed away the bs. Here's an interesting and totally unrelated fact: Richard Burton and his caravan were attacked by approx. 200* Somali warriors after he pulled his shenanigans in Saylac and Harar.
  11. <cite> @ElPunto said:</cite> ^Ok sweetheart. Whatever floats your boat. Hey Holmes, why are you running away?
  12. Markus is currently slapping himself in front of a bathroom mirror in a German Grunge-Rock bar.
  13. <cite> @ElPunto said:</cite> 1- That is no defensive explanation. If he stopped at - I haven't seen any Somali scholars then that would have been fine. When he says you don't have the capability to produce scholars - that is crossing the line. Once again, stop being deceitful ElPunto. 1. You tried coupling DK's comment with mine because his had holes you could poke. 2. Both of your quotes were intentionally out of context, just like in Safferz's article. 3. Markus never said Somalis don't have the capability to produce scholars. Stop lying to me and stop trying to trick me. It's not working.
  14. <cite> @ElPunto said:</cite> 1- Markus did attack Somalis as a whole when he says - "I did NOT come accross [sic] many younger Somalis who would qualify as serious SCHOLARS – not because they lack access to sources, but because they seem not to value scholarship as such." and when he says - "Fine. I will go. You and your friends can talk about a stupid white man who is colonizing you, but I think that when you are finished talking about colonialism, you will go back to your Somali tribalism." ElPunto, don't group my comment with DK's comment. That is deceitful. 1. Markus' first (out of context) comment you provided here as proof of an "Attack on Somalis" is a defensive explanation of his rationale for that FB comment section's commenters, and Safferz in particular. 2. Markus' second (out of context) comment you provided here as proof of an "Attack on Somalis" is Markus' unprofessional emotional comeback directed at that intended FB audience, and Safferz in particular. ElContextomy, stop quoting people out of context, especially in a mudslinging FB thread.