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  1. CooleyM

    The inlaws

    People always say that one is supposed to search for a spouse from a good family and I find some logic behind it. Any person is highly influenced by the family and even if he/she managed to grow up without losing the moral compass, hang-ups and personality disorders are still a threat.
  2. Maybe this Android Root Lock can help I haven't used it but it looks like a decent utility
  3. The age depends on a certain man, but according to my experience most guys are not ready for marriage at 25-26. 30+ is a good age for marriage I think
  4. "Bad boy" and "douche" are two different words. Sometimes men trespass the line between the two and I think that's what she was talking about.
  5. She's charming, educated and nice, I don't see a problem here, especially if your cousin doesn't take her divorce too close to heart. I think they should give it a try.