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  1. Kismayo is not free for all. It is someone's deegaan and there is a dawlad there today. It will be defended the way Mogadishu is defended.
  2. No wonder we have been in anarchy this whole time. Just listening to these elders logic will make one understand the political deadlock facing our country. The Somali captial can not be a qabil owned and operated captial. If they want Mogadishu they can have it, but the federal government will relocate to a new capital. Mogadishu will no longer get all the projects and the qabil must rebuild their own city without a cent from the government just like all the other qabil owned and operated cities in Somalia. ps: And all the lotted properties must be bought from the orginal owners.
  3. January 8, 2014 will be the Presidential elections. Why is the Parliement still in the Position to vote in the President? I thought Puntland was planing on one man one vote, oo maxa dhacay?
  4. I think the Jubbaland debate is over, and everyone knows that. Reer Jubbaland are just putting on the finishes touches. Garoodi the battle has been won, the reality on the ground can not be changed by wishful thinkers.
  5. What kind of Government does not know that it's constitution has been altered. Walle wa sheego cajiib ah.