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  1. Adigay ku jirta waxad samyn dontid illahayna ma ihi adigana ma tihid so no point of accusing anyone of anythig really. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that we both benefit from peace and development so therefore the rest is up to the people considering forums don't have final say thank god inshallah khayr
  2. God works in mysterious ways even god says be kind to those who who wronged you because tomorrow he maybe your greatest ally. Even in a political sense god says if peace is offered except without condition. Let's agree to maintain the peace and work on development at least in that sense we all beneft as a collective.
  3. See how they go quiet when you propose something logical that destroys their hidden objective. You want federalism and somali unity right??? Merge with galmudug, unite galkacyo make it one city provide free movement for both peoples into one entity it makes buisness sense it makes poltical scense it makes security sense but you won't because your interested in tribal hegemony not somali unity or nationalism haha bax bax land waa funny walahi
  4. Waa cadi Waa taloo maybe others will see it differntly but inshallah khayr dadkaaga un ha ka hadin.
  5. Lol joker typical example... Talada waa qali walalkeen ka qata talada seriously I like to see people prosper walahi especially my own people
  6. Were all civilised I like to assume so anyways. In all seriousness its clear with the explosion in the middle of villa Somalia itself that nothing but tribal federalism, war, instability, funny pirates, war lords and burundian soldiers is comming from Somalia. Therefore I think its time we put our resources together and continue expanding and growing. We are gonna live together for a long time to come. So what las canod and sool need is factories, schools, water etc clearly we can go in circles but no point really let's work on development and improving and continue to improve the lives of our people. War is bad. Reer sool should compete againts the other regions. Were about to build a huge factory in saxil and currently sool has been stagnent not because of injustice but because of its own diaspora they need to comepete. Somaliland left tribalism weve been in Regional compition with each other so seriously join in. If the diaspora focused more on school and factories then the sitauation of the people would be better so focus more on develpment. You should create a regional gudi like other regions call it whatever u want and raise money for projects and like other regions the government will add to what's outstanding asks for jobs. You have a lot of weight in somaliland use it. Propose projects and present them from corner to corner we will pay for it together that's the present reality in the country.
  7. ^^^^ doesnt mean tribal want federalism merge with gal-mudug and let them live in garowe... common sense states...tribal federalism is going to end in another decade of civil makes no sense...its funny how you use Somaliland leaders to prove your argument the man was also talking about Somalia proper i.e. Italian Somalia...:cool: TRIBAL FEDERALISM IS THE END OF SOMALIA...GO AND KILL YOURSELF.
  8. The greatest leader south Somalia ever produced south Somalia needs more like him
  9. b-boy;803471 wrote: khatumo folks have been occupied for 13 years yet claims Puntland is all talk;) i guess Xaglatoosiye and his ssc was all action! i guess 3 presidents and khatumo is all action ! khatumo existed for two months in theory enstien you been claiming that land for the past 10 years meaning you all talk no action pirate the statement was correct
  10. Regardless if children are in prison let them out asap seriously
  11. There are three factories in awdal, 6 in burco about 7 or more including the nail factory in hargaisa soon in berbera the cement factory soon we still lacking in sool and sanag I say we build more in sool especially give the youth jobs and watch poltical instability and tribalism vanish
  12. Furthermore the tallest building in somaliland is 10 stories we keep going building going up everywhrre keep building with the cement factory construction.should double inshallah
  13. Taleexi;803344 wrote: Hadday sidan SL horumarka ugu mashquuli lahayd way duushay baan odhan lahaa... nevertheless... waa sheeko wacane halkaa ka wada. ha ka hadin ee join in seriously
  14. Eng.Cadde;802880 wrote: Some truth in what you are saying.Federalism for all or take it to the loo and flush it. Weeeeee puuuuutland
  15. burahadeer;803073 wrote: ^^^ you win when you lose! ...just looking back your posts thru the years,every time you hit the wall head on. bye again. It's called pirate loser syndrome hense why they always refer to hot air and cheap propaganda haha..
  16. General Duke;803056 wrote: That was quite lame. You confused the hell out of your secessionist brethren earlier. careful now, they might take you for an evangelic Christian. You know secessionist are gullible, for a while they believed they were the lost Orphans of Queen Elizabeth II. Like my friend buraa said good night pirates keep trying just one of these days you just might actully outsmart a lander after hundreds of years of failing but in my view pirates will always be pirates easy pray not tasty though they are 80 percant hot air
  17. General Duke;803051 wrote: Now out of sheer desperation the secessionists are insulting each other.... If that's what u think based on what you read just goes to show you can't read ethier as my name is not stoic maybe thats also why you can't read African oil website when they say they cant produce but are doing an evaluation I.e sit back down pirate lol you got nothing but talk as usual
  18. I'm gonna enjoy watching this bubble burst like every other bubble before it ....hahaha knowing your people and based on what I read on African oil website nothing but hot air hahah you make it easy slitting your own throat and I will let the reader be the jugde enjoy
  19. Stoic you da best why ....... Because wee puuuuuuuuuuuuutland hahaha they always make me laugh no rationale that's why its so easy
  20. MODERATOR should seriously look at this guy above he seriously lost it like the rest of them just because somaliland has surpased you and your last stand has proven to be not even on your territory doesn't mean you should go crazy young pirate. You control one small oil basin near bosaso the other one is in las canod its bigger meaning game over. Somalia doesn't want you somaliland has outsmarterd you enjoy your desert wasteland and keep lookibg down that well its the end of the line.
  21. It's your last hope against the somaliland beast but seeing the basin is in las canoe forget it .....the end of the game is nigh just take it like a Man when it comes
  22. Enjoy your bedtime story dukey we both know its just more hot air I'm still surprised why they didn't find gas considering all the hot air that cones from your people in the desert villages of buuuuuuuutland. I know what youll say its what u guys always say because wee puuuuuuuuutland
  23. Lol we've looked into your oil claims hahaha its sad really just more hot air as usual hahaha don't worry dukey we will make it as painless as possible we just sharpening the blade hahaha it will all be over soon
  24. His arguement makes no logical sense somaliland is affraid of competing what u been smoking son somaliland has surpaced your strip of villages in every sense and we don't deal in the dark arts of poltics just justice and statehood take your dark arts of poltics and your three desert villages and see what happens ha ha the end is nigh somalis are clever these days. Look forward to seeing more pirate bubbles burst over the next year furthermore we both know we are content with somaliland hence why somaliland don't need somalia. Reason for your cheating nature is because you need mugdisho hence why the cheating. Mugdisho don't want u son use logic