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  1. Mario B;805028 wrote: Do you believe what you just wrote or is this your attempt of a brave face? :rolleyes: sxib after defeating you at every war for the past few hundred years..i dont need to brave face its just in my nature to defeat you. :cool:
  2. kingofkings;805018 wrote: my creditable sources are telling me as of now mohammed Faroole will run for the president of somaliland. seek help...:cool:
  3. funny people...mala yacny. :cool: anything that helps them sleep at night...they have been plauged by the somaliland boggy man...
  4. this is the politics section and you talking about whose mom....hahaha... acudubilah...i think this is more befitting pirates so do carry on..
  5. Mario B;805004 wrote: "Somalilanders" always want to muddy the water so as justify their illusive desire for recognition of their " Phantom Republic ", not different on this occassion Gaacuur.:cool: you guys are funny while Somaliland building itself for the past 20 years...youve been chasing after elusive Somalia, tribal federalism and tuuduuuq taaadaaa.. SOMALILAND IS TANGIBLE.... and no fishing village or pirate can stand in its way so keep crying.
  6. Somalia;805000 wrote: From prison, what is his status? saaaad...Somaliland has no king...Except GOD....
  7. Somalia;804997 wrote: Sxb, I can't discuss things with you logically if you believe Burco is near Bosaso. just to prove how ridicilous you lot are: Burco was even in the old somalia period the FOURTH LARGEST CITY AFTER KISMAYO...hahahha you lot are funny comparing the fourth largest city in the old somalia with a fishing village like bosaso...haha..
  8. kingofkings;804993 wrote: you sure you want to go there:confused: been there thats why i know pirates are all hot air...and also know why you guys worshiping oil at the moment..... GAAAAJOOOOOO.
  9. Somalia;804983 wrote: Burco is bigger than Bosaso? Hahaha ive been to both bosaso and burco... Burco has a population of 450,000 people...waaaaaaaay bigger then bosaso..i dont know what planet you guys are from seriously.. we are not known for talking out of our A%%%es like you guys...
  10. Che -Guevara;804977 wrote: Don't worry the Turks are coming to Hargeysa. Diversify colors before they get there. no need for the turks in Somaliland mate...we got the Europeans and the arabs funding us...the more the marrier, in regards to daycour I think we have always had better taste in regards to
  11. whats with the obsession with pink wall paper?? or paint seriously...?? this the only colour available in Garowe or other villages in seriously need to diversify. haha
  12. General Duke;804962 wrote: If it's all hot air, it should not bother you at all. However things are changing fast onthe ground. it doesnt it just makes me laugh...haha youve been talking about it for at least a month and still digging to the moltan core of the earth or something pirate?
  13. burahadeer;804955 wrote: aren't we all somalis...guess you can live in jubouti,do business.Same way we adding Mogadishu & Hargeisa bosaso is a village, Burco is bigger then bosaso funny people...Borama is probably on the same size. anywhoo.. In terms of development and size: Hargaisa- at present Djibouti - very developed but smaller then hargaisa Burco - Developed Mugdisho
  14. Is this elusive oil in the center of the should have been gushing out and you would have been posting pics. But the fact that this is not the case thus far and the average oil time takes a few weeks shows these pirates are just more hot air...:cool: The only source which you guys use is dissedent nation...even african oil estimates its between 12%-40% likelyhood haha :cool:
  15. 1. Uzbekistan (islam karimov) he fu### boils his opponent alive 2. Gadafi just by ackwardness and humour zenga zenga 3.Sadam hussien because the man was crazy he GASED his own people 4. Bashar asad the bas#### is going around wiping out entire towns 5. Molosiv the man who single handedly distroyed yugoslavia by promoting his own pirate branch neo nazism hegemony 6. Ranbinder mahala (whatever) the man destroyed and systamically wiped tamils The modern century is so boring.... Ghangis khan, Alexander, Hitler etc they made these guys look like a joke
  16. Waa sheko we puutland we don't take pirates seriously the world says somaliland and Somalia should speak nothing to do with pirates haha the talks are meaningless anyways as if it will change somalilands position haha
  17. K.O.W;804384 wrote: Speak for your own clan. Today, the Somali people are ONE, and the only Tribe that doesn't want to be with the rest of the Somali people is YOUR tribe, the tribe of Hergeisa and Burco. Mogadishu is coming back! The tribes of the Somali people are working together, have placed their differences behind them and are working in bettering SOMALIA. Good luck to you and the paralel universe you come from. Somaliland is one by law both indeginious and international anything other that I look forward to seeing you and your burundian forces on the front line peace or war regardless
  18. burahadeer;804125 wrote: Hermet ,you not expecting logic from these guys .Haku dalin waa fadhi ku dirir:D Acudubilah saaxib ilahay ha cawiyo wallee lol
  19. K.O.W;804122 wrote: If "Tribalism" is over for you, then why are you running away from Somalia? lol Because I see no point of being part of a failed state considering.there is no more somaliwyn so seeing I was the first indepedent somali country why should I be hostage to a failed state I want all he children of somaliland regardless of clan to prosper.
  20. In regards to the conference in taleex I really don't understand the concept of law this was based on. Case in point I am going to destroy one legal contract by signing another. A legal contract is a legal contract second thin the somaliland conference In burco borama and sheick were larger and we were all present furhermore no unified stance was agreed to at the end of the taleex conference as was a fact its even missing Signatures in regards to the las canod tribes as they themselves have stated. So all in all it doesn't add up. I'm going to destroy an agreement for another one which is not entirely agreed on. Somali logic is strange. Anywho we are not going to agree on politics clearly but peace and progress is universal.
  21. K.O.W;804120 wrote: Then, stop whining against 1988 and President Siyaad Barre's government. There was no such thing as "genocide" or "oppression" that was done against the tribes of Hergeisa, Burco and Berbera (The Triangle). This is laughable do research einstien nothing in comparison.
  22. Somaliland is your country feel welcome. Tribalism is over we are in the age of multiparty democracy. We will work together to make the lives of all our people better. Maintain the peace, promote brotherhood and progress. Feel welcome.
  23. K.O.W;804104 wrote: Thank you for proving to SOL members and to the ALL the SOL visitors, that Laascaanood is under occupation and force. The one who complained about 1988 and Siyaad Barre's "alleged" oppression against his clan, is today bragging about oppressing a town because they happen to share the same blood/tribe as President Muhammad Siyaad Barre. lol Saxib somaliland is in las canod because of a legal contract that all the people of somaliland and their tribal elders agreed to. Of which galayd and others are signatories to. Furthermore sool is not entirely exlusive to one clan cainabo, oog and other towns are not part of anything other then somaliland furthermore buhoodle as we all know is shared domain as soon as you step outside the town. Furhermore their is no unified las canod voice some support somaliland some support puntland some support khatumo. No massacre or injustice happens as a state tool or anywhere on the same level. The important thing is we find the middle ground and live together in peace and work together to better the lives of our people
  24. It's ironic how u argue you want somali unity and when given taloo you imply I have no right to because In your words I have no right to because I'm not from las canod. This doesn't imply somalinimo does it. It implies Reer miyinimo. So Saxib shaydanka iska naar let's at least agree on peace and development at least that's somilinimo iyo islamnimo
  25. I can see how much hate is in you it will only destroy you not me. las canod is like any other city in somaliland to me no difference if I have a view that I think will make the peoples progress or live better ill give it now or In the future if you want to join your brothers regardless of clan and prosper its great if you wanna run after Ali galyd in mugdisho that's also your choice. At the end of the day we are just a product of our choices case in point buhoodle iyo deganadina from how they look in comparison with the other cities you haven't been making good choices. So maybe a change in strategy is required at least logic would say.