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  1. libaaan...yes Somaliland forced the Garads and people of Awdal into signing an agreement that withdrew from the union with Somalia, it forces them to trade with each other, and forces them to join the government and army. Like i said unionists and there delusions. What works is statistics, legal agreements and history. All i see is 98% referendum saying yes to Somaliland, 20 years of peace and development for Somaliland throughout and the signatures of all the clans of Somaliland. Thats solid. What you have my friend libaaan is an episode from disney built on emotion.
  2. loooool....Good Luck To You All. I know its hard to except the reality considering the unionist dream lacks Reality. But thats what delusional people do when they have no argument they make fun. The British established almost every state including Somaliland as clan agreements to form collective states therefore clans can sign a legally binding agreement its not the first time and for the east african region its the norm. including Djibouti. So like i said before do some research before you spew some more unionist delusions.
  3. In the name of Allah Ali Galyd was present in Burco in 1991 and in Borama and took part in the Somaliland conference and signed it along with the Garads of SSC, its seems these unionists live in such a bubble they refuse to except reality.
  4. It all comes down to two things....We ethier except the legal arguments and live as two seperate states or we destroy each other ending whats left of the somali race. Simple as walahi in the long run thats the only choice you guys really have.
  5. The union between Somaliland and Somalia was a voluntery union...its was signed or ratified therefore Somaliland can legally leave the union with Somalia because it was never ratified in the first place therefore nothing legally binds Somaliland from not disolving the union with Somalia. You should do some research before speaking. On the other hand in 1991 the clans of Somaliland after many months of talking legally agreed to disolve the voluntary union with Somalia and re-establish Somaliland, forget the past and create a functioning state that is built for all. Simple as the signatures included the Garads of all the so called "SSC" clans so "SSC" has no legal leg to stand on...An agreement is an agreement. Signed and sworn on. to now say ohhhh we dont agree to it anymore does not work. Every agreement is enforceable even in a court of law. Therefore with or without any declaration of an SSC regional entity Somaliland will and has the legal right to its entire territory. and sorry to burst your unionst dreams but this also means by FORCE IF NEED BE.
  6. Carafaat Wan Ku Salamay, Saxib. Shirka khatomo 1, shirka khatomo 2, shirka baaanamooo, shirka fiiitiiimoooo 5, shirka xaaalimoooo 10, waligin shiraaaa. Puntland, jubaland, hiraanland, gal mudug land.... in the end we all know puntland is just an 2 region enclave run by one sub tribe, that uses it as an extortion racket for pirate venture. no elections take place nothing. The rest of these other states are day dreamers as well. The Only viable Somali entity that is not only a democracy in the purest sense but also controls its territory is Somaliland and that the only reason why these so called unionists are always running scared. Let me paint a picture for you my friends. for the next 10 years similar to the past 20 years you will go from conference to conference. Alshabab and the TFG will battle it out till the TFG expires. Puntland will continue to be a criminal enterprise as it is today. While the other regions of somalia remain what they have been for the last 20 years, lawless, survival of the strongests landscape of warlords and islamists. SSC like there militia forces a few months back will dissapear into history as soon as the firepower is brought out. just gonna sit back and laugh...dont say i didnt say so. and Duke, What happened to the "puntland oil" i still see you trying to get it out after 10 years....looooooooooooooool.
  7. Peace Action: "even if it means you have to vacate LA for the new regional government"....looooooooooooool ! other words...they want you to help them destroy you because they are two weak to destroy you even though they want to. loooooool... acudubilah. Somaliland will never vacate las canod...and in all truth they have people at the "conference" informing them whats going on...they can be there with no trouble but in Somaliland tribes are allowed to gather and discuss there business: in terms of development, or progress...but no clan will be tolerated in dis unifying Somaliland. not because of some cheap somalian notion....but because of the agreement signed in Burco in 1991 which has the signature of all the clans of somaliland including the so called "SSC" clans... simple as. You live by it..its called LAW.
  8. looooool @ " your a somalidid and that says it all"....amazing walahi i dont know whether to laugh or to cry. Saxibiyal Somaliland is a state that has perfected its art of war, finances, and diplomacy for the past 20 years. Sure it hasnt gained recognition but as a functioning state it will never, ever allow some "SSC" state to even take its first breath let alone leave las guys seriously wake up im worried for your sake. Write what you want if it helps you sleep at night but in reality Somaliland is here to stay....gather all somali's from kenya to bosaso and invade and Somaliland will still be standing with or without recognition, Somaliland is here to stay so wake up. what happened to the SSC militia...they fell apart just looking at the Somaliland army the rest we run over. i think that says it all....wake up.
  9. I think i stumbled upon the day dreamers room. My day dreaming somalian friends smell the sweet aroma of the coffee known as truth. The world of politics is rules and determined by three things, Weaponry, Diplomacy and Finance. I sincerely believe you all have nightmares about Somaliland and i love it. Its ironic how the majority will of the people of "SCC" must be respected yet you fail to respect the majority will of a nation that gained independence before Somalia and united and created the concept of Somali unity. Its halarious how you guys pick up on every little kid who runs into Somaliland with a Somalia flag as a saviour...however in the world i live in...the real world that is...Somaliland has been standing for 20 years...its finances out number that of "puntland" and the fact that its forces run las canod means nothing to you. I think you should all realise the reality that SOMALIA as we knew it is GONE. It no longer exists. or as the old adage goes OVER MY DEAD BODY...If need be as stated by the Somaliland interior minister recently Somaliland will unify the the remaining eastern part of the country through military force. So....unless your gambling your existence on Ali Galeyd's reteric and words against a formidable army even the pirate state "puntland" has failed to surpress. Then keep war of words going...but life is short its about time you smell the coffee and wake up. Somaliland is here to stay and will defend every inch of its territory even by force if need be. with or without recognition Somaliland will wait even 1000 years if it takes need be then unite with keep dreaming.