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  1. Interesting debate. Nation or citizen. The nation state or the individual. To answer this question you have to look at firstly from a socitial perspective or anthropolgical perapective. When u examine this you will understand why they failed and continue to fail. Somalis are nomads. They settle in regions and move from one water well to another and they associate themselves with clans because the collective clan fight for resources together against other tribes. So in context this becomes your individual because the ancient reality is also todays modern reality. So in terms of state tthis becomes your individual. The state in the nation state context should be impartial I.e neautral and should be a shared platform. from 1960 to 1991 somali republic was in the hands of a clan at the loss of others so the evenual conclusion was always goin to be choas if you remember back to the original argument about the individual. I dont believe that regional identification can somehow bring somalis together in effect what you only achieve is diversification of indentity leading to regional struggles as individuals for resources as argued before. The solutions starts with the institutions themselves. Positive distrcimination. And mass singular identity creation trough the use of state aparatus and a system of legal checks and balances that protect not only the individual but small clans as well. Digest it and ill expand on it later
  2. You guys funny seriously funny... What's with the gaadoo obsession...puntland politics. Waaaaaaaa la gaday waa la gadayaay. Manta qaadooo seriously mantana ma bastaa lol funny pirates. Siyasada qadada. Man the names they call u in somaliland suit perfectly I know what they mean and I know why u want mugdisho so bad keep up the qaado politics haha
  3. Wadani;805737 wrote: armaan beeshaas ka soo jeeda? Im not trying to divide anyone walaal, no one would wish division for his own people. But theres no denying that reerkaas have many who are stil somaliwayn, aniga i waydii. And i agree with u peace is better than war, and inshaAllah the problem with our khaatumo brothers will be solved peacefully in a way that is acceptable to both sides. Inshallah it has a good conclusion no need to promote senslesss hate between brothers specially ones close. Agreed. Plus if you remove the context of tribe and clan the two peoples are the same and any harm to them will eventually be a harm to all not mention Muslim blood is haram only the devil prospers from hate plus were civilised we should be able to work together I don't see why not.
  4. Wadani;805732 wrote: ^ not surpised at all. Suldaanka beeshiisu (kuwa ciida gala lol) have many pro somaliwayn members, including the suldaan himself, and they are known for opposing offocial positions of the Somaliland government if they view it to be unjust. I see you trying to divide somalilanders the people u refering to are ardent somalilanders and bubba and co don't speak for them and knowing the source and the man he didn't say that or mean it but even so we are past the stage were our clan cheifs speak for anyone we have mps and elected president so let's look at in context peace is better then war and we should be civilised and pass the stage of war the rest and work.together for the common good
  5. Anything that makes the lives of the people better should be welcomed no hate in somaliland its just better to work as a collective then be by yourself I guess. But feel welcome somaliland is yours. But I could put my money on it the sultan didn't say that he welcomes khatumo I know him to well. But anywhoo no hate we need mutual peace and development
  6. We share this country...its all ours we are all civilised. :cool:
  7. Good Good... WE CHANGING THE MAP OF THE WORLD ONE DAY AT A TIME....:cool: waiting for this headline: "Somaliland the newest Country in the world".... 20** its gonna be followed by this headline... "unkown mass suicide in Somalia pirate heartland of Garowe..estimated death toll is believed to be around hundred thousand and rising".. " reports are comming in that these mysterious suicides might be linked to the worlds recognition of somaliland as the newest country"...:cool: hahahahahahaha....
  8. burahadeer;805185 wrote: somalilanders come to work in puntland??? are you smoking something or what??!! you lost my friend...same usual stuff. have anice day. saxib...parallel universe syndrome...Gajoooo aya shaqo loo tagaya...hahahah....
  9. Abdurahman Tuur......The man who destroyed the Somali Army and was the first president Ibrahim Egal, the political mind and visionary of the Republic of Somaliland Dahir Riyale Kahin: The man who built a stable, financially viable, strong army and led the transition from tribalism to multiparty democracy... Ahmed Mahmod Silanyo
  10. kingofkings;805132 wrote: hermet when are you going to tell us the battles you and your lot won and their respective years. thanks. I think youve had enough humiliation for one day...
  11. burahadeer;805127 wrote: puntlanders=M iyo madaxmadowba siman:D theeeeey funny people seriously...
  12. kingofkings;805116 wrote: hermit these men are in nairobi, kenya. why don't your enclave go after them instead of the poor samatar guy. if memories serve me right, kenya is a signatory to the ICC. :confused: Forget is often better to not kill your enemy so he can watch and see you achieve what he tried to prevent, can u imagine the pirate washing swahili shoes in nairobi, watch Somaliland TV or HCTV and seeing everything...maaaaan i know what i would say... " Tortalini, Ravioli, Mario, Ma ma ma ma miiaaaaaa"..... hahaha
  13. his wife died in miniapolis in a council flat, no body new she died for days...they found her body in the flat.... that should be more then enough proof that...Somalilander WE NO HADAL....WE ACTION... Boooooooooo !!! dont be scared pirates, our laws keep us from you...we waiting for the hot air to rise up again so you give us the justification we need to make the final cut.
  14. As for your uncle...remember he died a refugee in Nigeria and his little village is still a little village... you guys make me laugh... or in the words of the man himself... "tortalini, ravilioi, mario, ma ma ma ma miaaaa"... hahah...
  15. Morgans current day job: washing swahili shoes in speeches on khatumo.. Somalilanders are afriad of one thing...inaay isheena nagu dacdo...seeing how badly you continue to get screwed over...
  16. mate i like them...they prove that once a loser always a loser...hahaha... you do something get the job done...if you lose...move over, you aaa looooooser and except victors justice.. hahah im a loser but im gonna continue being a loser even though i was humiliated and destroyed doesnt make sense. :cool:
  17. Taleexi;805075 wrote: Don't you worry guys - Khaatumo has forever changed to be better citizens of the republic. PL & SL will have to redraw their maps and rewrite their constitutions for the survival of their constituents. more then welcome if you decide Somaliland and khatumo doesnt take off, clearly the pirates theeeeeeeeey crazy and funnnnny ...
  18. Mario B;805064 wrote: Unlike Hermet and Burahadeer at least they are somalis, I believe you're " ethnic landers ". just as ethnic Djiboutians are from Djibouti :cool: We all Somali's but we from FIVE different somali's fortunate for me i come from a sane one.
  19. Somalia;805059 wrote: Suuuuure we do, of course, that explains it all. that explains everything........hahahahahha... nail on the head...
  20. Che -Guevara;804986 wrote: ^Smarter man would welcome any help and be less concerned with colors and decorations. the dacour was a slight dig at the pirates funny little houses they welcome people into...further proof of hot air.. In regards to the Turks any help is welcome netheir did i deny it before but the turks are a third world country pretending to be a first...what they can offer diplomatically, financially, one off...what the west offers is continuous and multi-facet therefore more welcomed.
  21. kingofkings;805049 wrote: what are you on:confused: your lot can't handle few and may i add few men in Cayn let only any one else. oh okay. give battles you won and their respective dates. don't hide now:D young are a persona non grata...therefore if you dont know history im not gonna waste my breath on you young pirate grab a book and read son. hahah
  22. Mario B;805023 wrote: There is no more funny sight than seeing a "Slander" begging for his/her Ictiraaf. lol :cool: and thats the best you can come up flag, my code of ethics, my army, my currency and my TANGIBLE Pirate free STATE is all i need...
  23. Cambuulo iyo bun;805006 wrote: how much of the revenue in percent do puntland wanna contain? whats 50% of nothing??
  24. burahadeer;805026 wrote: as usual pirates turn everything into US..we owe this, we that.....faan & stuff.What kind somalis are they??!!! what kinda somali are they...?? thats the million dollar question from face value not much Burahadeer