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  1. Yea, but how strong your jaw tho?
  2. I learned that life is actually quite long and that odds are you will most likely live to be over 60. So take care of your health because no matter how much money you have it'll mean nothing if your sick in the hospital.
  3. I learned that life is actually quite long and that odds are you will most likely live to be over 60. So take care of your health because no matter how much money you have it'll mean nothing if your in sick in the hospital.
  4. Hey I'm about to graduate from University and before i start Graduate School I'd like to go teach in Somalia or Somaliland or any where in Africa. Only problem is I can't really afford to take off work go to Africa and do nothing but spend money for the whole summer or fall. Is there any place where they give you at least some kind of compensation maybe housing or a stipend?! Thanks for the info.
  5. A unitary state is basically impossible given that the country has had no effective central goverment in over 20 years and the current goverment has no monoply of power over the entire territory. For better or worse Somalia IS going down the road of federalism, which by the way, is not that bad aslong as people are smart about it and maintain their national identitiy.
  6. clan-ism is the politicization of kinship, never heard it said better. (4:00)
  7. You seem like a half-way decent guy so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say you don't actually believe this nonsense. I have my share of silly posts aswell as any examination of my previos posts will show…anyway….Although they play a role the problem is not the US, China, AU, EU, Russia, the International community or even Al Shabab for that matter. The issue is the environment and attitudes that are conducive to cyclical war and tribal conflict. What is stopping the peace process is not the boogie men under the bed that we can't see. It is what’s been right in front of our eyes but we're too afraid to admit. Individuals out of self-interests that seek violence instead of a future, an under-resourced ill-equipped incompetent government filled with corrupt and short-minded men that can't fart and chew gum let alone run a country. And us, the diaspora from Seattle to Sydney and everywhere in between. Aslong as people continue the same old battles of yesterday and blame others for OUR own mishaps nothing will change. The 1960’s are gone, and for those who want him back your general is no more. I urge all those who need it, look for the answer to change in yourself and make a fair contribution as I know some many already have and don’t give into the old games…A wise man said of Nigeria something that can relate to Somalia, “the people of this country need to come out in their masses and put someone into power that will raise this territory to something the world has never seem before, because Africa was meant to be great, and we can’t hide it anymore.”
  8. Somalia’s disparate leaders have agreed on the basic structure of a new parliament and government to replace the fragile transitional body that has failed to bring peace to the war-torn country. Constant infighting, rampant corruption and bloody attacks by Islamist Shebab insurgents have undermined Somalia’s unelected Transitional Federal Government (TFG), whose Western-backed mandate ends in August. Somalia’s president, the presidents of the breakaway Puntland and Galmudug regions, and the commander of the powerful anti-Shebab militia Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaa signed the deal under UN auspices. The accord proposes a parliamentary system for anarchic Somalia, with both Puntland and Galmudug recognised as states within a federal system. A new 225-member lower house-including at least 30 percent women-will be nominated by “traditional elders assisted by prominent civil society members,” the agreement reads, released late Saturday after a three-day meeting. The agreement is the latest among more than a dozen attempts to resolve Somalia’s more than two decade-old civil war, with the country split between rival factions and pirate gangs who hijack ships far across the Indian Ocean. Al-Qaeda allied Shebab fighters, who control large parts of central and southern Somalia where they are battling African Union-backed government forces as well as Kenyan and Ethiopian troops, immediately condemned the deal. “The agreement is treason because it is part of a master plan of the international community to send Somalia back to colonisation,” Shebab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage told reporters. “The mujahedeen fighters will not accept such conferences and their outcomes-instead we fight against them and, with the help of Allah, we will win the war,” he said. Somalia has been without an effective central government since 1991, and the leadership in the capital Mogadishu is propped up by a 10,000-strong AU force from Uganda, Burundi and Djibouti. In addition, a 1,000-member upper house-the National Constituent Assembly-will be nominated by agreement signatories “assisted by traditional leaders and civil society” groups. The upper house too must include at least 30 percent women. Source: AFP How the HELL is a 1,000 member upper house going to accomplish anything especially with a 225 member lower house? O'well atleast they agreed on something.
  9. Give it time, you seem like a catch.
  10. Now as a disclaimer I am neutral on the issue, but frankly I felt every argument about Somaliland secession has lacked substance. Those who wish it to stay in the Union have miss placed visions of the past and equate Somali Wayne, with a peaceful prosperous Somalia; this is far to the contrary. All those who want Somaliland to stay as they see it, a sovereign state, are a bit naïve. After 20+ years of "independence" let alone all the investment by the international community in Somalia, it doesn’t appear they are making progress on the international stage although in they have gone light years compared to the south in terms of peace and development. I apologize for the long intro or if anyone here doesn't live in America or know who Lincoln was, but just for a brief insight into whom he was...a short Google of the name should turn it up. But if ur too lazy for even that….Basically when the US was on the verge of a civil war, Slave loving south vs Industrial north, President Lincoln gave an inaugural speech about the very notion of the south seceding. His 3 main points which I will write down, I have related them to the context of Somalia. Let me know if you think my assumptions hold weight. 1. He argued that the south had nothing to fear, because they would lose nothing if they stayed in the Union. • This is true in the case of Somaliland; they broke away because of the crimes committed against them. It doesn’t look like they have much to fear now. 2. The constitution does say anywhere in it you can secede • Same in case of Somali constitution which both ratified in 1960. 3. If a constituent is a contract agreed upon all, then in order to secede all parties must be in an agreement. To unilaterally secede would be illegal and a breach of contract. Also seceding without all parties in agreement is CHOAS because then the party which seceded could have regions which would want to secede and so on and so forth. • In the case of south Sudan the north agreed to referendum. • In somaliland, they have SSC, awadal state, etc. All trying to leave it politically seems chaotic to me... I know I don’t come off as neutral as I actually am, but that’s because I just want to see what you all think of the matter discussed on these 3 terms.
  11. Damn, fighting over land like a bunch of animals... depressing. InshAllah their families will be ok.