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  1. wow, oromos from diaspora created Oromia airways in ethiopia. http://jimmatimes.co m/article/Latest_New s/Latest_News/Oromia _Airways_formed_by_E thiopian_singer_Keme r_and_Oromo_business men/32808
  2. OLF oromo rebels are killing xabashis and advancing http://www.jimmatime s.com/slideshow.cfm? slideshowID=3&AlbumI D=25 http://jimmatimes.co m/ where are the ogaaaadeeeeeeen rebels???
  3. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: If I may add, Gelete Burka and Ijigayu Dibaba. Tehy all came from the village of Baqoji. But can you tell me all those listed have said a word about Ethiopian unity all these years? as i said many arsi oromos are nationalists and anti-ethiopia. but there are pro-ethiopians too. about words from the oromo athletes, here are some example.. Abebe Bikila (Arsi Oromo) "I wanted the world to know that my country, Ethiopia, has always won with determination and heroism" Tirunesh Dibaba (Arsi oromo) "But I did it for my country. I was struggling but I told myself to hang in. I didn't want to let down the people back home in Ethiopia" Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: Don't you know most Oromos do not feel pride when the athletes win at the olympics. Do you think it is lost to me it is the Amhara, Tigre's and few christian Gurage's who actually fill the bars in Addis when they are running? well, some oromos are not happy that famous oromos (like athletes) don't promote oromo nationalism. but i can not say that oromos don't feel pride when oromo athletes win. ofcourse the degree of hapinness and the express is different from people to people and from to place to place in finfinne, over 25% oromo, watched oromo athletes on big screen tvs in ethiopia Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: Do you want to tell me Most Oromo's hate bening called Ethiopian? yes, many oromos don't like being called ethiopian. some somalis in ethiopia also don't like being called ethiopians. but many oromos are also pro-ethiopia. the level depends from region to region and from religions Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: I have studied that fake history of Ethiopia to know that all what is called Ethiopia is the creation of Menelik. It was an imperial conquest and it shall end. most of the amhara/tigre monk created "ethiopian history" is fake . ofcourse, there are a lot of true accounts. But there are a lot of habasha fairytales everyone knows, history everywhere is always bias and depends on who is writing it and why. but the amharas/tigres are not the only ones who made up fake history. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: But, again, if you are Oromo, perhaps you would like to have a say in Ethiopia's affiars. The elections are coming and as Meles is claiming he will leave, we don't here a successor Oromo. No Dibaba, no aba-so and so, No Challa. It is only Equbay, Seyoum and so and so. I know the Oromo's have always been a pitiful peasants (no wonder the chauvinst Amhara's call the OLF - organisation of lazy farmers) and I am not expecting you to be in rage over this shame. meles party has a sub-party called OPDO. they are under his full control aka PUPPETS. he might choose one of them for the prime minister position some amhara hardliners have tried to take power also but it won't work. (the only way for amharas to come back to power will be if they gain SNNPR region support because the SNNPR is almost as big as oromia population) but i don't think amharas can come back because ethiopia has changed already into a multi-ethnic identity. ethiopia will either be powerful as multi-etnic society or it will break apart like Yugoslavia. But about OLF, ofcourse some amharas/tigres attack OLF. its politics. anyway, some OLF officials have joined meles OPDO and OLF leaders like ababiya abajobir have given up with OLF and went back to ethiopia. i don't see any hope for OLF militarily. the problem is not just that oromos are too diverse regionally and religiously. but also economically, oromia region is the richest in investment and industry. most of top 10 industry towns in ethiopia are inside oromia. i don't see any trend for new oromos to support OLF. but i see a lot of other strong oromo opposition movements like OPC and OFDM groups unfortunately, meles party will never give up power peaceful ( i am 98% sure) so there will be an ugly scene in the future of ethiopia. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: Most Amhara's (uninoist) pose as half-oromo, half Amhara. That is your trick which is nowadays rejected. well, i hope you were correct about that. unfortunately you are wrong because most amharas/tigres are too proud and they don't like diversity. i like all the diversity, multiethnic, multiclan and multcultural stuff because it is beautiful and promotes tolerance.
  4. Originally posted by Abtigiis &Tolka: You say Raya? I see Raya- Azebo? How could I miss that? I knew you were from Gonder or close to it. Or perhaps Wollo. I knew you are not pure Oromo. The noble blood of Dambi-Dollo, Ambo, or Arsi! i couldn't stop laughing dude!! so there is such a thing called "Pure Oromo" and not pure oromo?? LOOOOOL i heard you guys also call the h@wiye as "Pure somali" and others like dar0od as not pure. i think this issue of being and not being pure something is stu'pid anyway, you are right about arsi oromos. most of them are tough anti-ethiopia. but it is funny because some of the biggest pro-ethiopia figures and biggest ethiopian athletes come from Arsi oromo. like kenenisa bekele, tirunesh dibaba, abebe bikila. all of these oromos came from Arsi.
  5. Originally posted by Goodir: ^You are the first Oromo I come across who is agruing Ethiopia favorably. Not to mention an Oromo being from Greater Somalia. . what makes you think that i think FAVORABLY of everything ethiopia?? i only wrote about ONE (ONLY ONE) part of Islam history which corresponds with ethiopian history. You have to find a way to separate politics from history. History is just history and the abyssinians/ethiopia ns saved first muslims in history and saved the religion. by the way, if you know more about oromo history, you will understand that northern Oromos (raya oromos) share the history of northern ethiopia (northern tigray/amhara) check your encyclopedia Originally posted by Goodir: Most Oromos I meet don't identify as Ethiopians let alone speak highly of it. You must be one unique Oromo. it depends which oromo you talk to and from where they come from. some muslim oromos in the western ethiopia and eastern diredawa think favorably about ethiopia but most oromo muslims in the south and far east think NEGATIVELY about ethiopia and remember 30% of oromos are members of ethiopian orthodox church. the other group are 20% protestant-christian oromos. some of them think positive but most think negative about ethiopia historically. Then you have to know about regions of Oromia. do you know the history of YEJJU Oromos and Wollo Oromos? The Yejju Oromos ruled amharas and ethiopian empire over 200 years ago (check history of Yejju in Gondar) And the Wollo Oromos worked with amharas to rule for many years. In fact, Emperor Haile selassie's mother was from the muslim wollo oromo. you also have the shoaa oromos like machaa who held power in modern ethiopia. do you know the story of shoa oromo Ras Gobena?? this oromo leader worked with amhara leader menelik when they conquered arsi oromos and gojjam amharas together. so there are different stories from oromia. many oromos still support OLF. i also support OLF in principle but not in its failed armed policy. it is really a shame and very sad that the minority ogden are relatively more successful with ONLF than oromos are with OLF. Originally posted by Goodir: Because Islam was born way before Ethiopia named itself Ethiopia. Back in those days when some Muslims were fleeing prosecution and migrated to the Land of Habasha, modern day Ethiopia, out of fear of harm, they were taking up a journey to safeguard their own protection and practice their religion freely. This migration was not about saving Islam, nor about Ethiopia or Ahmara or Tigre saving Islam. The label Ethiopia did not exit yet. . Well, What you need is just to read a book. Remove the political cloud in your mind and start to read history instead of making up history. The Kingdom of Aksum in northern Ethiopia used the name "ETHIOPIA" in the 4th century. Long time before Islam was born. This is history 101. Originally posted by Goodir: They were encouraged to go for the possibility of finding a just Christian King who lets them practice their religion freely. This was the sole purpose of their trip, not about saving Islam. If that was not the case, the founder of islam, prophet Mohammed scw and all his followers would have fled [to Ethiopia] too. agreed on the first part. on the second part, i think you must wrote that in your sleep because our whole discussion began AFTER we accepted history that says most of prophet's followers fled to ethiopia to find protection. ofcourse a few of his followers who respected the RULE of the pagan arabs by not practicing islam could stay and survive in arab land. but those followers who continued to practice islam in mass went to ethiopia and they were sheltered there. about the prophet staying there in the hiding, well one or two individuals can always manage to hide. that is not hard to be a successful fugitive in the old days lol so ofcourse a couple here and there might have stayed hidden in arab land. but most muslims went to ethiopia and saved the religion from perishing. Originally posted by *Ibtisam: Current Ethiopia and its whole population could not equal the good in his little finger, nor do they deserve any credit or thanks for anything he did. not only did christian ethiopians saved islam, some of them also accepted islam as their own religion. even the orthodox christian dominated ethnic amharas had a minority islam for many centuries. today over 5 million amharas are muslims. Originally posted by Che -Guevara: Kid is Somali-Friend if anyone remembers him. Oramali...You come to kill, rape, and pillage my land and people, I'm gonna go Ahmed Gurey on your @ss even you are the descendents of the Prophet (PBUH) Himself let alone Habashis who came to occupy all Somali lands. And if you think we are occupying Oromo land, pick a gun or shut it. remember Ahmed Gurey army also had muslim afars and oromos. so don't confuse ahmed gurey as somali only empire. Ahmed Gurey was being helped by afars, oromos and also foreigners like ottoman empire and arabs. the christian empire was being helped by foreigners too like portugal. anyway, at the end, Ahmed Gurey was destroyed and his head was cut off when the christian empire celebrated the victory. anyway, i agree that oromos can remove somalis from their occupied land. by the way, BORENA OROMOS HAVE ALREADY STARTED BATTLING SOMALIS AS OF THE END OF LAST YEAR. in general, don't tell modern Oromos to fight Somalis. I don't like war and violence because violence is stup'id in this 21st century.
  6. Originally posted by Fabregas: Oromali; let's keep things simple shall we: 1. An Najashi gave some followers of the prophet Muhamad sacntuary. agreed. according to both abyssinian and arab accounts, almost all followers of prophet mohammed (pbuh) were chased out of arab land. common sense also supports the idea that arabs would persecute all prophet followers, not select a few and ignore others Originally posted by Fabregas: 2. As a consequence of the first,Ethiopia saved Islam. disgareed. why? 3. Because the Prophet Muhamad himself stayed, preached, signed treaties, and fought the Quraish chieftans in the Arabian peninsuala. He would have preached and spread Islam regardless of whether or not some of his companions were given sanctuary by the Negus. it does not matter...all new muslims were also persecuted at that time. maybe you should check the definition of persecution because you are being confused. also, for the arabs, the prophet was like a demon, pagan who should be killed. he was a fugitive. and remember, most of the first muslims who were sheltered by abyssinia/ethiopia mostly WENT BACK to arabia when the conditions improved. thats how islam spread in arabia and many many years later to somali people. Originally posted by Fabregas: Islam doesn't stop with the death of certain individuals of personalities( even the prophet himself) so long as there is one or more Muslim/s remaining on the earth. exactly, and most of those "remaining" muslims of the time when sheltered in ethiopia that is why you find the OLDEST Negash mosque in ethiopia and also the oldest scripts Originally posted by Fabregas: 4. Mostly importantly, Muslims believe that Islam and the Prophet Muhamad was aided and protected by Allah, the almighty, through the use of miracles and sympathetic human beings. agreed ofcourse. Originally posted by Fabregas: Remember the story of how the Quraish chieftans could not go inside his cave due to a spider web. Can we say that a spider saved Islam>? no. LOL very weak argument, weak example.. lol you should just say that you are very mad that ethiopians helped to save and spread islam religion in the world. you should just say you don't like ethiopians who saved islam just because they are ethiopians. instead of writing funny comments lol Originally posted by Fabregas: 5. Lastly, as I said to you before: Najashi was a just ruler, whereas the modern day rulers of the expansionist Ethiopia have mostly been anti-Islam and Anti Somali people in general. you still joking nejashi the king of amhara/tigray ancestors was the heritage of the amharas/tigrays you hate. funny "islamists" are trying to kill descendants of the savers of islam and you can't embrace negash and his leadership and deny their amhara/tigray identity and deny their historical role for modern day ethiopians. that is like saying past historical somali leaders have nothing to do with today's somalis. your argument doesn't make sense. anyway, if you are smart, you would know that around 15% (almost 5 million) amharas are muslim today, even if the majority are chrsitians. at the end of the day, it was not a muslim amhara/tigray that sheltered the first muslims. it was the amhara/tigray christians YOU HATE who saved and sheltered first muslims. so in honesty, the religion of the abyssinians never mattered. it was the principle of tolerance and brotherhood that mattered over 1600 years ago. sadly, we kill eachother today in the horn of africa. Originally posted by Fabregas: The current wars between Ethiopia and Somalis are the result of the Ethiopian army occupying Somali territories. are you joking?? i have oromo and somali mix ancestors and i remember many years ago when listening about somali expansion from oromo oral tradiion. if you read current events, even today somalis are kiling the Borana oromo and other oromos and have occupied ancient oromo land. According to Oromia National Academy, somalis are colonizing Oromo territory today According to somalis, oromia would be smaller and Oga*den is bigger so who is colonizing who?? Originally posted by Fabregas: that the Ethiopian state has inherited perpetual righteouness from the Negus- which means that Somalis must be in eternal gratitude/slavery to Ethiopian emperors. I hope you are not. [/QB] i was not. i actually forgot about that one. lol but now that you reminded me, do you know Prophet mohammed (pbuh) said nobody should wage JIHAD on ethiopia/abysinia? also read about the abyssinian Bilaal http://www.msapubli. com/affiliated/Html/ categories/Jamiatul_ ulama/bilaal.html
  7. Originally posted by Fabregas: Oromali; Ethiopia and Abysnia refers to two seperate entities. Abysnia was an enclave/Christian kingdom which was located in what is today known as northern ethiopia/eritrea. On the other hand Modern day Ethiopia expanded to take over( with the help of European arms and the prohibition of Muslims from importing arms in East Africa) the lands of Somali, Oromos and other peoples. An- Najashi was a righteous and just ruler, which can not be said of the recent Ethiopian leaders who have gone so far as claiming that Somalis are all Ethiopia subjects. Lastly, Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhamad was aided by Allah swt. Humans beings and even a spider were used in this process, but the credit does not go to them for " saving Islam", that is, if one is a Muslim. so according to you, abyssinia is good but ethiopia is bad?? anyway, if the amhara/tigray leaders of abyssinia did not save the first muslims from perishing, there would be no islam religion today. and the difference between abyssinia and ethiopia is this 1. abyssinia ia was an amhara/tigray populated empire 2. ethiopia is an amhara/tigray PLUS oromo, somali populated empire. but The politics of both old amhara/tigray led abyssinia and modern ethiopia are controlled by amhara/tigray people. not much difference. you are almost saying modern amharas/tigrays are "enemy of islam" but their amhara/tigray great-great..grandfa thers were "savers of islam" YOU ARE FIGHTING AGAINST COMMON SENSE
  8. Finally, i found that video about the story of abyssinian king who sheltered the first followers of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) many hundred years ago when they were persecuted by Arabs. Ethiopia saved the whole religion of Islam but now alShabaab labels Ethiopia the "enemy of Islam" what an irony! fast forward the video to 42 seconds
  9. i would not be surprised :rolleyes: tv, music, women rights and all entertainment is already OUTLAWED by al shabaab etc what a shame
  10. i heard some alshabaab supporters play the "nationalism" card the last 2 days :rolleyes: but the holy alshabaab are led, financed and ofcourse "suicide bomb trained" by arabs, afghans and other FOREIGNERS i consider alshabaab is more foreign to somalia than if kenyan military goes into kismayo to help sheikh sharif by removing the head-chopping alqaida condoms who agrees??
  11. Originally posted by Somali Pirate: perhaps you fools have forgotten this bit, ''if you attack us.....'' if you have no balls or the concept of self defense then kindly close your mouth and move out of the way. There are somalis out there who won't accept foreign aggression into their country. Not all somalis are cowards. There are few somalis out there who have their dignity and self respect. well, what you just said makes sense or atleast it used to make sense BUT NOW, the "us" part of alshabaab has changed. it used to be somalis, but now foreigners (arabs, afghans) are the "us" part. foreigners in somalia can not accuse kenya of being a foreign in somalia :rolleyes:
  12. it is funny that ethiopia is saying NO to somalia and somalia is begging ethiopia for help. we heard about funny stories by ICU that they defeated ethiopia in 2008. the reality was ethiopia left after a peace deal. all the patriotic talk by ICU was fake. ethiopia can go in and out and in and out of somalia anyday, any minute they want the sad thing is, sheikh shaarif government is begging ethiopia to come into somalia. even the puntland abdullahi never begged ethiopia!!
  13. Originally posted by Xaaji_xundjuf: The madow kid in Washington cut all the aid he was giving the Ethiopian government Ethiopia cant even feed it civilians , and sh dalxiis is talking about Melez can you please save me from al shabab, guess sheikh dalxiis is on his own. lol. shariif is finished
  14. this is strange, ethiopians are rejecting somalia parliament plea for assistance http://www.africanpa th.com/p_blogEntry.c fm?blogEntryID=6949 Ethiopian MPs say No to saving Somalia Government June 20, 2009 12:07 PM According to BBC and AP, the Somalia government and parliament has asked Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya to send military support to save it once again. The Ethiopian government has always supported the government in Mogadishu but according to sources, many Members of Parliament in Addis Ababa have already rejected the plea of Somalia. Most opposition MPs in Ethiopia do not want to send troops into Somalia to save the government from collapse since a central government in Somalia has never functioned. The state of Somalia was created only a few decades ago. Even during Somalia's best days under dictator Siad Barre government, his regime barely controlled more than 50% of Somali territory and he was repeatedly carpet bombing Somali towns through out his rule. The then American massive military support to the Siad regime was the only thing that sustained and emboldened it, but its collapse was inevitiable in 1991. Sending troops is also costly financially for the already poor Ethiopia. The only worrying problems regionally are the expansionist ideology of the anti-government insurgents in Somalia (who have threatened to annex eastern Kenya and eastern Ethiopia territories) and the al-Qaida affiliated forces in that country. But Ethiopian Opposition MPs have always supported the idea of putting troops in the border instead of sending into Somalia. Another dilemma of sending troops to help Somalia is the clan problem and the problem of pro-insurgent media in Mogadishu who are well-known for fabricating anti-Ethiopia and anti-AU propaganda. Ethiopia and other countries who try to help Somalia always risk their image being tarnished by Human Rights Watch (HRW) and other western organizations who use the propaganda from pro-insurgent media and witnesses as evidence. However, the Meles Zenawi ruling party which holds almost 68% of parliament seats will likely accept the plea of Somalia and send troops to save Somalia government once more. The Somalia President blamed al Qaida for the suicide attacks and for invading his country.
  15. somalis usually like arabs because of religion (even when arabs teach us to kill e/o and suicide bomb eachother) anyway, do you see urself more cushitic or arab?