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  1. lol, the poor old captain! managing things the wrong way couldnt be worse for a captain esp that!
  2. loooooooooooool, what a wooooooman.
  3. safia, somali ppl are the most arrogant ppl u could ever cum accross so an end to hatred for midgaans is very impossible. even if ppl say it from their mouths that they have nothing against midgaans thats hardly true coz in their hearts they too would never marry a midgaan. and midgaan insults have become so familiar 2 use. iam sure everyone familiar with WAXYEEY MIGAANTA AH & WAXYOW MIDGAANKA AH. every somali uses it to express thier anger and that has become a way of describing a person.
  4. waryaa macruf, laxawla waar bal islaa yaab. u said perhaps wabaa dhaceen. malaha u check out islaamaha. and what do u mean u dont need our permission? malaha u see pro***utes coz wit them of course u wont need their permission only money. brother iskaa baa dhaaf egiitanka eeh u need thousands to ask for a somali girl . thats the richness of our our culture
  5. boycott, lol iam not really sure if they really did pay, hey i am sorry i would appreciate it if u translated your joke next time, i only understood xamarawee capice.
  6. taqwa, u have no authority to tell members of what to discuss and don't say u werent replying to me because u were including all somalilanders who were disscussing this topic when u said "this is a somali website , not a somaliland website" so keep ur racist comments 2 urself!!!!
  7. salamz, i just want to know why all the people and somalis at are so against djibouti? they talk so nice bout somalia but when it comes to djibouti never seen such racist people. u know when somalia was in conflict thousands fled to djibouti for better life and made a living. now that djibouti is having economic issues the somali's act as if they dont remeber eating once at djiboutis resturants and walking down its roads. subhanallah. :mad:
  8. northerner, i agree kulmiyee does not deserve it as much as silaanyo so hope he becomes our new presiden. we will hopefully get recognised if he wins and have a fressh new start insha allah with allahs help. Ameenah burco's alread a bright city Gal, and i will jion u on ur malitia org. just inform me when the campaign will start ok? lol. pray for the best of the future of Somaliland! land of prosperity. Ameen.
  9. salamz, girls girls u forget to ask urselfs are the somali guys these days really worth to peek and can handle such?
  10. i think its our level of ignorance. maybe if somali mothers werent so ignorant there wouldnt have been people still practacing it in somalia. and yeah jamila i have heard that one before bout curcumcision limiting a girls sexual activeness man i thats all crap :mad: and again its our mothers level of ignorancy. it all depends on the person's moral being and decency :rolleyes: . subhanallah what bout the suffering and pain somali women that are severly curcumcised go through if they chose to have a child. ISLAM would not allow such thing.
  11. salam, :mad: nuun thanks for that peice of information i didnt know lagaree was also taken from somali language. anywaz its not good to share our language with other languages because it can have some down side to it. for example me and a couple of friends were sitting in a train and talking in somali, this arab women understood 50% of what we were saying as she turned to us and laughed and walked off. if you r sitting next to a chinese person, hardly anyone would know except if they are chinese themselves. so thats whats bad bout our language. but on the other hand we too would understand other languages.
  12. i was at this lecture about a week ago by this scholor in sydney from egupt. the subject was marriage and it got to the part were people ask questions. i forget what the question was but i think it was something to do with what a man is aloud to do when asking for a girls hand. anyways he actually said that men are aloud to peek at a girl without her permission when she does not know. like in her room when she is gettin dressed to see her hair and figure. i was really amazed because i never heard this before and never thought there will be such a thing. anywayz to all u girls who are singal, make sure ur blinds are down next time ur dressin coz u never know. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  13. hell what woman would actually do it? not for all da love he could have and all the jewels & diamonds he can give. lulla the only person who would do so is someone so desperate to be married and has no hope no one would ever show up on their doorstep. i cant imagine sharing my best friends man only if i have lost my will be hell,seriously radical. firstly why marry him if u can get ur own and have ur own children?
  14. hey it kills me to see what people will do for money. dont worry nuune bro wasnt it her that sold herself to prostitution, who really even read that book. what bout emaan. my chemistry teacher told me she read their books and if the stories were true, man i felt smaller than a ant coz europeans believe anything in a book, but hey thats us somalis when we see a bit of luxury and abroad countries.
  15. shujui i think its because us somali's whenever we are knew to someplace and we go to it in the first time, then we keep on going the same place and never change. for example somalia's ecnonmy has hardly risen because their are hardly and new stocks and development. if you would like to start a business there you have to sell what every one is familiar with outer wise ur out of business like food, furniture, diraac, daaxab, wedding accessories etc. so we dont like to try new things. and OG_MOTI i dont really know about somalia being the only country to practice democracy. if we really did then what puts us in wars still? and you forget bout master of dictatorship siyaad baree?????