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  1. I'm just curious what all you mixed ppl are mixed wit...


    like lateafa, og_girl, shyhem... n the rest I haven't really seen mixed or lite skinned somalis get picked on.. i have mixed friends.. they get teased sometimes.. but nothing really big.. its all jokes... I'm a lite skinned sista.. i don't think mixed or lite skinned ppl look betta than others.. thats stupid! I prefer darker brothers myself.. most of my good looking friends are dark skinned sisters... So yellow skin ain't all that ppl!

  2. are u suggestating we have amember of the lickherlicense clan up in here.


    looool :D


    I suggest we kick out all the brothers for 2 weeks and see how exciting this place gets ;)










    N if you slow ppl didn't catch on.. i was being sarcastic!!! It wouldn't be the same witout the fellas becuz the place would lack all those strange personalities like the clown n shyhem.. [NOTE: i said strange, nothing more]and we wouldn't have nearly as much debates as we do. And of course the all the he vs. she battles

  3. OG_MOTI


    "maybe he way gentelman cause u broke his legs and he could not talk or push u away cause he was in a lot of pain and could not do anything"


    First of all i didn't break anyone's legs.. he wasn't silent i said we were talking! So og_moti if u wanna relate the events of ur first date then go ahead... if not just leave



  4. akkhhhhhassss!


    maybe cuz ur a skinny mofo!!


    maybe he was gentleman cause u broke his legs


    That doesn't make any sense.. You have very limited vocabulary get someone to edit your posts before you hit the reply button

  5. I'm sure everyone remembers their first date. Lets share our experiences nomads. And first REAL date where you planned something and went out with someone. Not your first kiss, or your first cyber date.


    I'll start off


    Well my first date was when i was when i just hit 15. And there was this guy i used to talk to. He was light skinned with an afro, wannabe thug and all that sh!t. He was the kind of guy all the girls chased after. Well one day he asked me out and we went to this park, it was so beautiful walahi. There was a pond surrounded by green grass and there were ducks all over the place, n the park was inside this place that was filled with trees. He was such a gentleman. I was sitting on his lap and we talked and talked for hours till the sun set. It was just GREAT lol


    Well its your turn now nomads...

  6. ^^ If ur thinking what i'm thinking they only say that to balance out all the bad things thats already been said about short men.


    I'm 5'4 and what in God's name would i do with a man shorter than me. To answer the question ONLY if he was the last man on earth. Unless for some odd n unexplained reason i fall in love with a man shorter than me. And I hope to Allah the creator of all things, it doesn't happen- amiin


    P.S To anyone out there who watches that show Girlfriends... Tony who has got to be the most shallow woman alive, fell in love and married a SHORT, WHITE, JEWISH man... so you see short men there is hope 4 y'all.. but then again thats just a tv show


    NO OFFENSE icon_razz.gif

  7. Great Personality



    thick *NOTE* I said THICK not fat, slighty over weight, husky etc


    -nice smile

    -nice voice

    -good dresser


    N if i can find that in one person i would be the happiest woman alive

  8. Clown :rolleyes:



    anywayz my point is that i'm having a dificulty to find a guy that makas me happy


    You don't need a man to make you happy. If you're looking for a man to make you happy, you've got it all wrong, and thats probably why you can't find one. But hey don't go out looking for loveJust go out for the sake of going out. Next time a guy u like asks u out.. don't make stupid excuses, say yes go out n have a good time. Maybe something good will come out of it, and if it doesn't just move along, guys come n guys go.. Inshallah one day u'll find the right one.


    had came across with guyz that i likeor maybe have crash on them but i don't have the gutsto say so. most of the time when the guyz that i like asks me to go out with them, i let them down or say stuped excusis u know like tipical gurl.


    lol @ typical girl.. Thats not the typical girl.. thats you. And there is nothing wrong with you, we're all different.



  9. Yeah i totally agree no point spending thousands n thousands of dollars on one night I'd much rather save it for the future n of course for the honey moon.


    But in my wedding inshallah i'll have a GUEST LIST and anyone who's not on it will be escorted out. I can't stand ppl that throw on a dirac the night they hear there is a wedding n come just for the bariis n whateva else they have there.

  10. Been around.. but i love canada. I love toronto... i know people hear many things about this place... somali kids gone wild n what not.. but if your kids are behaving like the kuffar you've failed as a parent don't blame it on the environment. Although the west is a very tempting place as we're surrounded by so much kuffars.. God gave us a brains so we can use it...


    Back to the topic Toronto is a very good place. Very multicultural too. No where in the world will you find a classroom containing somalis indians chineses russians arabs jamaicans african americans haitians... etc

  11. My favorite pets r cats n dogs.. Well dogs more.. but we can't keep dogs cuz our religion :( This guy i used to date had a pittbull n he was somali too.. so everyone in the neighbourhood made a HUGE deal bout it.. the older ladies started calling him "kuufarki" And they started about his mother for letting him keep "shaytanka" in the house.. so eventually he got rid of it. lol

  12. lol these stories are so funny... something similiar happened to me recently.. Well i met this a long time back on the net.. we used to talk for a while.. and i introduced him to my friends, and he introduced me to his friends, and his friends and my friends were introduced... some even started dating and what have you. I met some of his boys, but i never met the guy yet :( even though some of my friends met him long before i did) well about a year ago i started talking to his friends friend... me and the guy started getting close, talking on the phone and all. We decided to meet, so he said he was gonna come down to my city, and he'll be staying with his cousins while he was there.


    On the night we were supposed to meet i was at my cousins house all ready and everything trying to get a hold of this guy. My cousin had his friends over too that night. I tried calling the guy several times but his phone was off. There was guy from outta town he was my cousins boy's cousin. And he was looking for a charger cuz his phone died the night earlier while he was coming to Toronto. My cousin was getting dressed cuz they were all going jammin that night, and they were dropping this guy off at the mall cuz he was supposed to meet some girl... And he was trying to get a hold of that girl, so he asked if he could use the computer and go on msn.When he saw the last email that signed on msn he freaked and was like ALLAH u guys know her??? And my cousin looked at him weird and he was yeah its her while pointing at me... I was confused for a second.. then when i looked closely at the guy i recognized who he was, and i was just rolling with laughter. Turns out he was the guy i was going to meet. Everyone had a good laugh that night except my cousin.. lol :rolleyes:

  13. you probably date some messed up girls.. cuz not ALL somali girls are like that. And ur in cambodia wat somali girls do u see there. You're generalizing like whoa. The girl said men who say i love you on the first date.. wat other reason would a man say i love you on the first date other than wanting to get in her pants.


    girl do u think ur pants is important to us.. girl dont insult us please we have more important things in life that ur pants lol like wat teaching some snort nose indayar kids...


    somali men dont say i love u, and they will never say it caause because some of our sisters take note i said some of our sister dont deserve Are you speaking for urself or somali men in general...


    Once you find someone that you click wit and there is chemistry you won't need to say I love you, i like you n all that bull... becuz the feeling will be mutual and there is no need to announce it whether ur afta wats in her pants or not and vica-versa.

  14. a sheikh??? i beg to differ.. sheikhs are not to generalize and insult people they don't even know.


    followed by their subsequent classification and holding in the temporary penitentiary known as Barzakh, after which they will be hauled to their permanent home of misery and pain


    And who is he to decide that.. definitely not God

  15. Mr. Mill lay off the girl.I think its very considerate off sweet_gal to have posted that, in an attempt to educate us nomads islamically.. and those who already knew the hadith take it as a reminder. I've noticed a lot of somalis drink lately.. from teens to parents. Its very sad walahi. I once heard a hadith that if a person dies in the state of intoxication, he has died a kuffar. But Allah knows best.. And I agree you don't strip away someone's identity just becuz of something they did, regardless how big and serious it is.


    Good topic Sweet_gal

  16. Well I never came across someone who says "i love you" on the first date. And Shyhem there is big gap between I love you, and ignoring someone. I like gettin attention from my mate just like any otha girl... But its obvious when someone is interested.. they don't need to say I LOVE U on the first date.. And i wouldn't want someone to say I LOVE U to me first date or not.. several reasons y i wouldn't want that.. but back to the subject... I don't know wat kinda men you date 0G_Girl.. maybe those old faraxs that sit @ the coffee shops. Walahi i've heard those guys say I love u to women who just gave them their #'s


    n Shyhem... Too bad sister we already know everything we need to know about women psychology and we know that women love attention Ya rite! there r some men who don't know basic sh!t about women.. :rolleyes:

  17. BOO HOO! Lakers suck n their arrogant. Plus dey shameless.. never seen grown men crying on national tv.. i mean dey won 3 years str8 they should be greatful not be a sore loser :rolleyes:


    rick fox SUCKKKKS. Dat n!gga should be banned from the NBA...he's more concerned wit his hair.. than the game

  18. hmm.. well i don't really find that embarrassing you see most somalis i know can barely speak somali let alone read or write it. And not growing up wit somalis is not embarrasing.. its not something that you can help anyway..


    and just outta curiousity wat kinda accent do you have.

  19. We don't need a health forum... I don't know of any somali thats concerned enough to post on a health forum discussing diseases they don't have.. if ur sick see a doctor if not thank Allah no offence... I don't know about a dating forum.. But i think we should have a mens forum.. I mean its only proper since we have a womens forum.. plus im really curious wat somali brothers would discuss beside the obvious