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    One holds a grand meeting like this in a city that you have 100% control over it. Where you guarantee the law & order yourself. I didn't mind the IGAD meeting because IGAD countries are in control of the city and they can do whatever they want. But to invite Islamic Countries and yet get permissions for them to enter the city from Xalane. That is shameful. Just imagine the horrors after arriving at the Airport and getting strip searched by a Ugandan female without headscarf.
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    Somaliland was invited to this meeting but declined to attend. Sources, Fox news
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    No, really. For it's just empty and "futile miserable photo-opportunity" at the best of it. And it's essentially what the folks of the "Igu-sawir-crew" in Villa Somalia have perfected in here. This means that their country may be falling apart, politically, given that the their regional pseudo-states effectively have "nullified" any "legal connection" they may have had with the center and with their federal government. But in so far as the "political hustlers" in Villa Somalia are concern all that matters to them are these two "totemic things". And they are, namely, firstly "money" (lots of it) particularly if it's crookedly obtained so that they can do their corruption both domestically and internationally in' the sense of trying to "bribe" some of the foreign diplomats that are "seconded" into Somalia. And the other thing, at least politically speaking, that is also a "life-saver" for them is that of a "Photo-opportunity propaganda" (i.e., "Igu-Sawir"). And this latest cheap stunt seems to be what this presumed meeting will be all about, indeed.
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    This is a big step. Great exposure for the country!
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