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Asalama Calykum everyone,

hope everyone is doing well and all. I would like to share with you guys very touching poem a young sister who is 13 years old wrote. The poem is about the young sister's identity and her everyday struggles in life. Identity is something we all struggle with sooner or later. I am just glad i passed those teens years. I would like get your feedbacks and i am going to let the young sister know about it.I encouraged her to write the feelings and issues she deals with everyday. I thought she is pretty good writer for a 13 old girl.



I see myself as someone who is distressed with her life

Someone who would change something if she could

I see someone limiting herself

Someone who is afraid to speak out

She wishes it weren’t how it is

She’s a survivor

But looking at my weaknesses,

I also see my strengths

I see a girl striving to hold on to her deen

Yet it is been called by the world

I see someone who has tried all her life for her family’s love and is still trying

Someone who’d rather be alone than be with others

Someone who’d rather think then listen to meaningless discussions

Someone who rather stand in the shadow than go into the open

Someone who’d rather carry the world on her shoulder then let the world carry her

I see someone who’d like to make a change/difference yet culture doesn’t allow it

Making her uncomfortable in any situation

I see a girl who’d like to control her desires, not let it control her

I see how she deals with other people and her goodness

Yet sometimes I don’t want to be her

I see me, the girl who’d rather hurt herself than see anyone else hurt

Who’d hide the grief than let it out

A girl who patience is her goal and not having a super-model body

Reflecting back, I see a girl who tried to have a good behavior

But was replied back with a bad behavior

I see someone who’d rather waste her childhood than see her mother displeased

I see a girl whose dream is to have a piece of mind

She is a young Muslimah who knows her happiness isn’t in this world

but in Jannah with the ummah

She is special because society didn’t change her

But someday, she will change society. INSHA ALLAH!

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