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odayga inanta

Unusual Debt

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It came without even warning, the period of drought had extended, the region noticed extra months of water deficiency and nobody conjectured this lengthy aridity. Grass denied flourishing, seed disavowed to germinate and trees kept out their shed by denouncing the climate change. A lot like volcanic eruption, the ground lost its color flashing a hot and bloodless dust, so as the ponds, sluices, creeks, basins and lakes, they all showed dehydration with cracked surfaces where mud had dispelled into pieces.


The impact of this epidemic drought fluctuated according to vulnerability of animal species. Some of them ceased to exist immediately; other group took breath for some days and gave away their ghost, while some others followed through, enduring and persisting not to stop living. However, the muscled species had already deserted, milking their tissues to seek refuge as asylums. The only batches that were not touched by the desiccation were the ants. They observed neither a tiny impression about the environmental condition nor the animal fleeing, they just looked so relaxed and undisturbed. Seeming that as if they had a party, a colony of ants was marching around, Touring in groups like tourists; some were disquietly talking as that they had an exam a moment ago; others had the features of attachment, touching slightly one another, hugging and giving a goodbye kiss.


On the other hand, a despairing frog that had vanished deep in the mud for the past couple of weeks to mitigate hunger showed up. Thought that at least a year elapsed and everything recovered, but it wasn't that it counted. Surprisingly, the frog spotted unexpected community working and conveying a food to different apartment.

Frog: eh! The ants. I knew it, I knew it. I missed that they always have depository to keep food.

Then the frog uttered to some ants and asked if there is any way to get some food, but nobody commented it. The frog tried again to adult one.

Frog: excuse me sir! May I have a word with you?

Adult ant: sure.

Frog: sir I need assistance, I have been around for number of days and I didn't ingest something very long. I am starving; I need chow and housing temporarily.

Adult ant: sorry man, you are mistaking us with others. We ever ask neither help from anybody nor give something to anyone too. It is our motto "Never demand anything, never give a hand to someone, just move your limbs, stretch your paws and take the blessing of sweet days for the coming salt days". So I am afraid that I can't guarantee.


Frog: sir I am broke, please look at me I am depleted and exhausted. I will pay it back to you as soon as the season comes back.

Adult ant: OK, I will think about it. Hold-up a second I will be back.

The Adult ant went to some cousins and said "guys, a dirty poverty-stricken frog came to me and asked for aid, I don't know what to say. Has anyone of you been asked before, what should I say?....." what! A help, Why are you helping, what is going on between you and the frog?. Listen up, they are all losers and disadvantaged. You adore doing that, I don’t think it is a welcomed idea, but the decision is yours." They told.

Adult ant: guys I can't bear like this, I am offering a shelter and food

The adult ant returned to the meager frog and said

Adult ant: hey! Listen. There is nothing free in this world; I am going to give you a debt and place for habitation that is as much as I can do for you. The shelter is gratis and it's compatible, but the rest you are going to bring back soon.

Frog: that is great. Thank you very much indeed; I really don't know what to say. I am very grateful.

In that way, the frog had been hosted admirably and got everything; food, drink and hospitable place, and there it began kicking up heels and kept on ribbiting until the rest of the dry season. Drought went by as the rain started to activate, land obtained some nourishment, grass announced to take roots and trees ensured to shade again.

Ant: hey! I think it is time to go back to your dwelling. Hope life is available again.

Frog: yes I know, but I want thank you for helping me more or less. I will never ever forget what you did for me, and about the debt, don't worry I will pay it back to you as soon as possible. The fortunate frog then went way whistling and tooting.


Several months passed, the ant went to see the frog to have its loan back. It was delightful time, the land was green, streams, ditches and channels were all flowing. The ant arrived at the gully where the in debt frog was having a swimming fun with some playmates. As they were having a comical time, the ant called the frog to ask the debt, but nobody heard it. Again it began signaling and shouting, unfortunately they paid no attention. The ant kept on that for a while howling and bawling. Suddenly the frog alarmed with grievance and said

Frog: what the hell is this, have you lost your mind, why are you yelling like that?.

Ant: I am sorry, I didn't have a choice. I tried to call you a couple of times but you were very busy.

Frog: why are you here anyway?.

Ant: It's me remember, I came to take back my loan sir.

Frog: OK, but this is inconvenient time. I am having a fun, go away and come another time.


The noble ant encountered a flippant disposal, some frogs made a fool of it, giggling and teasing." I am asking when ants will get a mind when they are hiking and intruding into the parties" one frog chattered. With overwhelming and breathtaking, the meek ant dumbed and left speechless. Many days later, the ant set up another attempt, this time it seemed more aggressive. As soon as it arrived so, it began yelling and screaming again, but the frog was shooting a sun burning enlarging its body to take some heat. Once more, the frog got offended by the ants sound and "What the………." Spoke angrily.

Frog: who is that?

Ant: its me, I am here again. I want my debt back.

Frog: first of all, this is not your mother's home and you can't…..

Ant: you stupid, senseless, irresponsible, how dare you talk to me like that? The ant interrupted.

Ant: This is my fault when you came to me croaking and I saved you ass, and then you are paying back to me like this. Now I see how idiotic and brainless you are.

Frog: has anyone told that you need a therapy?. Get out of my house, now. I will bring your shit debt back when I get a chance.

Ant: OK, that is very kind of you. Let's see what is going to happen

Grumpy ant hit the road back to the family. Not more than a number of hours, it appeared with a colony of ants armed with knife-like sticks and they advanced the frog's bar. Mad ants engaged a playing frog, hitting with all piercing woods they got, the poor frog simply passed away. They hauled it out of the water, skinned, flattened and left swinging like a thread. Everything is over now as they imagined, they took the leave and moved with great speed like the gale to escape. Through the gateway, their eyes perceived another frog in the tub. Glimpsing back to scan what was moving through the water, the cribbed frog itself appeared." O my God! We have executed a wrong one" the adult ant regretted. But they were in a point of no return, so they cleared out the site and run way immediately.


The borrowed frog clamored and clamored to send a mourning message to the other frogs. They came in bands, just for the first they saw the cadaver, their faces turned into colorless, limbs started shivering and a babble of cry started to come out of their abdomen. It was the most generous, princely and respectful frog among them. Sitting around the dead body with distress, the problematic frog told the assassins, but it didn't make clear the whole story and how everything happened. Frogs called for urgent meeting, they assembled and declared war against ants without tracing the murder and look the case cautiously. They split up into gangs; every group was given the authority of specific water body to take guarding and hunt dawn the visiting ants. Unfortunately, indiscernible ants came to imbibe water, but late they realized that they were surrounded by crowd of frogs ready for homicide. They tried their best to defend, but they couldn't. Except few ants that sneaked out and escaped, the rest were massacred indecorously.


The survived ants arrived home and gave the news to the families. Abruptly, ants dispatched a delegation to different available species and they called up mobilization as well. From any direction, various types of ants came; Black, white, yellow, brown and even some who never attended a war appeared to take their first chance. This is going to be deadly battle, the ants planned to assault early in the morning before the enemy get out of their places. Similarly, the frogs considered the situation and anticipated a rebuttal ambush from the ants. They took a good preparation too, arranging the troops again to make a better resistance. The oldest frog demanded from anyone the best strategy to put forward. Many ideas were given, some of them took the concept of letting them into the water and then to assassin all, some others advised not approach at the banks, just to stay deep in the water and to contempt them. One brainy frog came out with fabulous idea and said "you know they will come in considerable clusters and one to one is not going to work. So we need split into small groups, not more than three or four and camouflage beneath the water. Stay calm until they arrive at the right place, then we will engage a continuous shouting from any direction. In this way they will think that we are more populous, some will die and others break away their confidence and escape back to their castles". The oldest frog adored this brilliant idea and recommended to do it right away.


Next morning, influx of ant colony slithered dawn from any tilt and any slant, they came to basins, gulleys and ditches to search for frogs. All water fields were so quiet and nothing was shifting in. it seemed that frogs took their positions, As soon as they checked, a decisive moment had begun. Toads launched to flash a high pitched scream from any corner; below the water to the vertex of giant woods and along the banks of the ditches to the cliffs of surrounding hills, the throaty sound of anurans outraged the atmosphere. Ants confused and frightened by the frog's shocking holler, they thought that they were in the middle of a trap, so they started running from here to there. Some of them bowled over into the water and then killed by the frogs, some others diminished their body and leased to the ground, and the rest, they got the fortune to escape away. Again, another defeat by their own foe, they couldn't accept what happened to them.


Ants didn't give up, they just took some days off. Few weeks progressed; they came out with new avenging plan. They began operating on a campaign of compiling the Mort of snakes and scorpions, stung them randomly but not eating away, they made bitty holes on the dead bodies of python and scorpions. The dead bodies had been taken to the water fields; they dragged the carcass to the water and waited the toads to move. Ants lined up along the water fields trenching defensively to besiege and wait the fugitive toads to come off.

A marvelous plan to succeed upon, frogs baffled with profuse corpse of snakes and scorpions in the water cast by the ants, they bore in mind about the skeleton but they had something else in advance. Poison fused with the water at once, some had already been absconders merely when they visualized dead bodies, but it was the worst as the remaining group throttled in and couldn't get to survive. Incredible massive unit of toads drowned and perished as a result of contagion water by the ants, nothing had gone through, frogs had either been captured or marooned dead and hovering on the water. The in custody congregation had been taken to the chateaus where a capital punishment was prepared, without cooling off, they were all audibly decapitated in a mass murdering and even blooming tadpoles were not left over.


Victory turned up at the end; they led dawn a social gathering to ceremonialize the occasion, regarding that everything was accomplished, but it wasn't that as they supposed to be. Morosely, they left uncontrolled rampant tragedy that they had never forecasted. Other animals had to come for guzzling the indisposed water, more easy victims had to suffer and numerous beasts then had to join the lifeless frog community……..


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