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this is for the mother country and the whole continent

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every body please right down the most dumpest questions that peapol asked you about back home and what you answered to them as of me this what i had to dealt with.or if i wore nice clothes like what i was wearing at the time

one day some women asked if we had a tv in back home to make things more worse i swear i am not making this up she asked if we had bathroom back home i was like :mad: what, you dump b#tch what the, i mean i was so pissed i said it all and talking about if we had to chaze lions and i mean it was sickening anyway this what i told her. i told her i told first of all we live on top of a tree and to get on top of the tree you have to use rope like one of them jungle movies and yeah i have never heard a tv before i got here and i told her sh#t you don't weer no clothes back there cuz we don't know why and we think it is evel thing loland do you know what was the sad part about it she belived everything i told here i told her i killed about 20 lions by my self any way i corected her and told here everything :rolleyes: and some more you know how we are but some sugar on it for her till she could not wait to visit to africa i even told her men got bigger thing and there is some kind of food back home that helps the man to perform all night and all day **** she was horny like a mug when she left me :cool: :cool: ;) . please share with your exp with us if you have any your reply will be apriciated

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