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Women MPs - Representation along clan lines

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There are 35 women MPs (out of 275) in the new Somali Parliament which makes women representation a disappointing 13% ... not even half of the 30% quota women were supposed to get.


Here's a breakdown chart along clan lines. This chart is based on the latest released list of the MPs (255) and can change within coming days.


5th Amalgamation:

women MPs = 5 --- 16% (rounded) - not bad

Biibi Khaliif Maxamed

Fahmo Axmed Nuur

Khadiija Maxamed Diiriye

Maryan Aweys Jama

Saaqa Aden Mohamed




women MPs = 6 ---- 10% (rounded) - they could've done better than this

Dr. Muumino Sh. Cumar

Fadumo Nuur Maxamed

Fowziya Maxamed Sheekh

Luul Cabdi Aadan

Maryan Macalin *****

Xabiibo Maxamed Kheyr


D&M have 4 remaining seats to fill and none is expected to be for women


DD Block

Women MPs = 3 --- 5% (rounded) very disappointing - there are 2 remaining seats for the clan - and it is unlikely these seats would be given to women


Saado Cali Warsame ( legendary and sometimes controversial singer)

Sacdiya Careys Ciise ( daughter of the great Saar poet/meastro Careys Ciise Kaarshe (AUN)

Sahra Jama Ali




Women MPs = 10 --- 16% (rounded) - a good start

Aamino Cumar Jaamac

Busharo Cabdi Diriye

Caashakoos Maxamuud Cumar

Cadar Abdi warsame *****

Duniya Maxamed Cali

Faaduma Xasan Cali

Faduma Odowa Rageh

Khadra Ahmed Ibrahim

Sahro C/qadir C/raxman

Saynab Maxamed Caamir


The clan has 4 seats to fill and it's unlikely that for women to get any.


H block

Women Mps = 11 --- 18% - a good start

Amina Mohamed Abdi

Caasha Xaaji Cilmi

Jawahir Axmed Cilmi

Maryan Cariif Qaasim

Naciimo Maxamed Gacal

Nadifo Maxamed Osman

Qaali Axmed Diiriye

Sacdiyo Cumar Sheegow

Samira Xasan Cabdulle

Ubax Tahliil Warsame

Xalimo Xasan Cumar


H-Block have 8 remaining seats to fill. It is expected at least 1 seat would be a women which could increase the quota within the block to 20% but would not have any significant changes on the overall women representation in the parliament.





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