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Rayxanatal jannah

Perform an act of worship

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My esteemed brothers and sisters in Islam: Allah says in the Holy Qur’an: ((Allah)) Most Gracious!* It is He Who has taught the Qur'an*.He has created man:* He has taught him speech (and intelligence).”

Respectful brothers and sisters in Islam: Allah has created you He has taught you speech (and gave you intelligence). So you have to use the faculties Allah has blessed you with to further His Religion and help yourself earn gardens beneath rivers run.


Respectful brothers and sisters in Islam: Each of us is expected to perform an act to propagate the deen of Islam or help provide any help towards that goal. Allah (Tabaraka wa Taala) will question all of us what we did for Islam during our heedless sojourn on earth. Ask yourself:


1. Did you call others to join Islam and worship Allah alone?

2. Did you help someone who was engaged in the Dawaah?

3. Did you command Macruf and prohibit all Munkars.

4. Did you help the poor, indigent and the wayfarers?

5. Did you help anyone for the sake of Allah?

6. Did you perform any act without showing off or to get compliments from others?

7. Did you tolerate others for the sake of Allah?

8. Did you control your anger for the sake of Allah?

9. Did you control your tongue and your lower desires for the sake of Allah?

10. Did you perform prayers with full concentration and humility?

11. Did you remember Allah alone and be awestruck by His majesty?

12. Did you ever to bring to mind that Allah is ever watching you and sees and hears al that you do?


Many of you will agree that it is important to do something and here are some suggestions:

1/Read Surah, 2/Teach Quran, 3/ Memorize Hadith, 4/Come to the Lecture, 5/Listen to audio/visualIslamic Tape, 6/Read Kitab (book), 7/ Share an Article, 8/Give Lecture, 9/ Summarize a Lecture, 10/Give some Advice, 11/ Propagate the Religion and share it with others, 12/Read an Article, 13/Write an Article 13/Design a website, 14/Correct a mistake, 15/Be with righetous and pious people, 16/ Donate for someone who has nothing, 17/Give to Charity, 18/ Guide someone who is lost, 19/Pray…, 20/Go to the Haj, 21/Go to Umra, 22/Come with a new Idea, 23/ Resist religious innovations 24/ Fast a Day, 25/Follow the bier of the dead (Janaza) 26/give clothes to someone who needs, 27/Visit someone who is Ill, 28/ Build a Masjid, 29/ Fix a Road, 30/Assist the needy, 31/Collect A Charity, 32/ Contribute your ideas to help the Religion, 33/Be responsible for an orphan, 34/Call non Muslin to The Islam, and so on.



By Muslim Youth Revival (MYR)

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Jazaakillaahu Kheiran, Yaa Rayxaana, indeed, a great advice, I always wondered about a measurement system of how much of the numbered advice that you have posed do we apply at any given time, I bet, that our iiman level is directly proportional to the percentage of application of the above.


For most of the youth, and adults too, the problem is not the starting line, rather, most never reach the finish line, because as pastoralists and Anarchists, we lack discipline, and its discipline what we need to reach the finish line.




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