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Cuqaasha Buhoodle oo sheegay inayan wax wadal ah la geli doonin Maamulka Siilaanyo.

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who cares those who don't mean peace,they lost big & will even bigger.You have a say in peace but not when trott with guns & outmaneuvered in couple hours.

Delusional at it's worst,they say they won, then crying day & nite about buhoodle/lascanod is colonised!!!!

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The Hermet;795379 wrote:


I know that really pi**sed you off Alliyah..but maybe you should go to Somaliland being from buhoodle it is your country therefore you are entitled to it as much as i am. you see my dear, the reason why djibouti is a country and Ethiopia has half of Somali territory is a little concept called international relations, international law and colonial borders. Qabil in the modern world doesnt mean anything and this is something you are your d block have to understand. Somaliland itself whether you like it or not is a not a qabil state, i dont care if you say silanyo admin or lucifer admin, you can even right the khatumo admin opposers or somalidid..whatever. in reality people from buhoodle live in borama, hargaisa, berbera, erigavo everywhere no problem what so ever. before Somaliland captured las canod the city was a wash with weapons and the pirates were the oppressors, today you moan and scream about a state that doesnt exist except on paper, you claim cities like cainabo and regions like sanag of which everyone knows your a minority and you yet you think you can stop a state that has been developing for 20 years.


see ill be honoust with you, i personally couldnt care less if buhoodle was nuked doesnt make a difference to me, but my countrymen of which include various tribes are unfortunately for me a peace loving bunch, to a disgusting level that makes me sick.


Somalilanders want peace, Somaliland as the boogy man is because of a tribal dimension, Somaliland itself is not a tribalistic society this is what i have seen on the ground, alxamdulilah for me im not a refugee, i go back home regularly i have travelled across the country and this is what i have seen with my own eyes. I have been welcomed in regions not my own, and i have seen people from other regions in mine (Hargaisa). SSC in reality is a foreign invention, Buhoodle was stable before SSC, before khatumo, before galayd no problem ask yourself why the problem now, all these groups are amatur organisations funded by the american diaspora with no objective what so ever. Their policies only achieve the death of your children and the destruction of your towns. So be smart, whether you like somaliland or not is your issue, to some its the home of lucifer to others its the realm of doves it all depends on the eyes of the beholders. The reality is Alliyah that when borders are exmined you fall within Somaliland making you the serbs of Somaliland as with the case of the serbs in kosovo. Therefore the majority of the people of Somaliland will not stop their legal right as a state because of a minority nor should they.


anywho the real behind the scene action is recorded above...the army will be removed, security gurentees will be given in return...:cool:


enjoy your peace..

lol you claim that your One Clan state (so called Somaliland) is my country. Yet, you don't care if Buhodle gets nuked. That is some messed up mentality you have there. I feel sorry for the peace loving residents of other regions who you claimed welcomed you. In your mind you would probably nuke them in split seconds.


So called Somaliland leaders and their cuqaal are warmongers. Not as peace loving as you would like to make us believe. You can watch below where they are yelling "ma yeelano" in reference to the creation of Khaatumo State. As if they have a say in it.


" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>



With that been said. SL has figuratively tried to nuke Buuhodle much to their failure. I suppose tanks and paid soldiers are not enough to overwhelm the local men of Buuhodle. As Abdul said that is the very reason why they resorted to trying to come from the back door. Which also has come to a failure. In the video I posted in this thread the buhodle cuqaal spoke loud and clear that they support Khaatumo State of Somalia.


The colonial era has ended for Somalia 1960. Those borders are irrelevant sxb. Your clan were the supporter and the benefactors of the colonial occupation so it is not surprising that this one clan is toting it around to this day.


All in all, the reality on the ground comes to my favor. Khaatumo people have united in support of their state KHAATUMO STATE OF SOMALIA. perhaps, that leaves you "angry" since you are slowly coming to the realization that your dream of "Somaliland" is farfetched and futile. But, that is the reality and it might be heavy pill for you to swallow.

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