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I read recently on Yahoo News they had interview with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales about proof of credentials he said:


""It's always inappropriate to try to win an argument by flashing your credentials," Wales said, "and even more so if those credentials are inaccurate."

and that the focus should be on the content not on who wrote the content..


see that’s how we always backup claims its the way scholars and researchers comes to valid conclusions but the persons credentials I would trust an article written by TIM LEE then anonymous nickname such as USER43388 regardless of the content.


The popularity of wiki will diminish if more and more users write false content, already Sen. Ted Stevens introduced Senate bill 49 which mentions wiki among other sites to be banned.


The question will be, Is content more important then the writer even though that content is false or no way to back it up and that subsequently leads to loss of validity on the net more then it is at the moment?..


Which brings me back to TIM LEE's answer when BBC asked him the internet has led to this great empire of lies, of unreliability. You simply don't know what the state of any of this information is.




When you say there are a lot of lies out there, if you go randomly picking up pieces of paper in the street or leafing through garbage at the garbage dump what are the chances you'll find something reliable written on the paper that you find there? Very small. When you go onto the internet, if you really rummage around randomly then how do you hope to find something of any of value?


But when you use the web, you follow links and you should keep bookmarks of the places where following links turns out to be a good idea. When you go to a site and it gives you pointers to places that you find are horrible or unreliable, then don't go there again.


You see out there right now, for example, when you look at bloggers some of them are very careful. A good blogger when he says that something's happened will have a point to back, and there's a certain ethos within the blogging community, you always point to your source, you point all the way back to the original article. If you're looking at something and you don't know where it comes from, if there's no pointer to the source, you can ignore it.


PS; one of my blogger friends is having an interview with Wales so if you got any questions to ask him post it here or PM me

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