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YOUr FAV old School SONgZ

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Logg: 8:40 am december 15th = =loc: Undisclosed

sun came up beautifully couldn't of thought of better way to begin a sunday.


WHy u Ask>simPle>> i'm in the lab about to go get some breakfast and i couldn't help but think of some of my fav old school jams ya know ya'll have some in ya head ..well here's the place to list'em and share wit the crowd aight you might find some one that likes the same song..




aight since i started this thread i'm gonna list some nice songs i like out there(not old-school) ========>here goes top of my head=============>


"what we do": freeway ft Beenie siegel, Jay z


"i want a girl like u": joe ft jadakis


"thank god i found you"(remix*): joe ftNas MARIAH


"The champions": Rocafella dream team


"THug Mansion": Tupac (better dayz)


"mo'homocide": Az ft Nas


"feelin it": jayz (reasonable doubt) 1996


"growing pains"(original): Luda ft DTP


"the watcher 2"; Jay z Dr dre Rakim

from the watcher 2" JAy z--------

""I blew breath for you midgets, I gave life to the game/ It's only right I got the right to be king/ Niccaz that got life really like what I sing/Cause they know is he really like, niggaz feel my pain Know the *sh I DON'T write be the illest *ish that's ever been recited in the game word to the hyphen in my NAME/!

J, A, Y, DASH, Hoffa//

The past present nigga the future, proper//

The holy trinity of hip-hop is us" ***







Sexual Healing - - - MARVIN GAYE



Carribean Queen: Billy Ocean


STEADY ROCK= Whispers(yeah)


It's A Man's Man's Man's World -- JAMES BROWN


Illusion: IMagination


Candy Rain: Soul for real(ya*know)


How come How long: Babyface Stevie wonder


Tell me: Groove Theory(Old schoo?)


Body talk: Imagination(For'demMaliLovahzz)


Fresh: Kool and the Gang(oldASitGETZ))




P.S <<<


i know i'm missing alot of great songs it's early in the morning thats why u guys can give your favorite jams and add to the list and hopefully i'll put together somaliaonline collection of fav songs>


Also: if this subject has been posted b 4 please mind my lack and care of any research,,,,,,,,,



peace.. -----ya'll knnow the deal---------

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WHAT what




IF WE'RE TALKiin R&B I GOTTA GIVE props to boys 2 men for they melodies:


pass you by


4 seasons of lonelines




what else? thank you in advance


as far old school goes:


ll cool boys 2 men : hey lovah Tru classic FOr ME ANYWAY


after 7 babyface : till you do me right


zapp and roger : i wanna be yo mann*everysomaliWEDDINGS


MICHEAL JACKSON beat it, they dont' care bout us,

black or white,


i gotta go think for the rest of the songs


thats it for now ..

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My fav old school songs are


Baby got back by Sir Mix a lot

OPP by naughty by nature

Too sexy by right said fred

Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega

all of Marvin Gaye's songs especially

lets get it on

all of Madonna's old songs

My cherie amor by Stevie Wonder

Black Velvet by Alannah Myles

Thriller by Micheal Jackson

Celebration by Kool and the gang

My girl by the temptations

Hurricane by Bob Dylan

Tainted love by soft cell

Africa by Toto

When doves cry by prince (thats his only good song)

The circle game by Joni Mitchell

Walk like an Egyptian by the bangles

Vacation by the go gos

Lean on me I can't remember who sing this (the group not the movie soundtarck)

Congo by gloria estefan

the rhythm is gonna get you by gloria estefan

I wanna dance with somebody whitney houston

I'm your baby tonight whitney houston


I'm stopping here, there are too many more songs but too little time and space

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